California Tourism – Dreamers TV Commercial

California Tourism - Dreamers TV Commercial

people think Californians are just a bunch of dreamers with our heads in the clouds is that the explosion maybe we do live in a fantasy and we can get a little starry-eyed a little bit out there often maybe but just a bunch of dreamers no way we're just like everyone else we put our board shorts on one leg at a time throwing a blank what's my line you

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41 Replies to “California Tourism – Dreamers TV Commercial”

  1. Dear California,
    We are warned of why we don't want to visit your state every time we buy a product and have to endure your warning labels. We know everything in every product will kill you in California. Thanks for reminding everyone everywhere, you whack-jobs.

    All the Citizens of free States

  2. “Come to California and get assaulted, raped or killed and just HOPE it’s by an American… because IF you are assaulted, raped or killed by one of the many illegals… the State and City Governments will do their utmost to defend the criminals… Good Luck 👍

  3. As a Californian that visited the other states.
    We may have a few problems but things do change.
    The Republicans shall rise again and take it back.
    But sadly we do need the immigrants so we can feed America.
    note I do not live on the coast.
    I live in the rural areas

  4. Show the poor homeless family's. with children living in motor homes on the side of the road because they don't make enough money to pay for rent. I am a state employee surviving ….I want to live .

  5. Who wants tour shit hole California when the liberals turned California into an illegal dumping ground filled with homeless and drug infested areas . California was a good tourist spot until GOV Jerry Brown turned California into a HUGE- SHIT-HOLE .

  6. California…can you guarantee that I will meet obnoxiously superficial rich people with no soul, debauchery around evey corner and can I meet the staff that made this commercial? If so, my decision is split between you and Disney world.

  7. No reason to visit California, too costly whatever you buy, too costly to live there and really don't want to be robbed where the judicial system leans in favor of the criminals. Please leave the Union and Annex with Venezuela the political ideation you truly support.

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