welcome to the next row that's actually happy that my sunglasses bags have bad skin so hot I think we're in the valley just contact we had appointments all day today and we left three hours late we're left in traffic I mean either any hour drive to Arizona thirty bit in our but already it looks so beautiful and we have seven hours today seven hours ago so is that beautiful now and the sunset is a bit hidden but you can kind of see her oh yeah Wow so it's just getting prettier right yeah the subtype at the Starbucks dry food and liquor out this is the isn't the Starbuck this is mr. Boyd Baxter fruit this is actually the outlet and we've stopped here last time we went to Vegas and I would have done it this time because first before the train down we made it and we woke up yeah it's like another world we do have to rush but I haven't even seen this yet so I'll quickly show you oh wow so I tell you about the hotels later on it's very hard to find a hotel around here to know what the bright one when I say it's hot it's hot like hot hot so that's her hotel it's really basic I don't know where to go first it's actually a huge hotel I've just got jeans and a t-shirt on because we have an hour-and-a-half drive to where we have in the private draw I'll tell you in detail later look that I want to say I already thought I can eat a pint of water so just want to be comfy and then I've got some outfits in the car but a lot of people don't let you bring bags I'll tell you why later oh my god it's hard I've woken up with them no that's the lie I had a bad skin here and it's this really bad today I'm not bothered but it's just annoying that it's on the day that I want to take some really good photos really hungry it's hot I don't think I've ever been anywhere this hot before I don't even know what the temperature is so we're going to drive to the place I'm going to do my makeup in the car and we've got a new drone because Paris crests crushed our other one in Vietnam oh by the way this is a follow on from our Cleveland and LA blog if you haven't seen that or link them below I look terrified I got a new dryer and in Paris is learning on YouTube how to use it I'll show you you can also see our crash course it's focusing how to use dolly zoom so this is our room we actually quite like having the queen bed because we can do that it's really basic but it's clean apart from that flyer and just got some clothes hanging up there that's the this dress up or it's a spell moron and I bought that at Barney's and this ow so now I'm just going to do my eyebrows and I'll do them in the car and then we're going to go to the word pocket we're doing the white pocket today why back in the same spot again but we've been here for about an hour when I tell you it's hot in it so I keep thinking like imagine being stranded and he really gets like the whole thing that we didn't want to talk because this is a custom-made private tour we still can't go over this this view Paris is gonna see if this is blood or focus but you know that come to my head to show you down here so yeah this is called white pocket feel free delusional and dehydrated I wish you could see yourself you sit in there on my chair you you don't even know it I told you straight you don't have to be your friend but no you haven't what you want when I see [Applause] fall into you like you over photography boy he's gonna send this or to his little maze no photos sending all T little mates sending it to your little mates yeah hey Claire Claire Claire I'm just checking in the nose so the second day I haven't also my tunnel for my braces we are having the best time is one of our best holidays I've ever had from start to finish but Arizona has just beat all my expectations the people are so nice here it's like paradise it's like a different world we love it because we've got the heat the locations are like nothing we've seen before we're both so inspire your expired him with his photography and travel stuff that he does and me creating the content it's just been amazing but even if you're not into that I'd like people content I guarantee you're gonna love it I'm going to talk to in depth about the tours and everything you don't worry when I say it's hot it's like it's like no other here I've ever heard so I have a bit of sunstroke from yesterday because we shot for like five hours straight in the Sun today we are going to peek-a-boo which is not the most popular like sand crack but it's the most photogenic we are going to the sand dunes at sunset and we going on a razor like a quad bike because you have to get on use that to get there so that's the plan today of course I'm going to show you everything and I can't wait it's dope we're going on this new I didn't introduce you to Saunders yesterday nice day we didn't realize we came in that we think we're doing five hours in that so I limited myself to my target backpack which it was the best thing ever Paris is like you know how to bring your staff you have to bring a backpack so I spent $20 and I don't have to get dirty we actually have my space yeah and you can drive these yourself you can just follow the guide but because we want to create content already in fact show us your mouth guard I mean I did get that woman yeah no no props even our snake sorry you know sighs there's nothing aggressive so this is the peak booth Canyon I think it's called it's so cool like as in temperature no it's not hot back yesterday it's this thing if ours because I've gone that way because their affection I'm actually a lucky boy you will only say love and just saw this made of wind rain today I'm weary power and my heart is made of dust and gray mists boil champagne I've got troubles I got says are my worst enemy but I've still got a to get so I said don't you won't you come home to come see by Jess don't I say so now we are on the trek out of the canyon it's not too bad but I saw like a little pool with two kids and a one month old like attached to her which was so like surreal for me to see like a newborn baby trekking up here that list really isn't bad at all what do you think should we move here then rent an RV Bay and Harvey I'd welcome to paradise gold an hour could have some beam [Applause] okay american-style bump by over there yeah they are doing in a actual barbecue oh there's the competition across maybe they're different music today was more adrenaline adrenaline I had my my friend you're