England Vacation 2019 June 9 Part I Visiting Kew Gardens & Gift Shops

England Vacation 2019 June 9 Part I Visiting Kew Gardens & Gift Shops

it is Sunday morning and it's a little lighter than we sometimes get out but we're headed for Westminster station because we're going to go to Kew Gardens we've never been there before and it is what the name says it's a garden and it's it's huge and it's beautiful and you do have to pay to get in but I'll tell you about all that will we get there and show you everything that they have to offer because I'm really looking forward to it so if you watch the last video you'll have seen this coming back from this way and I don't know how much of it I showed but it was so packed that you could hardly make your way through here at all it was very very packed so today it is I just looked it's a nine o'clock on Sunday morning and there will be even fewer people out if you get out earlier but I wanted to show you at nine o'clock on a Sunday [Applause] [Applause] so we got off at Kew Gardens this is a really nice area yeah this is this has a very small-town feel to it when you first got off the train anyway there's little shops everywhere and it's just yeah it feels like a small town we're gonna get here right on time well yep we didn't set an alarm or anything this morning but they open at 10:00 and we're going to be getting there right about when they open so it will end up being perfect [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] we just paid for our tickets to get in it was thirty-six pounds yeah it's 18 apiece and that's well yeah you can donate like a pound or two you can donate we did not donate so we just paid the regular ticket price so it was thirty-six pounds to get in and this is the first thing we're saying which is beautiful look how tall this box glove is yeah it has bees all in it but I mean it's taller than me it's all over me and this is what I'm hoping what I bought at home I have high hopes for mine at home but I don't know that it'll ever happen yeah they come back that's why I was willing to pay so much for it [Applause] [Applause] robes and Charles this is a little gift shop they have and you can actually buy these like this one is over almost 7,000 pounds yeah we're not going to go near that because it's about a plane and I'm not gonna buy anything here because they have another gift shop and I'll probably get something that the other one but I don't want to carry it around with me all day so I'm just gonna oh I hope we get to see that so I'm not gonna get anything here on this cotton ball here and that's what we call lambs there so when I tell you all I'm looking for lamb's ear cutting ball it's the exact same thing you look at us and it's my mom used to love to rub it because it feels like we cui Dozier huh she's like wait I was here feels like the Lambs there yeah but it does feel like a lamb's ear that's why they call it that so I just want to show you this is how big qrq Gardens is and it is absolutely huge so we came in the Victoria Gay and we walked all this way we walked right straight there yeah and I mean we walked quite a ways and we haven't even hit a third of it we were quite cut across and go to that and then come back up that's fine we'll do that noticed then we don't have to cut back over here and yeah [Applause] [Applause] this reminds me of like when in Victoria like when they talk about that Crystal Palace where they had like the World's Fair but yeah that's yeah but it will and she said they had to make it to where it all came down because they could only have yeah so it makes you but it was a huge success remember that one like I said it made like millions of dollars in art in our time but it makes you wonder if they if people now regret making them take that down well they moved somewhere but they didn't preserve it so it's like they caught on fire remember yeah they they moved it somewhere and it stayed up until I think like the thirties oh no no I think it was the 30s and it caught fire Davy's exploration house yeah this is Queen Charlotte's cottage this is called a log trail and so it looks like a place that kids like primarily climb over the logs run around oh those are cute we found the geese in a pond and there's lots of poo so you have to be very careful where you step they must throw something out here for them to eat though because the geese it's a cemetery you don't ever see them picking at the ground like that so what does this God give treetop something treat help walk away and I'm assuming you get a good view of the park up here welcome to Xstrata estrada treetop walk way calm 18 meters into the air for a bird's-eye view of the treetops it closes one hour and 15 minutes before the advertised gardens closing town keep it's this place keep a left so I'm just gonna keep this going and we're keeping to the left and I'm going to show you how many steps this is oh yeah I think it's too happy your game I'll go do you want me to go short right down yeah there she is right there she's there in the wrong direction now panic I want to show you how could have totally done this but I didn't realize until we started going up that you can see through it if it had been solid I would have totally been able to do it but there's no way I could have done it I mean you can see right through it and I just it just does something to my head so I just can't do it so what did you think of it whose name I took panoramic pictures I thought oh did you so where are we going now 18:46 horses help move this tree 20 metres to a live use down to the river date planted 1773 we think the one in Lexington cemetery is old this is a badger hole yeah I just want to show it to you all because we don't see those all the time no yeah we think overalls are by you know gopher holes yeah badger hole that's bigger yeah this how many anchors did you say it was it's okay I'm admiring the flowers why you look yeah so that is HUGE we did not in much much longer if you go all the ways we win [Applause] these are rhododendrons how they give it to earth that's nice so you can sit in the car you have to pay extra for that I saw that and I wondered what that was we're trying to find the children's section I just want to see what it looks like what they have available for candidates and I figured you all would be interested in that – I'm not gonna actually go in the children's part I'm just gonna show you all because there's all kinds of stuff to do but it is so packed that I thought I feel like if I'll go in there walk through there with a camera then it'll just look weird because I because I don't have a kid you know we don't have a kid and you don't want people to think that you're filming their kid or something so it looks like there's plenty to do though [Applause] it's flickering time – vibrations cause with the bees communicating each other it does this is the Prince of Wales conservatory and Kevin just said it looks like something in Epcot and it does it really it it definitely looks like a section of Epcot right right okay they just must have not have the insects like we do kevin was talking about how with all this sitting water like that's fun it's moving when are you gonna it's sitting water so Kevin was saying in the other day that he you know if this was around our area at least in the United States we would have a mosquito problem we would have mosquitoes horribly but you really don't see them here yeah dragon boss but that they're not going to bite you so so we're gonna go in this building and see what it's all about yeah it is it sure is look like it'd be solid there are a lot of dragon boss [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] those took something from Avatar the colors the blue and the purple it is in with water probably intentionally the plants are made to hold more like that I don't know because this has water in it tentacle to spike that's how they start yeah then they bloom after that but you see each layer of the flower has water [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] that was the princess of oils conservatory I think I said Prince I met princess and what does this appear there have been planes going by all day long all day they have not stopped gone by this area yeah that's the princess of oils conservatory that we just came out of it goes with really good cool it does it really it really does this is the color I would like the propel pink I love the pale pink ones the big you look like big pom-poms they're beautiful paper pump do I put a baby right here on my jacket yeah I'm just hoping it off I'm hoping it'll go away this is called the Palm House and yeah we're guessing it's gonna have some palm leaves in their palm trees so so one of our fool this is the waterlily house so they have a big cafe in here where you can come in and get you a sandwich or something to eat and then they have the shop which is very large it's much much larger than I expected it to be lots and lots of books greeting cards let's say there's the kids section this 17 sometimes oh there's sunflower seeds please change : right oh that's name look squash pea those are Nate those are mr. man seeds who knew they had those I wouldn't have even done they had those so they have some marmalade Seville orange marmalade that strawberry lemon oh those are pretty these are actually chocolate bars botanical orange dark chocolate chili dirt chocolate Bergamo orange and geranium Oh they have fudge mouths you know they have lots of glad it's over there yeah they've some really really nice things yeah okay are you ready yes I didn't see any ornaments like Christmas ornaments

