Best Family Attraction in Southeastern Wisconsin

Best Family Attraction in Southeastern Wisconsin

okay this is Jamie and travelling services today I'm in Kenosha County and xsin territory and here at Exit territory you can do things like step in the batting cage and test that's your home run and betting skills you can also take rides on some go-karts bumper boats they have miniature golf they have arcade games on the inside so there's a ton of things you can do here with your whole family if you're in this area if you're coming from Chicago on your way to Milwaukee or if you're living in Milwaukee this is a quick place where you can come down to about a 30 minute ride and you can have a good time with the family and friends so check out the rest of this video and hit the subscribe button below and this is Johnny with J hand travelin services black barks bedding range has a number of bedding cages where you can test out your baseball skills and see if you're able to hit a home run you can try either a slow medium or fast pitch depending on your skill set next up you'll be sure to have a blast and fun with the whole family or friends on the go-karts the go kart track is about 1100 feet long and it's sure to be a fun time and they do offer unlimited bands that you can purchase where you can get unlimited go-kart rides so in the event you don't win the first time you can always try try again there are height requirements so those little writers might have to accompany an adult another fun activity you can do here as mentioned earlier is laser tag and it's great because if you get the band for unlimited rides and unlimited activities you can also play laser tag as many times as you would like before you get started you do have to watch a short video which explains all of the rules once you're inside it looks like an abandoned warehouse with lots of cool neon eyes the color skin makes it easy to hide from those that may be trying to shoot you and the game is set up by teams but you can also score individual points and at the end you get to find out who got the most points the area is just one level only but there are lots of places where you can go and hide from your attackers or you can sneak up and shoot your attackers let me know in the comments below what's your strategy then plan laser – are you a hider or you a person that goes out and tries to just get as many people as possible and travel over Tigers Tigers right here the vote is another attraction that you can use your unlimited band for to go in and experience all of the laser lights so there's about six different tent areas for parties birthdays groups to sit outside then there's also the mini golf courses that are here so let's take a look nice scenery for miniature golf nice waterfall nice water scenery very nice scenic view yep Oh before you even get it started on a miniature golf course wait that is cheating mr. Johnny this is all about Wisconsin sign there best date ever supposed to get it hold on one and my cameraman that's out here doubted me and I'm getting it done in two didn't even do that much crack just a really nice place to come and do miniature golf and by the time you get to hold number five the course does get a little tricky the end of the 18-hole course well even before the end of the 18-hole course my ball ended up offering the water my cameraman he made it to the end but hey overall like I said the scenery is nice here to play miniature golf they have an easy side we get the easy side and then they have a hard side to play miniature golf on its will but don't be like me don't let the ball blow over in the water there's also bumper boats like I mentioned early and again if you get the unlimited band you can ride the bumper boats as much as you like and they're surrounded by seventy five thousand gallons of water and the fun part is you actually get to aim fire and shoot water at other people that are riding the bumper boats as well as people that are standing nearby the gates what fun is that so on a hot day the bumper boats could be a place to go to have fun and to get a little wet to cool off there's still more to do there's arcade games and other games on the inside there's places for small children to climb to play and to have fun and there's a concession stand on the inside that sells food as well as you can rack up tickets to win prizes once you're done playing games don't forget to hit the subscribe button leave comments below and check out more great videos from jaeyun traveling services on YouTube

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Action Territory is located in Kenosha, Wisconsin which is between Chicago and Milwaukee. Watch this video as J-Hen gives you a glimpse of some of the attractions you can do at Action Territory such as Laser Tag, Go Karting, Mini Golf, and more.

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