gonna particular he says you ready knows uh yeah ready sunset cruise what do you do with your mask on their own fatigue you might stress I was smiling I their sight it was coming so fast who was my every cool the census kicked in it wasn't me we stopped it I was like I was like please stop like that like this last day in Arizona / Utah and we are going to the Horseshoe Bend so you come into a car park it's ten minutes from our hotel which is one of the other reasons why we chose the hotel you walk up this hill did I tell you it's ten dollars get in the car park and I've seen the pictures but I'm not sure that's gonna look I think you should get one in the car so this is the only one the black spot that we've chosen that's really touristy so that's why we paid for private tours from locals and because everywhere we went was empty whereas everything here is like this which just doesn't feel as magical when it's like this it's amazing I'm gonna talk to you in detail about how dangerous this is is to be close to you but I don't know how and what to do so we've got an hour before go to jail Oh so we've already checked in we have so we are staying in the win encore that was our seats huh we're only here one night though can you find the killer blades in it my little bit except for we can't copyright this the music an extra stop right I'm more assertive bathroom this light is completely off I'm sorry but we're in such a rush we actually stay in this room all the time but we normally on the outside of the hotel this is the nice one how many times not to tell you fine we're so late 20 minutes agency do so no lady aperitif or like early because found out that Lady Gaga was playing okay it's good I love it we had three choices we traced a night we got ready so fast how the Mexicans backs Pablo oh just take it take it though it's just a dancer from New York trying to make it [Applause] Jennifer [Applause] my comes in Israel what wake up you're gonna miss it I like it over here [Applause] [Applause] get together on me ce n'est as most a masseuse masseuse Turkish Talia season just take it together yes even just take it together they get together for me a strategy we've just finished the JLo concert I'll talk about it later I've seen the CBS it's the first CBS CBS I've been in it since I've been in America for three weeks I've had two gin and tonics and Bera minor don't drink really so and I need to try her desperately none that got my legs have got no microphone and I went to learn about for a foreigner y'all gotta make pump you down by the pool I'm so tired and then we're gonna be flying for it I wish we spend one more night to see the water shoots at the rim and wear my new is about more undress I got in LA we just working put the casino bets once now and I being of their shoes and new season earrings we're gonna go to the other Chanel and then back at all because we're in a rush and when I talk to when I get home about the Arizona trip or why sort the whole shebang I'm just gonna do it all at home because we're a bit rushed today I messed up ugly in here as well so my team terrible terrible wonderful so I filmed this last night but I'm gonna film it for you again because this chanel is so amazing look it's in front of the horse carousel oh I thought the lighting was better here to show you my dress my bikini so can wear but this is my Isabelle moron dress I thought I'd show you and it comes with a slip as well that's cute I like it in the center my god hello and welcome to the final part of this video I've been back for a while but I really wanted to finish off with this vlog because the whole way through it I say to you I'm going to talk about this in detail I'm going to tell you how to pick the drawers and go to structure about this and I didn't do it once and the reason for that was is that we were working so hard I think you probably got the gist of it we would drive him for hours when then got up at sunrise where drive for hours to get to these precious limitations would then shoot five hours straight but then wait for the sunset would then drive five hours back and we do it all again for three days and it this wasn't the right moment to sit down with you for 15 minutes and talk you through also I know that the lighting and and everything's not great so I've decided to tell you all of the useful stuff now because I would hate for you to look at this video more than entertainment and think oh I really want to go to Arizona but she didn't explain or I really want a book at all but she didn't explain so here I am explaining just to help you if you want a book these holidays and also so sorry for the footage I know you've puppy got the gist of that also now that the camera is a great camera I don't need to buy a new one something happened with this set in and it went on some old set in which the camera shouldn't even have it on a wire and who would use that so we did try our best to upscale the footage and that explains that okay so thirsty I'm actually surrounded by Chanel bags here I'm just about to sit down and do an unboxing it's going to be a really good one so I'm filming that right now and it will be the next video so make sure you're subscribed okay so the first thing I want to talk to you about is if you would like to book the holiday if you would like to book the holiday that we were on which by the way was the holiday we paid for all of our hotels bar like one night somewhere but yeah it was a was a hotel it was a holiday that's better sorry it was a holiday and the I could talk about this ages actually an hour so to try and give you the best information is contact Kensington pearl and yes disclaim ad sponsor hashtag advertisement it's never been a secret that Paris has links to Kensington empower something we're very proud of he's very savvy when it comes to travel I don't know anyone but from the holiday like he can when it comes to price or more importantly locations the amount of hours they put in to doing a bespoke tour for us was not like one you can just go and book now the main up tour operators in Kanab then remember that right it's a tour operator which I don't I hate naming and shaming and I definitely don't want to shame them at all but from our experience we went straight to them to book obviously paid full price like we did the other tour everything we paid for and we emailed them they weren't particularly helpful they took ages to reply