Arkansas Aerial Views: Cherokee Village, Highland, Hardy & Ash Flat

Arkansas Aerial Views: Cherokee Village, Highland, Hardy & Ash Flat

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This aerial tour of the “Quad Cities” (Cherokee Village, Highland, Hardy, Ash Flat), four northeastern Arkansas neighboring towns in the beautiful foothills of the Ozarks, was taped on Nov. 2, 2007 by Frank Fitzgerald. Life is good, taxes are low and real estate relatively cheap in the area. Take a look and come visit. Some helpful sites:,,,, To obtain full screen DVD of the overflight + segments on local life and activities, check
Producer, photographer, editor: Frank Fitzgerald

3 Replies to “Arkansas Aerial Views: Cherokee Village, Highland, Hardy & Ash Flat”

  1. It's a beautiful place. We'll be the last the get 5G that's for sure with all these trees. Come on…only 3 stop lights on the entire 4-lane going thru 4 towns–where can you see that. We get our water from a Spring with no fluoride. We don't have "smart" meters YET. Taxes are LOW. $28 to register any car every year. Low, low taxes. 5G will have a yard time working thru all these trees if they ever think it is worthwhile. The nearest cell phone tower is in Hardy, 2 miles from my house in Cherokee Village. I have never owned a cell phone and am really happy about the lack of cell phone towers around here but AT&T and other ones do work here somehow.

  2. Anyone that lives in Upstate NY needs to see this video!!  Taxes are so cheap and everything is cheaper there!!  The people are so incredibly nice. Take a shot and just visit, You'll love Arkansas…I promise you that!!!

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