2019 4th July Trip to East – Northeast Iowa

2019 4th July Trip to East - Northeast Iowa
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This is a compilation of our family trip from July 4th through July 6th checking out some choice sites across eastern and northeastern Iowa. It includes footage from a couple phone cameras, hyperlapse video from a GoPro and screen recordings of 360 videos taken with a Samsung Gear 360. The editing was done with MS Powerpoint, TechSmith Snagit, MS Hyperlapse Pro and Cyberlink Action Director. Turn down the audio if the fill music is annoying, but know that there is audio with some of the videos. Disclaimer, I didn’t spend the time or have all the tools needed to make this a professional production so bare that in mind.

On day 1, we had a picnic and did a lot of hiking checking out all of the trails at Maquoketa Caves State Park. We then took the guided tour at Crystal Lake Cave. Our final planned stop of the day was checking out the Julien Dubuque Monument and kayaking on Catfish Creek out to the Mississippi River at the Mines of Spain. We had dinner and drinks in Dubuque, then the kids enjoyed some pool time at the hotel.

Day 2 got off to a little rough start due to a key mishap and having to take a detour to get to our first stop. Though we did get to drive a portion of the Great River Road on the detour and view some neat scenery overlooking the Mississippi River valley. Our first planned stop was at Spook Cave and Campground where we had a picnic, took the guided boat tour, biked around checking out the waterfall and beach party that was going on at their lake/pond. Our plans next changed as it was determined that the Yellow River was a little high for some of our inexperienced boaters so we stopped at the Effigy Mounds National Park for a short hike and visit to their museum center. We then headed south to Pikes Peak State Park for site seeing and hiking the trails. After dinner in Prairie du Chien, we biked around the St. Feriole Island on the Wisconsin side of the river checking out the memorial garden.

Day 3 took us to Decorah to see the waterfall at Dunning’s Spring Park and the Ice Cave. We had lunch downtown and took a quick stroll to the courthouse. After an ice cream stop, we headed to our final planned destination, Charles City. We wanted to check out the Whitewater Park but found that we didn’t have the right type of kayaks to play on the course so we were spectators to the fun. We biked around the city trails and found the city was still celebrating Independence day with music and festival in Central Park.

There are so many cool things that we didn’t have time to do but were pleased with the stops we chose to enjoy for this trip. At some point, we’ll get back to the area to explore more.

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