back to us they weren't particularly helpful the price was extortioner like thousands and we wanted to do sunset shooting and if you want to do science it's just sunsets you do you have to camp so you know when I showed you like that white pocket to get those sunset and in the sand dunes you have to camp and I'm asthmatic I don't want to camp I physically couldn't and I just didn't want to and even if I did want to it'll the price was extortion up so we went somewhere else it was a tiny tour operators compared to that one that advertising isn't even that out there but Paris managed to find them I don't know exactly what they were called but if you do contact cousins and pearl they can arrange all of this for you they were amazing like obviously not an advert we did pay for that pay for everything but they stay for extra hours that we could take our sunset shirts they knew the places to go so that we didn't have to do the usual tour and as much as we did want to learn about this and that I can read about it and I actually wanted to go there for creating content taking pictures enjoying it as a serene place with not 200 tourists some of them you have remember the names now but then you have like hundreds of tourists and it's very stressful so I can't recommend them enough and that's how we did it the hotel is quite overwhelming what hotel to pick because they're ours apart we the Allen gu obviously the most famous and we did actually want to go there for a night but we left it so late it's actually quite a small hotel left it too late but we have another project plans which I cannot wait to explain I've been keeping it in for so long but we will be going back and probably the end of that trip will treat ourselves to own Gehrig's very expensive and we decided to just go for one purely on location it's one of the most basic hotels I've stayed in but you don't go to Arizona we didn't want so anyway to sit by the pool and Gary would be a treat for one night but we didn't go there for that we wanted to be out as much as possible exploring so we went for the location and that hotel I mean me Paris and I kept saying that this is the most breathtaking location I've ever seen in my life better than Aaron Gary because you're on the lake and it just felt like such a waste like I wouldn't love nothing more than being on the Brandon team to read align that hotel it was breathtaking and they even had their own Starbucks and the restaurant was looking out on the lake so I can't recommend it enough for price it's really cheap I think about hundred dollars a night I think and had a poor it had the lake it's just very basic so that's where we stayed again if you want to know any more information than that please contact and Kensington and Pearl taken thing amongst talked about is the perfume and it sort of quickly touched on this because I show it in the video and I thought I spoke about it I think I was so focused on getting the content and being in the moment I planned on talking to you about it later so I shared a haul just gone actually on Wednesday and it featured this so if you want to know in-depth info about this what's that last video it's also very good haul so the party was Marley Cassini perfume is the scent that I took away with me and it was a campaign that we came up with together the team and I and it is I fell in love with this perfume straight away like I knew I would be wearing it all the time it would be in my collection and it would be my top three persons that were all the time haven't actually want any other perfume since I've been back from Arizona I'm so addicted to it the smell the smell gets nicer as you wear it it's kind of like a powdery hint of vanilla it just oozes that French chic nasai I swear that's what it reminds me of a generally want to just introduce you to this most amazing perfume because I haven't come across one that I love this much and the bottle is just amazing as you saw in the video next thing I want to talk to you about and I thought very passionate about it being a blogger and I feel like it's something I should say as a burger and that is the shocking this that I wit witnessed at the Horseshoe and you'll see that the footage wasn't that much and there's two reasons why the footage isn't that much there I okay I wasn't to tell you this but I needed blurted it out some go to and now I'm going to make this so long I had a dream the night before and I always have dreams and like daydreams of things that are going to happen and they do don't think I'm some sort of weirdo witch and think I'm psychics I don't I think everyone has got feelings and vibes it's literally just that I think and I had this dream bear in mind eggs only seen a picture of the horseshoe like I'll put it up here I'd only seen that I didn't know quite how high walls I didn't know if there was a fence I didn't know anything I actually like leaving things for suspense and go in there and being wild I don't like to know about something too much before I go and I had this overwhelming sense that I was falling and it was so real I can't explain it to you it was like I slipped I fell back and I was like oh my god I'm I'm just going to die and it was the weirdest thing and I told Paris I was like so weird please take water to that did you hear when you were tall she did you hear in the video where there's a sign when I say Paris oh we should go back and get all TV's oh no no I want to get to Vegas it's there I swear I nearly fainted Paris had to practically carry me up the hill and it was a good 20 minutes down and then 20 minutes up hill and the burning here and it's not like your average European hey it's like I said a thousand times throughout the video it's like a hotness that you'll never thought you yes I'm not on another level and the Sun is so strong and then what makes it work so please bring right you need about two altars each two liters each or one and you know just a lot of water okay yet none not only do you get there I'm quite infuriated that the Arizona I've known what they call it their council government I did read after that there's actually been cuts on these national parks and that's very dangerous because you get there and it's like there's no signs or anything you just get there and like bam you're on a cliff I've never been on their cliff that high in my life and there is nothing there over here to my right which is some way I didn't even go