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In this video, we visit Kew Gardens and gift shop.

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19 Replies to “England Vacation 2019 June 9 Part I Visiting Kew Gardens & Gift Shops”

  1. Hi Folks. This place is AMAZING!!!! I had to watch this in two parts. There was just so much to see!! Love the gift shop too!! LOL, at the people just laying out on the grass! How long were you there? It must of been an all day event. I would of been exhausted after seeing all that! Never heard or seen anything like this place in my life! Great photographs at the end. Thank You Tami so much for capturing this all on video. Sending Cali love. XOXO 🙂

  2. After the 1851 Great Exhibition, the Crystal Palace was moved to Sydenham in south London where it was rebuilt even bigger than before. In 1936 it burnt down. It's often said that even it hadn't burnt down it would of almost certainly been destroyed by bombing in WW2. It's loss was a cultural disaster and it would be one of the wonders of the world if it existed today.

  3. The Chuhuley exhibit was in Dallas The Dallas Arboretum . It was incredible. If you ever want to see a beautiful place in Dallas …go to The Arboretum.. especially in October. It's full of pumpkins and fantastic displays

  4. for information only foxglove isn't a perennial it's a bi-annual it's takes two years to grow make sure you shake the seed pods when the seed is set after couple of years the cycle is set and you have foxglove every year

  5. Hi Tami and Kevin it's funny I thought weather would be so different that they would have plant so different than what we have and to my surprise they have same as us I never been there so I didn't know

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