Bin Pickers on the Road Omaha Nebraska Goodwill Outlet

Bin Pickers on the Road Omaha Nebraska Goodwill Outlet

hi I'm G and I'm Michelle Akers Marla you must have thought boy he wanted to be in the video today so are you doing yeah I could do it tell me who you are say hi hi okay so what do we do we left Colorado Springs yes and then we headed to Omaha Nebraska we debated going to Kansas City Missouri right uh or go to Nebraska or Omaha Nebraska so we ended up going to Omaha instead and we thought it was so beautiful there um it was like it was lovely everything that I want it was just beautiful there wasn't it I liked it a lot and I knew it would be something that he liked you know kind of like rolling like not super flat you know with trees and it was just it was beautiful I liked it oh so well so we went to the bend yeah so we went to the band it was that night that we went and well we can show them what we got first before you want okay we'll show you what we got okay that was it we didn't get one thing honey one thing in that place there actually was one row of clothes that were three bins maybe yeah maybe three bins of clothes that was it on the clothes and we were super excited when we walk in because the prices were like a tier pricing so and then the cheapest was like sixty seven six something like if you've been over 25 pounds is that right or is it fit I think was 50 pounds I'm sorry I didn't write it down to get it I couldn't find one thing in there to buy and I've been to a lot of bands and I can always find something to buy so I mean it was incredible I couldn't find nothing it was awful we were pretty bummed because we were because I really liked it yeah so I mean it was cool they had a lot of stuff but even in the stuff we didn't find anything but if you live there and you could get stuff I mean there were toys for kids and stuff like that's like whoa if you're looking for no there was some and there was furniture and stuff so if you're looking for that kind of stuff just for your own personal use you know I would think it'd be good but it was just not for us definitely so what are you rated Oh zero it has to be a zero stay bye okay you're gonna go okay sorry so yeah zero for the bin and the area was nice though yes that area was like a nine but lightning thunderstorms it was pretty crazy yeah it poured rain and lightning I like that whether she does anyone well it just kind of scares me a little bit some reason so yeah so here we are another hotel we're just gonna keep going we're gonna keep on going keep pushing forward and you know hopefully it will find something that's gonna be comparable to Denver because so far Denver is about the only and it was really good in Denver all three bends in Denver was good and but we're gonna take everything into consideration like cost of living you know what what are we like for the kids we can't go into abandoned by nothing or else we wouldn't make it there very long yeah so we have to kind of roll that out and you know he even asked like is it usually like only that many clothes and the guy that worked there said yeah that's usually that that's her clothes roll so and it wasn't even like you knew there were some good in there or anything there was nothing it wasn't anything that we could sell unfortunately so that's off the list so check that off the list yeah we'll keep going and we'll keep posting videos and telling you what we think of well we think the rest of events because we got quite a few bends ago yeah so and it's been fine and then off to Denver you must uh I'm hoping that we can still find something else but and we might and we'll say Orion keep pushing forward we'll see so we'll do another video tomorrow and let you guys know what tomorrow we got to kind of rest up we had heavy Drive in the last couple days so we have so no yeah and we're looking forward like to stopping in Michigan to see his family for a few days and actually just relax and not not just stay ones gonna go to the been in Michigan though we are in Grandville Michigan there's the weather we drive up there and stay or not that's down the road away so we're playing this all by ear you guys seems like we're like where should we go okay yeah let's go there so it's definitely an exciting okay well there you go and now hopefully our next place will have something to show you know like I want to get some video like we have to find something to show I couldn't I couldn't find anything yeah yes next time hopefully okay outside the box thank you so much for watching we really appreciate all the comments that you guys have put on our videos and stuff I need to get on there and start replaying because I did the other day I actually did yeah so and then a lot of them and driving sentence yes so anyway thank you guys so much for watching and following along we appreciate it have a good one thank you bye

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Next stop was Omaha!

33 Replies to “Bin Pickers on the Road Omaha Nebraska Goodwill Outlet”

  1. I am a Colorado native and you would love it here! I live in a suburb about 15 minutes north of Denver where you can get a bigger house for less than the housing in Denver. The winters arent really that bad (and Im not a fan of snow) and because we have more sunny days than not, the snow melts fast. Let me know if you have any questions about Colorado! I am surrounded by great thrift stores and the drive to the Denver bins is super quick and easy! Best of luck with your travels and decision! Love watching you guys!

  2. The kids are soooooooooooooooooooooo adorable!!!!!
    Oh nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, no good bins in Nebraska lol lol
    Thanks guys, for continuing the journey!!!!!!!
    Love you all!!!!!
    Be safe, have fun!!

  3. Sorry to hear about Nebraska ~ the little guy is a cutie pie! Oh Michelle, glad to hear I'm not the only one who's a bit scared by lightning & thunder storms. My son & family just moved from Oregon to Michigan, they love the area so far (but they haven't been through a winter there, yet). Safe travels ~

  4. Come to KC!  I grew up in Omaha, live in KC now.  Bins in KC are great, (not Denver great, but pretty good, but housing is so much cheaper and you can get land) weather is way better than Omaha, and a lot to do and see! Trust me 🙂

  5. Ok I travel from bin to bin and I can help you a little
    Indianapolis has FOUR goodwill bins I have taken photos of each one and have a review and I also can tell you about st Louis and you've done LA and Vegas so no need for that info …… also Houston doesn't have a goodwill bin BUT they have 4 family thrift outlets ……Now I live in Nashville we have one goodwill outlet pay by the lb and one 99 cent outlet (everything is 99 cents and they don't dig and push it's hung etc ) plus three stores have week long 99 cent retail stores with 50% off for of the week EVERY week new colors …… and we have the Chattanooga and Memphis bins within 2.5 hrs from Nashville ….. Nashville is a hugely fast growing area good schools and of course people and I homeschooled my daughter when we moved here from Vegas which Is where I started homeschooling and I have to say that other than Texas state it's extremely easy to homeschool here ……. I do this full time as my only income and I sell on eBay Mercari and poshmark and sometimes etsy for vintage but Nashville from a over the us gives you a higher profit margin for online resellers…..the name brands are good because well it's high dollar area

  6. Enjoying your road trip videos! Baby is growing so much! Your braver than I would be 5 kids in a van! My 3 drove me nuts in the car! Excited to see where you go next! Safe travels!

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