there was a little barrier but what about the rest of it like when you go to Grand Canyon it's it's been there for years much longer than the horseshoe destination there's barriers everywhere and they're quite far back from the cliff where's this the it's insane it is so dangerous what was even more dangerous was what people were doing in Paris and I could not witness it my stomach was churning watching it but the I couldn't believe my artists I saw one guy hanging in from of Paris or as well we have both had to look away he climbed over the cliff he had he was hanging with his arm and pretending to fall off whilst his girlfriend took a picture and he could have just fallen and died like that me apparently so when you look at the video and the pictures that we took we went to places where it looked like we were by the edge but really there was an underlying cliff underneath and I do have I should have because I wasn't thinking shame I just wanted to get out of there I should have taken more to show you but I did take one where I've got a picture of my Manolos and I'm hanging over and it looks at my feet hanging over the edge of this cliff and that I'm right on the edge but immediately under you can see a whole ledge and there's actually a whole bit of it that way you can walk safely and then it's the cliff so we photographed it very cleverly and like this even need to make it look like it was dangerous not hot day that's the wrong word make it look like it was like a pretty picture and then afterwards I thought do I really want to be putting that out and they're beautiful pictures but I really don't want it to be confused with that we would dangerous things because was it so I've tried to explain that the best I camera Instagram but what else did we see Oh me in Paris for having a picture on like a corner bit when no one really was because it wasn't near the edge but I mean we're still work by the edge of this cliff like if someone pushed and then I said I could have fallen off so past taking a picture of me and this girl was literally getting closer and closer to try not pressure us to leave so she could have a picture and in the end I said to her you do realize that if you push me back any more I could fall off this gift are you crazy and I didn't even say that that much turtle this is not the place to have an argument but I kind of just said in a polite way like we'll go in a second but I let her know that she was not being really responsible so in the end we had to let her just take her picture because she was being like it was so dangerous what she was doing and then we saw these other two girls which I don't know they were bloggers or not but they were on the cliff like the famous picture that you see so this is boring I just need to get off my chest there's a famous picture that you see where people hang off the edge oh you can even pay me to sit on the edge of that I did go kind of mirror it where you can see that I'm on the cliff but um um I wouldn't go any closer than that that was as close as I was gonna get and people actually walked in the end and they see it and they hung over like a bit of the rock could have come away and you'd be gone and when I did that stand-in there I was literally there for like I counted to ten and then I looked back and my legs were shaking and I don't think that ever do something like that again and I experienced it too thank God yeah I mean I was being as safe as possible and I wanted to see the whole point like the best year but I'm sure in a couple years count when you went in Belasco where I am and when I was looking back at the pictures I just thought this is incredibly dangerous to me do good after that a man my age died a thirteen year old girl died had taken a selfie this has all happened like in the last year and I just want to stress that taking these pictures when you go there's plenty of paid places to go and take the beautiful pictures we went away to the left away from everyone else because everyone was push it and we went away on our own that's where I took the picture at the pink Manolos and there were some really amazing spots where like I say it looks like you're on the ocean you're sitting on the edge but actually there's lots of walking ground before so and we photographed it to make the ledge look really big but she was like that long so just using their wide lens so yeah I just wanted to think about that just to stress it was very dangerous there be very careful make sure you're hydrated be very careful if the pushy tourists cause it's unbelievable what they do in and just be prepared for that and I hope that someone from the American government starts putting in fences there the jail oh just wanted to touch on the fact that JLo was absolutely crazy good the best night ever probably the best concert I've ever been to her figure was unreal her dance and was amazing her singing was amazing the best part I mean I danced the whole night but the best part was when he she pulled that guy up from the audience and it was hilarious you can see in his face that he's trying not to get excited and like how lucky I would have loved to have been him myself so I hope that just summarizes the arc I'm sorry that it's probably gonna be about 15 minutes long but contact Clinton's Annabelle if you would like to know more about that trip that's basically what we did we picked a small tour operators they were much better than the obvious choice we did everything bespoke we can they can put you in contact with the people that we use they will explain everything you'd in detail about what you would like to take bags and no baths and how you get the tickets for different canyons and everything like that go check out over the content and Instagram took us so long we're really proud that they would love you to check that out very dangerous with the horseshoe very very dangerous hotel again you can find out from Kensington power I hope that I've got it across right that we wanted to take beautiful pictures of the horseshoe so that I was in it and then and the scenery was in it and be a part of that but do it in the most safe way and I just want you to be aware of that when you do go there and lastly if you can obviously JLo so please go so I've enjoyed that video links everything that Waring is in the description box I hope you enjoyed last week's haul and don't forget to subscribe to watch this Chanel haul next week

