Brentwood, TN – One of the Most Sought After Places to Live in Tennessee!

Brentwood, TN - One of the Most Sought After Places to Live in Tennessee!

Brentwood is one of those places that Nashvillians tend to immediately associate with well but Brentwood consists of much more than what some refer to as McMansions and weekday golf outings the demographic of its 40,000 residents is changing very quickly baby boomers used to make up the large portion of Brentwood but we're seeing more and more Gen Xers move in where both parents work and they're looking for a place to raise their growing families young families looking to save money by sending their children to public schools flock to the Brentwood area for its nationally ranked schools all schools received a nine or ten ranking on great schools org and statewide ken rose Edmondson Crockett and sunset elementary schools all lay into the top ten as do Brentwood sunset in Woodland middle schools Brentwood High and Ravenwood high are ranked number 4 and number 5 respectively to add to it property taxes are lower in Brentwood than they are in Davidson County on average so the mentality is that they can afford to spend a little bit more on a house because of the money that they're saving with public schools and lower taxes Brentwood is also known for its community involvement through the many parks found in the area during the warmer months the city hosts a great summer concert series and it's held right at the road at Crockett Park amphitheater it's free admission and it's open to the public residents also make great use of the parks with their own groups like stroller based workouts for moms or teens and training people are always outside in brentwood and exercise plays a very important role to the residents lifestyle there are more than 75 acres of greenways and almost 25 miles of trails and people can almost always be found utilizing these spaces even though Brentwood is an active community it's quiet and there's a sense of wide-open spaces here that's particularly due to the city's strict code on lot sizes and green space ratios there are actually pockets of Brentwood where you feel like you're almost in the country but you're 10 to 15 minutes from Nashville or five to 10 minutes from Cool Springs and if you choose to stay right here in the city limits of Brentwood and you'll find great places to eat unique places to shop along with the staples that most people are looking for Brentwood is a desirable little suburb of Nashville that people take great pride living in it offers diversity convenience and a lot of history to search for homes in Brentwood visit our website south bound grew calm and searched zip code 3 7:02 you

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Brentwood, TN – One of the Most Sought After Places to Live in Tennessee! // As a Brentwood resident, I’ve learned why Brentwood is one of the most sought after places to live in Tennessee! If you or someone you know is looking to plant roots in the Brentwood area, please reach out! Who better to help you than someone who lives, works and plays there everyday?!


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  1. Brentwood is actually a very inclusive community. There is no "old South" or "old money" snobbery here. Everyone is welcome, whether you are a TN native, a Southerner from Mississippi, or a transplant from California.

  2. Lovely video; it was very well done and VERY enticing. I have family in Brentwood and they keep trying to entice me to purchase my next home in their neighbourhood …..i'm glad i stopped by …..i guess your web site is my next destination
    All the best,
    NYC , NY

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