Best ABANDONED Places in COLUMBUS OHIO – Part 5 (WITH ADDRESSES) – Bill's Bowling Alley

Best ABANDONED Places in COLUMBUS OHIO - Part 5 (WITH ADDRESSES) - Bill's Bowling Alley

what up guys I'm here back with the final I made a video of this series of the best place in Columbus Ohio mr. bills is the Resta sign but this is the last video we're gonna go inside see what we can find wait what did someone definitely tried to break in a crowd over there all right what up guys another another day breathing another day exploring today I'm showing you Dan's bowling alley mr. bills whatever same thing we are it is on right off a Cleveland Avenue you're gonna you're gonna turn off of it I'll give you I'm gonna give you the address to where we parked but it's behind you're gonna see like a bunch of like Christmas thrift shops and random buildings and then the bowling alley right here is behind it behind all the stuff this place is massive we found the entrance last time we came but we did not go and explore because I did not have my camera and I needed to bring you guys along and give you the info that you all need all right so you're gonna come in the back and there's the gates there's just a hole in the gate you would just walk through it try not to leave any tracks so we're just walking through the back and there's just an open door in it in the side of it the other is much nope all right so another disclaimer I have never been here before so this is this is the last video of this abandoned series in Columbus I thought it would be cool if I showed you guys a place that I've never been to before we're going through this place we found like a number of like beds and signs of homeless people but it doesn't really look like they've been here any time soon so we think they're good right now this is like right towards the entrance right now yeah we're gonna see if maybe there's Mike more alley somewhere else but we're not sure we found another Lane area the lanes are totally gone I don't know what creatures lurk in these holes this place has been abandoned for a long time like probably 20 15 20 years now do you thing is old these are this is all really looks like shoes Oh with needles sick what size needles oh my gosh what is it syringes for what heroin I think I mean anything that can be injected the odds are heroin yeah yeah let's see what happens Oh yeah this way they can't fall for windmills this next time we're going into this where they kept all the bowling balls also there's there's also a lot of bunk beds for when the workers would sleep in here you I look it's fresh take that ball toss it down this whole thing this whole room is being held up by this shank piece of wood right here I'm pretty sure we are on our way out now I think we explored a majority oh that we got to the two lanes we heard a bunch of dripping it was like doing one small Drive earlier it house-like driven a lot we thought some dude was peeing in here first but we saw we're good that concludes our tour out of mr. bills bowling alley alright guys that concludes our tour of mr. Bill's Ohio bowling alley hope you guys enjoyed it if you're new to my channel make sure you subscribe and like this video better you post a lot more badass stuff exploring doing crazy stuff and through lots a lot of things to come so make sure you stay tuned peace out everybody

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This is part 4 of the Best Abandoned Places in Columbus Ohio series where I show you my favorite abandoned places in Columbus and even give out the addresses. Make sure you subscribe and like the video to keep up with all of the abandoned exploring goodness 😉

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  1. Mr.Bills Bowling Alley used to be lit they didn’t go out of business actually they just relocated across the street not very far away at all and changed the name. I grew up walking distance from Mr.Bills Northern Lights is terrible

  2. Thank you for posting this series, it's so cool seeing other people exploring Columbus. I was wondering if you maybe had an Instagram? I'd love to keep up with your work

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