Day 22 North American Road Trip in a Tesla

Day 22 North American Road Trip in a Tesla
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okay so I'm writing with Lisa she has the Tesla enthusiast mid-missouri group that's right short Roadtrek okay cruise down by the University of Missouri and I'll just show you some of the sights here in Columbia and for once I'm not driving today Lisa is doing the driving so this is Lake Stevens Stevens Lake Park so what's significant about Stevens Lake oh that's right in the center of our city and it has trails around the perimeter a lot of green space kind of trees so a lot of people from boone hospitals right up the street here okay so it's a great place for people to relax take a walk on their lunch break tragic sighs Stevens College established school so now we're traveling through downtown and you know Columbia is a nice size it has about 110,000 people it's a smaller town but there's a lot available here and there's a lot to do myself but I put it online I needed fuel for my lawnmower so I went to Casey's which is a gas station fill up this gas can and I couldn't remember because I haven't done that for like ten months right it's like oh I squeeze the nozzle and nothing happened like oh god you have to pay first and right personal button or put the lever I finally got it to work and I pressed the pay inside button instead of like pay with your car so then I as an introvert I'm like God now I'm gonna go talk to somebody right right you can just get the gas and so I went in and this lady's looking at me like girl so I was excited 10 months right kind of forgot what I'm doing so so you need to get electric lawnmower that's the story behind that all right about to give up on the golems here look there Shakespeare feet stick oh sweet yeah famous Shakespeare pizza yeah so buying your model three one how long ago did you buy it bought it yeah ordered it in August it was delivered early in September September like September 29th may be innocent time and how has it changed you well one thing I got pump you're I don't think I'll ever buy a different car again because other cars just feel stupid feels a dominant put gas in the car it feels started to waste time in a gas station when you can just charge a car in your garage exactly it's dumb to not have a car that drives itself it's silly to not have a car that updates itself every two weeks or so why would you buy a different car the only time that you would need a different car right now is if you need to travel someplace where there's a there's not a supercharger and you need to turn around and come straight back and you don't have time to do like a level to church that's everything that that said there you know the infrastructure is improving daily right there's going to come a time when it's hard to find a place like that right you those places will be few and far between so you know it's just a matter of time and I really appreciate the early adopters you know the folks that we're buying you know traveling traveling around in Model S's before there were many superchargers they really are to be commended so some people say like their lives changed somehow like on a personal level whether it's through this new sense of community and just their life feels like more full or somehow it's changed them definitely other than just like only a car falling love the Tesla but like personally it's affected them have you yeah we sort of talked I really people that you meet online for one thing I actually went on vacation my friend and I met a group a Tesla group that I found on Facebook and we toured the Fremont factory and had a really good time and they're just all wonderful people and it just it seems like the rule not the exception it's the people are really kind and yeah just love the feel of a college campus so what's significant about those columns just a symbol oh here we go we can find out bring try out the park with sure we're gonna do auto park yeah okay so it's supposed to see me was supposed to have supposed to since I'll push this okay shifts reverse okay oh gosh the car behind us that's okay they'll go around look at that it's parking by itself oh my gosh it's freaking ridiculous this is crazy oh that was perfect I don't think it's done you know that's gonna go forward cuz I got closest to that car is heading credible or what they were done apart oh that's amazing I've never done that before I am here to pick a Kansas I need to get to the geographic center of the United States says I'll have 13% left the problem is if I just follow this and say okay let's go if I have let's say let's hand up having 40 miles of charge left when I get to Lebanon Kansas with 40 miles of charge where can I go to from there this does not tell me that when I get to my destination I will not be able to make it to another charging stop I would think when you put in a destination to go somewhere it should give you a warning that you you cannot make it to a charger from that point so if we go like this let's look at it the only way I can do this is I Drive to Salina I get a full charge there then I go the I think it's 111 miles there and back using up about 250 miles of battery charge so this is interesting this whole section is blocked off for the supercharger so I'm gonna drive the car right under it here we go this is a marker [Applause] Congrats enter the United States Lebanon Kansas

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Currently driving on an epic North American road trip in an electric vehicle to see how many extreme points I can get to.

This video is in Columbia, MO

– Key West, Florida (24°32’38.724?N 81°48’17.658?W) – southernmost incorporated place in the contiguous 48 states

Deadhorse Alaska at Prudhoe Bay.

– Lubec, Maine (44.817419°N 66.949895°W) – easternmost incorporated place in the 50 states
– West Quoddy Head, Maine 44°48’55.4?N 66°56’59.2?W – easternmost point on the U.S. mainland

Cape Alava, Washington (48°9’51?N 124°43’59?W) – westernmost point on the U.S. mainland (contiguous)
Ozette, Washington (48.154722°N 124.667222°W) – westernmost town in the 48 contiguous states

– The Mount Evans Scenic Byway is the highest paved road in North America. It’s located in Colorado, USA.

– Badwater Basin, Death Valley, California, 36°14’23?N 116°50’5?W – lowest surface point in all U.S. territory and North America, at -279 feet (-85 m)

Geographic center of the 48 contiguous states: approximately 4 miles (6.4 km) west of Lebanon, Kansas, 39°50’N 98°35’W

Geographic center of the 50 states: approximately 20 miles (32 km) north of Belle Fourche, South Dakota, 44°58′N 103°46′W

Geographic center of North America is at 48°10’N 100°10’W, about 6 miles (10 km) west of Balta, in Pierce County, North Dakota. There is some dispute and Rugby, ND has a monument there and is making that claim, I will drive by both places.

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