BEST PLACES TO VISIT IN MICHIGAN IN SPRING:/// Michigan 4-H Children's Garden, East Lansing

BEST PLACES TO VISIT IN MICHIGAN IN SPRING:/// Michigan 4-H Children's Garden, East Lansing

Follow the yellow brick road. (Singing) Follow the yellow brick road. Follow the yellow brick road. Follow, follow, follow, follow, follow the yellow brick road. [Intro music] Bum-bum-bum This week. We celebrated spring in East Lansing, Michigan Right now it is Butterfly season and so we got to go check out the cool, awesome butterflies That are morphing, metamorphing Blooper beep I think I have read him The Hungry Caterpillar 100 times Which he is very mad by the way, because he's watched so many YouTube videos that he knows that the Very hungry caterpillar should have been a moth. This is like Seriously not. Okay. He turned into a butterfly He should have been a moth because he was in a cocoon remember? not a chrysalis! scandal! Anyway, we got to go to the 4-H Children's Garden to check out the butterflies right now We are going to see the butterflies What do you hope to see? I hope to see the butterflies. (laughter). We are going to the butterflies. Butterfly! (music) (music) We have to go all the way there. (music) (music) (music) Woahhh. Woah. woah So we can all go in here? I don't know, I think so…. Yeah, let's do it This is our first time to this one we're really exciting. Oh, Okay. This is a teaching ground. Butterfly Butterfly Oh pretty… (music) Can you look at them? Do you know what those are? Chrysalises! Yes! That's very good Jonah! (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) What you doing Jude? Say hi mama! (music) Oh, so pretty! Got your Gatorade! Got your Gatorade! (music) I think there is a butterfly on my pants. (music) (music) He really likes dad doesn't he? It's orange and it has that, that, that, and that, and that and that (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) Little greenhouse That's cool. Can you smell them Jude? Do they smell good? (music) (music) Nice to meet you Jonah! Cool Chris is still living his best life and we got a van two weeks ago, which he is obsessed So instead of going and grabbing lunch and enjoying it at one of the many tables Picnic tables, I think seriously how many tables are in this place? There's picnic tables t there's a lot. We ate it, our lunch in the van. You know how you like to eat in the comfort of your own home sometimes? It's the same thing but it's in your van. which is kind of like an extension of your home. (music) (music) (music) Maybe we could like pull your pants down? laughter (music) (music) I think minivans should have like a, I don't know like a salutation of some sort. You know what I mean? What's a Like tipping your tiny hat? Yeah Cool hat. Like minivan! Just like "ah you got one too!" That kind of thing. You have to give them the minivan waive. Waive. Yes, that's how it is. After our van lunch Jonah gave us a very special, Jonaphied tour of the gardens. (music) (music) (music) You can sit on the bench too Yeah but you can't actually use it (laughter) One, two, three oh my gosh you guys! got him? (music) (music) (music) (music) (laughter) That's your stinker laugh! he's like laughing (Jude laughing) Oh, you guys are like a boy band. Mommy, look! (music) (Laughter) (music) Show me where in the world you want to go Jonah. Yeah, where do you want to go in the world? Look. Point to where you want to go. (music) Mexico? Florida? He pointed to Florida! Jonah, I can't see you. Where did you go? Hang on. Hi!!! No I'm the Gruffalo, remember? You're the Gruffalo? Yeah. So you see eyes. If you don't have a ticket you can't come. (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (Chimes) (laughter) Hello. Hello. What are you reading? So Jonah was conveyance, and I think he is still convinced that he can find a key to unlock this little pink door We don't know if it is an outhouse or a little amphitheater outside. Something but Jonah is still looking for that key Umm I need the key Wait a second Wait I need the… What We need the key! Do you have the key? You can check though you never know (music) Nope still locked But we need a key first Hey wait…After dinner we can find the key. Got it? Is it time to go home and take a nap? No We have to find the Gruffalo still. Thank you so much for watching we really appreciate you coming with us on our adventure Please subscribe if you haven't already done, so And ring that Bell so we can take you within them all of our adventures going forward! And come below What is your favorite thing to do in the springtime? Our's was to see the butterflies but what's yours? and Smash that like button I you like vans? if you like vans still on that van kick or comment down below. What is your favorite thing to do in the springtime? butterfly house, playing around outside. Just let us know. We love to read all of your comments and we really appreciate them. See you next week guys. Adios- I always say adios. I don't care it's cool Wait…why are we not actually driving? We don't know what is in the castle. (laughter). (shrug) That was good.

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This week we celebrated spring in East Lansing, Michigan!

We went to the 4H Children’s Garden and got to check out butterflies. Awesome time! Educational, entertaining and FREEEE.
Jonah is obsessed. This is a child who watches hours of butterfly and moth formations on YouTube, so he jumped at the chance to get up close and personal with the creatures.

Chris update: He is still living his best life.. a few weeks ago we got a van and he is still loving it. There were picnic benches all over the gardens, but…we ate in the van. After our van lunch, Jonah gave us our very own special “Jonahified’ tour of the outdoor garden. He is convinced there is a hidden key to a little house in the garden. After hours of searching and no dice, we went home.

Insider tip: There is a popular ice cream shop- MSU Dairy down the road. If you go on a weekday the lines are shorter! If you go on a beautiful Sunday like us the lines are out the door. Lol

Let us know are you outraged that The Very Hungry Caterpillar is inaccurate!?

****We would love to hear from you! What do you love to do in the spring?

See you next week!





23 Replies to “BEST PLACES TO VISIT IN MICHIGAN IN SPRING:/// Michigan 4-H Children's Garden, East Lansing”

  1. Oh I love butterflies!! 🦋 This looks so fun!! Wow! 😂😂Chic van. Haha “you guys look like a boy band!!” Oh This is so cute. Nap time!! Our favorite thing to do in spring time…. probably wait by the window for summer. 😂💕

  2. Aww..Jonah is the cutest guide ever! Nice use of the van.. Picnic lunch! Lol! The gardens looked really nice too.. Looks like another fun day out! Thanks for sharing your day with us!

  3. Great vlog! We love visiting the butterfly house at the zoo however Michael wasn’t too impressed when one landed on him last time! We love doing anything outside in the spring after being stuck inside during the winter.

  4. Beautiful butterfly garden!!! Your rocking the van life!!! Tailgate party!!! Thanks for the tour Jonah!!! Looks like he wants to go to DISNEYWORLD Florida!!! Very cute hunt for the key!!! Have a great week!!!

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