Dungeon Rock – Pirate Cave in Boston , Massachusetts

Dungeon Rock - Pirate Cave in Boston , Massachusetts

Oh and importantly on each day in Lawrence right now we are in Lynn Massachusetts and behind me is the entrance to dungeon Rock the story for this place starts somewhere in between the 1650s and 1660s a pirate named Thomas veal is said to have buried his treasure up in Dungeon Rock Thomas veal was living inside dungeon rock with his treasure when an earthquake happened sealing him and his treasure inside the cave forever almost 200 years later in 1850 to a man named haraam marble believed that the ghost of Thomas veal came to him and told him to go dig for the treasure at Dungeon Rock marble purchased all this land around the rock and began to dig for the treasure haraam and his son Edwin began digging around the area until haraam died in 1868 followed by Edwin and 1880 Edwin is actually buried here at the rock and this pink stone marks his grave now it's our turn to go see if we could find the treasure of Thomas veal so here is the entrance to dungeon Roth its shut by this steel door right here but today it's open this entrance it's quite creepy let's go in and check it out here we go going down into dungeon Rock these treacherous stairs right here it's extremely slippery and also very wet in here Wow this is crazy let's go deeper and deeper into bedrock it is really holding here the only light in this timer right now is the flashlights and the LED on my camera it is pitch-black and we are in the middle of an old pirate tunnel an old pirate cave this really feels like the real-life cave from Pirates of the Caribbean you can hear the echo of my voice hold on there's something I've always wanted to do dead men tell no tales just like in the ride yo ho yo ho a pirate's life for me this is so cool listen it's just a Disneyland ride we're not mocking the ghost we fully believe in pirates and in pirate ghosts we believe in pirates yes and to believe you're pirates let's go down further into the cave holder's right here tight squeeze whoa we just hit a water area all of that is water damn I don't know how deep it is there I keep going I don't want to get completely soaked though if I knew how deep that was I'd go right through there what if the treasure is down in there if I was a treasure that's where I hide okay is that the bottom like is that the roof shining down right there on the water I think so yeah or is that what deep it is yeah it definitely is I don't know how deep that is where I'd go through well there's only one way to find out right there just no support oh man this is deep I can tell just by looking at it see the flexure they want to see how far down I was a treasurer that's where I hide looks like we're not getting through our adventure into Dungeon Rock ends right here all behind us is water and it's not if we can swim through it it's pretty disgusting and I don't have the proper equipment to go swimming right now I have a backpack I have all the camera gear I guess this is why no one's found the treasure because it's all water right there there's no way we're getting through that I guess we're just two more people failed to find the treasure of Thomasville this is the treacherous area where I split me before it's crazy how dark it is and how silent it is all that there is is the echo of our own voices and the drop up to the water that's a stairway to get out on back up thank you so much for joining us as we checked out dungeon Rock if you liked this video make sure to hit the thumbs up button and if you want your very own dungeon Rock t-shirt click right up here and go get yourself a dungeon Rock t-shirt and don't forget to subscribe down below for more adventures I gotta walk in the story for the fuck the story for this place starts all the way back in sick fuck the history for this plate state fuck a pirate named Thomas veal fuck what did he do a pirate named Thomas veal is said to have buried his treasure up in a cave up on fucking shit fuck the story for this place goes all the way back to the 1650s to the 1660s somewhere in between that area under that again edwin is actually buried here at the rock and this pink gravestone marks his fucking shit fuck edwin is actually buried here at the rock and this when edwin died his last wish was to be buried here at the rock because he wanted to be with the treasure that he spent his life searching for but we believe that this is actually the grave of edwin marble because it set a pink rock marked his grave and that rock is sort of pinkish so we're not a hundred percent positive this is his grave but we are not sure he did get moved his body did get moved because people were messing with his grave and it looks like a body could have fit right in here so logically it makes sense and that's pretty much the only pinkish colored rock around this area so i'm gonna take a wild guess and say that this is edwin marbles grave so here it is dungeon rock this place really is cool all these little creepy corridors right here this kind of reminds me of King Philip's cave which went to explore a little while ago but I just love the way this looks let's go in and check it out no pirate treasure I was hoping for a Goonies adventure he's never seen the Goonies that's so creepy cold it is down here this is definitely where they were to stop dating what could be over there I don't know how deep that is I can't tell if that I guess we're just another couple of failed explorers how do I say that around the other side of Dungeon Rock there's this little rock formation maybe that's another entrance into the cave let's go up there and check it out nope just another little cave formation but not an entrance with any treasure unfortunately thank you so much for joining us as we checked out Dungeon Rock unfortunately shit thank you so much for joining us as we went and checked out Dungeon Rock unfortunately we didn't find any fucking shit

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Dungeon Rock – Pirate Cave in Lynn , Massachusetts

The story of Dungeon Rock begins all the way back in the 1650s – 1660s when the pirate Thomas Veal came to Boston and hid his treasure inside Dungeon Rock. Veal was living inside Dungeon Rock when an earthquake happened causing Veal and his treasure to be sealed inside the rock forever.

