Cades Cove Tennessee Drive Thru w/Us (seen 🐻) & What it’s like RVing with kids

Cades Cove Tennessee Drive Thru w/Us (seen 🐻) & What it’s like RVing with kids

but there's a mama very close Gabriel do you see it babe are you really need to get my phone I don't know but he is oh my goodness I can't even think I gotta put you down so today we are exploring Danko and it is I think one of our favorite places in Tennessee it is a beautiful beautiful area the Cades Cove is just a long loop I don't even know how long it is 11 miles there you go thank you 11 mile loop you can drive the whole thing there are places where you can pull off like we just passed some people who's petting some horses there are hiking trails within this loop there's some old houses that you can go into some old churches some cemeteries and there's lots and lots of wildlife which is what we're looking for today again if you don't know we drive a one-ton dually and it's a little tight for driving these roads and finding a place to pull off the kids wanted to stop at the horses but there was no way we were gonna be able to do that with the size of rig we have because it was already cars on the side and we just we're just too large of a vehicle and so now we're contemplating buying a Motorhome no not really we said that but as soon as I said it I changed my mind cuz I love our house I love our pizza and I love our big jackass country we are gonna check out this place this beautiful beautiful beautiful area we can see some bears she's embarrassing we might go on a little hike we did a hike here several years ago I think this is the second time we've been here and we hiked back I think it's called Abrams Falls great big waterfall I think it's probably a good mile or a more of a hike back well worth it if you ever get the chance to go but the only way that I'm gonna do that is if daddy goes ahead and approves that everybody can get wet because you can't hike to a waterfall tonight don't you get wet kids smile so see that thing mama would say let's jump in with our clothes on daddy will be saying blah-blah-blah-blah-blah and so I don't think we should hike and run ourselves and Wow what this place does have quite a bit of because these roads are one lane roads because if you do want to drive slow they have plenty of little pull offs like I just was driving slow and again actually kids burger yeah it doesn't it doesn't take long we lied I'm not in a hurry and some of these people are trying to get to maybe a specific hike within the park so yeah so you try to get you try to get to a hike early quickly so you can get out there and get to it for us we're just kind of slow and sightseeing so we're pulling over and letting people pass us so it's a nice little gesture to just let the people on around because we're driving like Grandma and Grandpa today in fact I've got the Eagles song take it easy in my head for some reason we're just so easy I used to be singing I'm in a hurry to get them I was getting hit in the head with a sword so one of the things that is tough about our being with kids is finding activities that kids will enjoy our two little ones our biggest ones back there they don't care too much about driving around and looking at the pretty trees and the mountains and the valleys and if there was a bear out there they would pay attention but where's buck the Bears and tell them when the Bears are around yeah so I think that's the hardest part it's because there's a lot of things that Lane and I would absolutely love to do like we just stopped at that church we walked to the church Grady didn't get out and come with us bit leyland chasin did but they didn't care nothing about it but there's just things that way and I would like to do but the kids are bored or it doesn't interest them and so we have to compromise sometimes and find things that Lane and I don't really want to do but the kids wanna do but like yesterday was a kid day and they just got all they care about to run bikes go to the pool and they like doing fun hikes like when we can jump in waters like that but yesterday was a kid day we did what the kids loved went to Gatlinburg last night was probably one of my favorite nights Evers of our whole trip Impa thin today we're driving around Cades Cove and doing and they're able to have way more TV time than they're usually able to happen because I'm trying to remember being five and seven years old that this probably would be boring but hopefully we see some more wild like the stuff that'll be a good little person excited and it makes me excited to come back when they're over and we things like whitewater rafting and things that I've big enough for you and like once they get a little older we can use a lot of this for now he's going field trips which American everything that's something else we're having to get adjusted to is that what day is well it's like we're retired but we're not we still work with that we learn to you like careful we have learned that we like to go places like this during the week where when all the other kids and parents are in school and in office shops and stuff like that because otherwise it'd be so crowded and then we like trying to just say good on the weekends and everybody else is not about boy I'm sweating now but anyways yeah so we try to go either play like busy places during [Laughter] so while we were inside the visitors center I picked up a cades cove book and found out a little bit of history about this I don't member the guys name but a gentleman back in the 1800's acquire about 1821 acquired I want to say over 1200 acres of this land through some sort of a treaty but anyway and then by the 1900's there was about 700 people that lived inside of Cades Cove it was they said 129 families but then in the 1920s and 30s this land was taken by eminent domain through the state of Tennessee which later became part of the Smoky Mountain National Forest Great Smoky Mountain National Forest water is coming from a creek up there and they have trapped it where this water will come all the way down this is how the Empowered machine back a long time ago it was they use water to do it in that pretty neat so they have a little demonstration here to where you can actually still see how this mill operated it's actually operating right now and it's really a great lesson teach the kids because Grady's understanding how it all works now well see they put the corn in up there that wheel spins and grinds up that cord and then there greater you can see words actually comes up see that corn gets ground up see how it's coming out right here let's see how to shoot now that's just like the flower that mommy uses to make biscuits so far away but there's a bear honey I use you dude but still doesn't actually I can see it better with my eyes and what my camera can see it so anytime the traffic has stopped you know you're missing submission something there's something up ahead for those of you that know me you know that I'm terrified of bears but those are only the dead mean-looking ones the best pro I'm not scared traffic's moving slow so there's something definitely up here that everybody's checking out and going real slow and looking at so hopefully we about time will get up here just to be there so jafek has officially stopped yeah we didn't but I was doing a time-lapse to see how long it took us to get through this and I just go ahead and stop the time-lapse because we're moving so anyway people are now starting to get out and walk to where res is whatever is up here well whatever it was we missed it traffic is moving again and it's raining now so Cades Cove and you see something awesome look at it love it enjoy it snap a picture especially especially if you're just blocking the road for a long time no I'm just saying in the moment I hope we wouldn't we better not you win it right people are behind yeah that's true alright we gotta get yes we've seen the bear we gotta go Michael's afraid turn the generator on whenever for us why because these place mi might get mad cuz I know well if it's that night yes I don't want to be a rude neighbour have my generator yeah yeah anyway unfortunately we missed it maybe we'll see something else well it's raining good man you can't even see the mountain up there so this is probably gonna conclude yeah we'll get some coffee this is gonna conclude our Cades Cove adventure for today we had a wonderful time here we love Cades Cove if you're in the area Gatlinburg and Pigeon for an area you have got to come to Cades Cove it is well worth it expect to be here a couple hours at least at least and that's just if you're just driving through you know if you're not gonna do any stopping but anyway it's getting dark on us to start your reign anyway thanks guys if you watch this video if you liked it give us a thumbs up or subscribe over going really dark see ya