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I hope I explained the dangers of taking travel photos. What we experienced at Horse Shoe Bend was a real eye-opener. I even think at points I was too close to the cliff and this is why I wish to share what I think now and what I felt when I was there. We realised how dangerous it was when we arrived, we managed​ to take the shots with the view but we made an effort to only go stand where we felt it was safe but still experiencing the location. Please be careful if you visit Horse Shoe Bend or anywhere similar​.

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  1. I did a bucket list trip with my parents in the southwest us couple years ago. Their top places are the lower antelope canyon, valley of fire and Bryce Canyon and arches National Park. Bryce Canyon hoodoos are absolutely incredible! Enjoyed your Vlog! Come back to the United States and explore more of our beautiful country! ❤️❤️

  2. I'm born and raised in AZ and I've never been to any of those places. They look amazing! And you are a trooper being out in this AZ heat ✊ Dressed up and everything. I can barley function at this time of the year…

  3. You came to visit Arizona at the wrong time of year! Haha. The time to come is between November to April. A true Arizonan doesn’t leave their air con house during summer months. Congratulations for not melting while wearing Lacey long sleeves dresses.

    Oh, and so glad you mentioned the sunsets. Arizona sunset has notoriously beautiful sunsets.

    Thanks for visiting Arizona! I’ve livers here 32 years and still haven’t visited some of the sites you did! Haha

  4. Grandma 76 here, I think it was really one of the best blog 's I have ever seen before, and Clair you can wear the natural look and you are so beautiful. The seanery was so wonderful just breath taking. The shots with you and the Arizona perfume were just beautiful could be a commercial for the perfume. Back in the 1980' s my husband and I were there many times almost retired there but, my husband said it would be less taxes in Florida so here we are. Thanks so much for the trip back 😊

  5. Dont apologise! This vlog was amazing! Arizona was in my bucket list so now i have to go! Thanks for your hard work to put this together. Love the music in your videos. Big hug from Shanghai!

  6. Really loved watching you enjoy your trip even with out all the luxuries and beautiful hotel rooms! On a side note.. I can not believe you aren’t plastered all over LoveShackFancy’s socials because your content is beautiful! You’re also so real and relatable that it gives me the confidence to wear my LSF pieces in daily life as well. Thank you for all your hard work!

  7. This vid was so so difficult to watch! You really gotta turn down the music interludes. I was trying to get ready for work and every other minute or more I gotta stop, crank down the crazy loud music then in 10 seconds crank it up again so I could hear the talking. Way too much maintenance to watch a vid. I didn't make it all the way through so I'm gonna click out. Please please crank down the music bits in future vids. So frustrating. That said, AZ and you are beautiful. Glad you had a great time!

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