In 1852 a man named Hiram Marble believed the ghost of Thomas Veal came to him and told him to dig for his hidden treasure at Dungeon Rock in Lynn. Marble and his family purchased the land around the rock and began to dig for the treasure. Hiram died in 1868 before he found the treasure. His son Edwin carried on his father’s dream until he passed away in 1880, also failing to find the treasure. Edwin Marble’s dying wish was to be buried at the rock and his grave stone can still be seen today.

Still to this day, no one has found the treasure at Dungeon Rock…


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34 Replies to “Dungeon Rock – Pirate Cave in Boston , Massachusetts”

  1. Back in the 60's my brother and friends use to visit Dungeon Rock alot and had it all paced off through the many turns it toke from the stairs on down until it ended in water . We'd go down and wait till someone else would start to enter . at near the end . turn off our lights . Then as they got closer my brother or one of would in a deep echoing voice moan " leave my cave and treasure alone "

  2. I met a guy tonight that said he swam through it with friends as a kid..that they held their breath and swam under feeling the ceiling as they went..I said u didnt worry youd run out of air..he said we were dumb kids but it opened on other side apparently. I wouldn't try it..

  3. Great video Ben. Just been reading a little more into this place, the story behind it is so strange. The fact a spiritualist bought the land and hoped to prove his beliefs were true by finding the treasure and selling bonds to fund the exploration, the fact his son also carried on till his death is kind of sad. I read the tunnel goes in different directions because they believed the spirits kept telling them different directions to tunnel, strange what people believe in!

    Hope and Tresh are keeping well. I started to catch up on the live stream earlier, will catch some more tomorrow.

  4. Just watching this video of the cave makes me want to watch some pirate themed movies like The Goonies or The Pirates Of The Caribbean. I'm actually new to watching the Caribbean movies, I've only watched the first two so far. That cave does look amazing. I wish I could go there.

    Also, the "Warning: Caca Mouth Ahead", I laughed my ass off to that. 🙂

  5. Great Video! I only made it to where the board was, I thought I would probably slide off the end, so I turned around. Guess I did not make the final cut! lol. Glad you posted this one! It sure is fun there.

  6. What an awesome adventure! i had no clue this place even existed or the back story! I would almost bet you that if you had a board or even a submersible camera we could get a better idea of what is down there! I remember my uncles telling me about earthquakes in the area and that the Northeast sits on a huge fault line.

    OK…. you are fueling my interest to make a visit to get back to Mass!

  7. So loving this!! Literally had a huge smile when you sang “Yo Ho Yo Ho the pirate’s life for me!”

    Also noticed you had faint music playing in the background this time. Very nice touch!

  8. "Unfortunately we didn't find any f**king shit"…lol THAT being said….HOW COOL! Very creepy and Tresh said exactly what I was thinking….what if your flashlight crapped out on you? Do you bring spares? Loved your Pirates of the Caribbean vocals! Good job!

  9. This is my second favorite video of yours! (First being the abandoned military base with nacho). I loved all the rocks in the cave! I’m surprised there were no clint eastwoods there! Surprised how cold it was in there but then again I’ve never been in a cave like that. I think I would of gotten claustrophobic in there! 😂. So I don’t think I will be exploring caves. Lol. Funny the part you said oh this is slippery and not to fall and seconds you slid and then replayed back in slow motion! 🤣. And of course the part you did Dead Man Tell No Tales! I would of totally done the same! Lol. In the end, was that someone else coming out of the cave? The person you said they probably haven’t even seen the goonies! Lol. And thanks for the WARNING for caca mouth but we wouldn’t of expected anything different from you! Lol😂😂😂. Love this video! Thanks to the #garneygang for doing what you are doing and sharing with the rest of us! #club57

  10. I have friends that have been there. Looks creepy but pretty cool looks wet. Best not to go there in the winter it looks like. Hiram Marble is now buried in Bay Path cemetery in Charlton, MA not far from where I live.

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