Columbus, Ohio Antique Mall Shopping – On the Road to Pennsylvania!

Columbus, Ohio Antique Mall Shopping - On the Road to Pennsylvania!

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The first leg of the trip! We found ourselves in Ohio to walk around this huge antique store with not enough time!!


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24 Replies to “Columbus, Ohio Antique Mall Shopping – On the Road to Pennsylvania!”

  1. My absolute favorite was the Art Deco clock with the blue glass mirror. I've bought and sold about 10 of them over the past 30 years but I've never kept one for myself. Now this makes me want to find another and keep it this time!

  2. Once had a tall torchiere brass floor lamp like those you saw and it had a wide rough linen barrel shade with a wire frame inside that had ridges that sat upon the V-shaped glass lamp. Gave really good light for reading.

  3. If you ever get up to wisconsin, check out the columbus wisconsin check out the Columbus antique mall it is in an old canning factory. It's about 78,000 square feet and full of deals, let me know and I would love to do a meet up.

  4. Awww, you were in my town 🙂 That is a huge mall, but it always seems to me like it is usually kind of dead as far as foot traffic goes… Kind of weird. I do tend to run into sellers selling their stuff at garage sales with the Heritage Square mall price stickers still on lol I agree with the others that if you would probably love Heart of Ohio, worth checking out!

  5. Hey, i have a milk glass biscuit jar with the tufts @14:50, but it has little hand painted pink roses and blue forget-me-nots. I just hate it when "it won't fit in the car" so i bought an Outback….now most everything fits, LOL.

  6. Jeffrey – Can you share how you ship that fish so cheep? If I heard right you would ship for about $5.00? 
    I double box fragile things and the cost is keeping me from being competitive on Etsy and Ebay. Thanks

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