Discover Raleigh, NC

Discover Raleigh, NC

hi there I'm Gretchen Kohli real estate broker with the Allen Tate company and welcome to my series discover the triangle in this series I'm introducing you to my favorite cities and towns in the Triangle and today I want to invite you to discover the City of Raleigh you will see that Raleigh is a spectacular place to live just look at this stunning skyline behind us it's just amazing and Raleigh residents are proud of where they live as North Carolina's capital city Raleigh is home to the state government prestigious public and private universities and a thriving job market it was even ranked in a CNN poll in 2015 as the number one city in the US for job growth a vibrant downtown rich local culture top-rated schools and desirable neighborhoods make this city a top choice among homebuyers it's no wonder that Raleigh ranks among the best cities for jobs the best cities for foodies and the best places to live it's also a city for any adventurer if the great outdoors is calling you don't have to leave Raleigh to answer it Raleigh is filled with parks and Greenway toriel's ranging from scenic gardens just think Fred Fletcher Park and the JC Raulston Arboretum too wide wooded spaces such as Lake Johnson and William V instead State Park and the Dorothea Dix park which is where I'm standing right now the City of Raleigh maintains more than 100 miles of Greenway toriel's throughout its Capital Area Greenway system including the Neuse River Trail which connects trolley hikers with it eleven hundred and fifty mile mountain to Sea Trail on the summer days when the water is calling you can visit nearby Falls Lake or Jordan Lake for swimming boating and camping Raleigh is also rich in history and culture and there's always something fun to do in Raleigh you could spend a Saturday exploring Fayetteville Street in downtown Raleigh which often features music festivals food trucks outdoor movies and prayer ADEs take a tour of the State Capitol or the North Carolina Museum of History for a glimpse of Raleigh's local and national importance experience a fast-paced sporting event at NC State University's carter-finley Stadium or watch the Hurricanes take on their opponents at the PNC Arena oh and let's not forget the shopping at fabulous places like Crabtree Valley mall Triangle town Center North Hills or a Cameron Village the list of adventures you can have in Raleigh is endless for your next home choose the city that has it all Raleigh may be known for its parks its performing arts venues and its proximity to Research Triangle Park but residents know that Raleigh has a wide variety of neighborhoods and homes to choose from whether you're looking to buy a larger house close to a top-rated Wake County school or a smaller home near your favorite shopping center you can find your favorite place or even your dream home in one of Raleigh's beautiful communities upsizing or downsizing can feel overwhelming but I can make your experience stress free with my unlimited knowledge of Raleigh and the wonderful neighborhoods that it hosts I can help you get moving in the right direction without wasting any time contact me at Gretchen Coley properties dot-com and let's find your dream home thank you for joining me in this series discover the triangle and discover Raleigh you

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Join me as I take you to visit my favorite city’s in the Triangle in my series Discover The Triangle. In today’s video I am showing you the City of Raleigh, NC.

Raleigh is a Spectacular Place to Live!

Raleigh residents are proud of where they live. As North Carolina’s capital city, Raleigh is home to the state government, prestigious public and private universities, and a thriving job market.

A vibrant downtown, rich local culture, top-rated schools, and desirable neighborhoods make this city a top choice among home buyers.

It’s no wonder that Raleigh ranks among the best cities for jobs, best cities for foodies, and best places to live.

Watch the video to see all of the things that set Raleigh apart.

If you are looking to buy or sell a home in Raleigh or and of the surrounding Raleigh towns.

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  1. No thanks, nuclear plants in every direction spewing radiation into the air and their lakes. NC can't even solve their GenX problem. State is backwards

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