Billings Montana Real Estate: Places to go!

Billings Montana Real Estate: Places to go!
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hey everyone all right so I want to do a video today about one of my favorite places to go with my kids and where do we just go through the way kids do it yeah so the YMCA if you're into working out or just relaxing in a hot tub and at the sauna and the steam room the Y is amazing here you just remodeled everything you can I mean they have swimming there are two swimming pools if a tennis court they have racquetball they have a bunch of classes you can go to like boot camp the spin class is awesome Lindsay's the instructor and she kicks your butt but anyway it's just really good and my kids love going huh you guys have fun today yeah and the people that watch it be really sweet so I feel safe I can drop my kids off and and another really cool thing you can drop your kids off and you can actually leave the building and go to lunch or whatever you need to do and they charge you like three bucks a kid per hour so it's pretty cheap but anyway so that's one of my favorite places I'm gonna try to do a video maybe one a month or something just with you know activities I like to do here you know food places to go shopping and all that so I hope you're having a good day and make sure to visit me on my website at Billings magic homes calm and have a great date thanks bye bye

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The Billings YMCA is the perfect place to go to drop your kids off to play while you let off some steam!
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  1. I am moving to Billings in a few weeks and am pretty apprehensive and nervous. I really appreciate the uploads. I feel like I am getting a good feel of the city before I actually move. Keep up the good work!

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