Brookfield, CT Our Town

Brookfield, CT Our Town
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located in western Connecticut Brookfield is in the Housatonic River Valley next to the major city of Danbury this fertile region was once a farming community as well as the site of iron ore mines and mills today the town is well-known as a regional retail center with suburban neighborhoods and historic homes Brookfield is a commuters dream conveniently located near I 84 and Danbury it is approximately one hour from Hartford and one and a half hours from New York City train service to Manhattan and points around the Northeast is available from Danbury Station or south east and Brewster stations in New York there are many types of housing available for prospective buyers to the area from newer condominiums to multi and single-family homes Brookfield various neighborhoods consist of ranch and raised ranch antique Colonials Dutch Colonials and Victorian style homes Brookfield's historic Town Center site of the first settlement is on the National Register of Historic Places many of the town's original structures are still used as private homes today in this charming district the center is home to the Brookfield Historic Society as well as the town library churches and schools small neighborhoods surround the center encouraging a small-town feel over the past many years the four-corners has become the hub for retail banking and restaurants in the region this area the intersections of Route 7 and 25 is a popular destination with stores and shops that meet many of the needs of today's living nearby the four corners is the Brookfield craft Center this school focuses on traditional and contemporary craft skills such as blacksmithing woodturning and jewelry making the school also hosts events open to the public throughout the year Brookfield is a great combination of small town living meets urban necessities if you are interested in selling or purchasing a home in Brookfield or a nearby community visit Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage at eighteen milk Lane Road in Danbury or call two zero three seven nine zero ninety five hundred

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