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Cades Coves in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, is one of most favorite places to visit East of the Mississippi! Beautiful scenery, rolling rivers, lots of wildlife, historic sites, hiking trails and so much more to see and do in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee! On our visit we see a little bear cub, deer, got rained on, talked about RV life with kids, and what all Cades Cove has to offer and how to drive thru the park and enjoy the visit!

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34 Replies to “Cades Cove Tennessee Drive Thru w/Us (seen 🐻) & What it’s like RVing with kids”

  1. As a single mom who Loves to roam and explore, I would take my kids on ‘adventures ‘ mostly like the places you are finding. Trust me they will remember and cherish. My kids were ‘bored’ during many of these adventures, (at your kids ages) now as young adults those are their favorite places to find peace and unplug. P.s. tubing down river in great smokies is no joke 😳momma almost died!

  2. We have been to Cades Cove and when the line of cars did that, it was a bear once but more often it was deer. We come from an area with a lot of deer so, we thought they must have all been from the city to be so enthralled over deer.! LOL!

  3. You and Lane are teaching your kids so much more than they would ever learn in a typical school setting. And they are learning valuable life lessons and the importance of family. It is a joy to watch this. One last thought…maybe there will be more Loftis’ children to come?!?! Lane just enjoys her children so much. I love seeing how affectionate you and she are with all the children. Big hugs to all of you!

  4. I live here in the the Great Smoky Mountains in the town of Sevierville. We cherish every trip to Cades Cove. The Smoky Mountains is why we chose to move here from Southern Indiana. We use to stay at Riverbend Campground in Pigeon Forge. But we now call it home. Thinking about selling our 40ft Class A RV for something smaller like a travel trailer. Cause we still want to do some travelling. I would sell you mine if you want a Class A. Lol.

  5. I was once in Cades Coe and got out to snap a photo. Cars were all parked on the road and traffic backed up. I figured everyone saw some wildlife and were snapping photos way p ahead near the cove. I got out of our truck with my camera around my neck and walked in front of the truck to walk up along the drivers side f another car. But when I got around the corner of the car there was a huge black bear walking toward me. I knew that I should never turn my back on a bear so I began to walk calmly backward but for every step the bear took I needed to take three and I didn’t want to trip and fall or it would be over. I didn’t realize until later that I had my hand on the shutter of my camera. I could feel the breath of the bear on me and he was looking right at my eyes. I tried to stop making eye contact with him. But he seemed almost like he was blind. I have since found out that they can see very well. He had his nose in the air sniffing me. I got my back against the grill of my truck and could hear my dog barking. Once I got to the passenger side I spun around because that bear was still one pace in front of me. And I opened my door and jumped in. The bear walked right by me and went into the weeds. He had his nose in the air sniffing and it looked like he was smelling flowers but he was sniffing for me. It was strange I never felt threatened but I wasn’t about to reach out and pat him on the head either! And I could have. I was that close. I would post the pics here if I could but wee can’t so you have the story instead!

  6. Hey, we just found you.. funny thing went next door to my daughters and were talking to her boy friend…come to find out he knows you. Rick Gower, said you were from Ava. We live in Henderson just across the lake from Mountain Home. So we are excited to be going on your trip!!! God has a Plan!!! Be Safe out There!

  7. I just found you guys.  My wife and I are planning on doing the same thing in a couple of years when I retire.  Although we are a bit older than you guys, we have four little kids we adopted who absolutely need homeschooling and this kind of adventure.  Looking forward to your videos and thanks for sharing.

  8. Awesome that you saw a bear! I can definitely see how it would be challenging to take them spots that you guys would enjoy that they wouldn't, seems like you have a great balance or are figuring out one! You guys are doing amazing in the adjustment to RV life!!

  9. Y'all must have filmed this a while back. Trees are all still green. Even if the kids don't enjoy it now, it is so awesome that we have the technology to save these memories. They will look back on even the "boring" days and be grateful.

  10. We are getting ready to embark on this adventure in the spring. Selling the house and headed out on the road! We live in Oregon currently and I grew up in TN so this makes me so excited! My husband and I have been watching your videos with our kiddos getting excited and so ready. Thanks for sharing! We have 3 little ones and plan to home school too. ♥️ Love y’alls videos!!

  11. Enjoyed your vid. We love Cades Cove. We sang in that church y'all went into. It's so beautiful up there. Where we live in South Georgia, mostly flat land. ( a few hills, Lol) Go to Dollywood when you can. We have season passes and just love it. Lots of things for to kids to do. Safe Travels and have fun. Would love for y'all to sub our channel. Blessings!

  12. Michael sounds like a super courteous man with anxiety. And Laine has spontaneity just like my husband. Also whoever was holding up the line, was very inconsiderate.

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