Best Brunch Spots in Auburn, Alabama

Best Brunch Spots in Auburn, Alabama

some of our top French dishes are going to be our brand on aprons and a strawberry the biscuits that kinda makes it everything sweet dish here's another one as well since you can't eat some grilled green tomatoes and classic hollandaise like a soccer pitch today's the color tumors popular we also do a Bloody Mary in armor it's really fun and the vibes that we're trying to get over here with the right Nightingale really great service really great food break our toughness easily Sherpa dance philosophy which is our Aryan greats it's going to have and do we have our granola French Dutch and French prospective you know it's gonna have the syrup on top powdered sugar and seasonal fruits right now a very big brother biscuits that are topped with that bacon her choice banks sausage rate and culture of the how new Jackson's place to be like a camp in Tennessee or Southern Living style we want people to be able to come in and kind of enjoy themselves like a place we were treated welcomed as we enjoyed making their experience better each day great brunch burger that they can ask why – an egg burger and then also our chairs our personal favorite a little bit of a salad poached eggs on top and then we also have a range of beritasatu goes on top of the price estimates better savory dishes they're also very photogenic you'll see a lot of Instagram and the works don't even move directly well here is Hamilton's really try to provide a great service with downtown experience to come on down we start at brunch and the ten o'clock some of our best dishes are going to be crab cake Benedict which comes to our cheese grits and fresh fruit on the top of the holiday songs drink specials top dollar Bloody Marys and three dollars and roses all during brunch come down to Hamilton we also have shrimp and grits which is also one of our most popular dishes opticians definitely and waffles and our steak and eggs very popular not steak with brisket or smoke on their smoker and two blue eggs potatoes

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Whether you’re coming into town for a visit or are looking for some fun weekend plans, check out this video for all the details on the best brunch spots in Auburn!

Featuring: The Depot, The Hound, Lucy’s, Hamilton’s on Magnolia, and Acre.

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  1. The Depot is the only clean and decent restaurant that serves brunch in Auburn. 🏆 The other's listed here are dumps with pitiful fare…don't waste your time on boring food or risk illness in any of the other filthy places.

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