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Driving in Downtown Amarillo, Texas.

Amarillo’s best tourist attractions: Route 66 (6th Street) and Big Texan Steakhouse Restaurant, home of the famous 72-ounce meal challenge.

Visit and enjoy Amarillo, Texas, USA.


  1. reminds me of nashville tn when I was a kid the interstate was smooth everwhere you go in nashville potholes and our roads are not wide enough for the thousands of people moving here monthly I am looking at this city for my retirement I can buy a home for alot less in amarillo than nashville and have plenty left over nashville hasn't much 2 offer me anymore was born here but if things go well I won't die here or ever come back I don't care for tn much anymore

  2. Born and raised, Amarillo Texas.
    I said it first, but we all should say it together.
    Let's give those folks in East Texas something to think about.

  3. What the fuck is this? Where is the downtown area? did it start the last 10 seconds I see freeway etc and industrial area. If this is down town Amarillo the city council should be shot and pissed on. They they demolish the historic main street?

  4. I got some funny funny instincts and feelings and I think I might have nailed who my daughters freaky weird boyfriend Nick is and see who some of her past freaky weird boyfriends have been and I also know who Dan in Salida work for I have a pretty good f**** idea I know all about Dan and Nancy there at Buffalo's Breath man that was all such a coincidence so was Big Bad Wolf so was Martin and Santa over there and Westminster God damn this couldn't have been a movie and then Al and his pussy is pussy truck driver friend oh yeah and Cliff cliff and then all them guys in Alamosa God damn I mean s*** and they're still hanging around pulling their b***** they said these f**** cops to do it and get it on tape now now they're trying to get me for taking up Asphalt taking up air in their face and they don't like to see me what else they don't like the signs oh and especially this these f**** morons this is already been to the Supreme Court just because I have Colorado tags you can't come up and f*** with me pegs and idiots what the f*** kind of Nazi place is California anyway I've have four or five people make assumptions like that and be total f**** idiots it's like they got hippie Nazis out here but Nanny state for sure it is surely The Nanny State you're taking up Asphalt you're taking up our desert you're listening to our Birds b** your guitar face you're using our color bandana b** you're using our language b** what the f*** b** you even write and call yourself names that we call you when we're trying to hurt your little teeny feelings b** f*** you are so in our face we have got to get you out of here anyway possible especially by getting that God damn rig you've got we want that so goddamn bad we're f**** drooly and clawing where zombies

  5. I literally got escorted out of Amarillo I found my horse sassy shot with a slug out at wtsu Equestrian Center when I was getting it ready for the Bob Wills parade after I filed suit and or One unemployment off of the Potter County Sheriff's Department for a hostile work environment and the hostile work environment was just a tiny tiny tip of the iceberg of the can of worms I was about to open up in that county of the goddamn corruption there it's a f**** hell hole just like that County over into you that was a God damn corrupt racist hell hole over there Jimmy Dean's Place yeah that got it cost that County a shitload of money and they didn't want that to happen in Potter County so they covered that's it all up at the expense of me my horse my family my husband my kids several cars just everything in there still f**** trying stick that f**** dick in my mouth I don't f**** think so b**

  6. Jason Aldean sure nailed Amarillo so did Kinky Friedman with a**** from El Paso and so did T Boone Pickens when he said it was a giant truck stop so did Stanley Marsh in every way Stanley Marsh was the coolest person that ever lived in that town in that area yay was he was a drunk and a pervert but so is everybody else there

  7. My first impression of Amarillo was ; it was the worst place I ever saw. The problem was I drove north into the wasteland and that is what formed my hasty opinion.. My last trip through there was from the west through farmland and I was shocked at how nice it seemed.

  8. Here's some other things I want to add to my comment. Also the narrow-minded people here need to get it together. Amaryllis never going to progressed any more than it has. It should we get a mayor and a city council and a economic Development Corporation here this city is going to go nowhere. I'll give you some examples of how this City Blues some things. Back in the 80s Amarillo Texas could have had the Walmart Distribution Center but because they would not give Walmart the incentives they wanted to move here Plainview Texas got it because they work with Walmart. We could have had the Toyota plant here again the city commission would not work with Toyota and the Toyota plant went to San Antonio. We could have had an automotive parts plant your that made Automotive Parts again the Amarillo city Commission reneged on that deal too. Can we get some people in the city commission and the mayor's office this town will not progress it will stay the same for another 10 years. It will not grow . Just because you build you houses and your apartment complexes that you can fill up doesn't mean the city is going to grow. All this takes some common sense. When all we have here a Owens Corning plant and Affiliated Food Warehouse and Asarco and Xcel Energy plant Tyson's beef plant the pantex plant which has the most people that's government. And here's the deal the government can decide to do that any day they want. Nothing is set in stone. The other big employer here is TDCJ the Prison Complex we have a cheese plant. But not much of anything else we have some kind of a wind energy plant now here also. But nothing big like the Toyota plant are the Walmart Distribution Center or even the auto plant. Which would have been employed a lot of Amarillo people. But when you have people that do not want progress you have a city that will go nowhere.

  9. They are trying to revitalize Downtown Amarillo. Downtown Amarillo will never be the same as it was is the 70s and 80s. When they built Westgate Mall they killed downtown. yeah you see a lot of historic buildings that you're trying to put cafes restaurants and bars in. And this is what this town thinks it's progress. If they really wanted to bring downtown back they should brought back businesses back downtown instead of making Apartments Downtown that are charging too much to live in. Nobody's going give$600 to $1,000 a month to live in an apartment downtown. But are City Council and our mayor have some good pipe dreams. Just like the baseball field that were building downtown that's going to go nowhere. We can't even fill the Civic Center up for a concert now because we charge too high for a City this size. We're not Dallas or Los Angeles we are Amarillo Texas. Very few professional musicians a professional shows coming here anymore. Because they don't want to come here because the city Commission and the mayor. And the first I've got running the Civic Center doesn't have sense at all. I remember in the 70s where you have a concert down every week we live right wheat either have a rock and roll concert are a country and western concert or some other professional people coming in here and entertaining us. We don't even get that now. Lubbock Texas gets all of the big entertainment we get very little here now.

  10. Fun fact a man that had a couple acres of land here, let the homeless people that the city kicked out of downtown sleep at the end of his lot. The city responded by passing a law that says it's illegal to live in a temporary shelter for more than 3 days, even if you own the land that the shelter is on

  11. So many of the business buildings in this video are vacant and threatened for demolition. The downtown is not what it used to be, even though every decade there is an initiative to "revive" it. Like many downtowns in America, Amarillo's is struggling and cannot compete with the strip malls, newer developments in the suburbs, and the simple fact that people just don't care about downtown areas. It's hard to refurbish a business area, like a downtown, once it has become a parking lot.

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