Art Cartopia Museum in Trinidad, Colorado

Art Cartopia Museum in Trinidad, Colorado
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okay I'm here at the art car museum Trinidad Colorado and there are people working right now it's been an ongoing project for the past five days on this toyota camry got lots of people work in this is a Museum of sorts a big garage of all sorts of interesting art cars people went to dragging up there that's pretty amazing but this one you're actually working on it right now Lichtman Road I got a big looking I don't know what that is it's an armadillo oh it's a car Medill oh that's right you got the artic armadillo right nice play on words look at the artistry on this car because it beads this is like what like kind of like cheap jewelry stuff you put on your lots of bling really fascinating really beautiful you got a that a yoga pose or something yes okay okay this is so cool haha so these people have been working on this for five days now and I use a karma Dillo being car likes people working here I always told our you're in charge of this you're the okay okay that's alright oh okay this is nice we got doorknobs that is so amazing you got CDs on the bottom just lots of little blingy things land of the free I don't mean to interrupt your work this is amazing well the girls here in the back working on the the back end here any thoughts about this amazing our car it's fun it definitely is fun this is great it's a Toyota Camry that's a really big karma Dillo too it's made of what pieces of CD CDs okay the base is foam I mean this is CDs they get these little blue little whatever you call these things they look like little rocks or whatever very nice art car haha very nice so there you have it very cool to see them working on it this is the that's it's a quite a treat here alright the very best Toyota Camry the most artistic one you'll see

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