Ep. 98: Canyonlands National Park & Moab | RV travel Utah camping

Ep. 98: Canyonlands National Park & Moab | RV travel Utah camping

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Canyonlands encompasses over 337,000 acres of high Eastern Utah desert including colorful canyons, mesas, buttes, fins, arches, and spires. Water and gravity have been the primary architects of this land, sculpting layers of rock into the rugged landscape you see today.

While boondocking on state land for free camping along Dalton Wells Road, we explore Gemini Bridges, travel Island in the Sky, descend the precipitous Shafer Trail, visit Thelma & Louise Point, check out the climbers along Wall Street, grab a burger at Milt’s Stop ‘n Eat, and preview the BLM campgrounds along the Colorado Riverway Recreation Area.

Filmed April 23-26, 2019.


* Dalton Wells Road camping
* Canyonlands National Park
* Milt’s Stop ‘n Eat
* Colorado Riverway map


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* Additional photography by Marc Chrusch


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48 Replies to “Ep. 98: Canyonlands National Park & Moab | RV travel Utah camping”

  1. Hey Marc, i regularity watch about 50 rv/camping channels like yours. I only have the bell icon selected for two channels, you and fate unbound. I think you should finish one of your videos with an explanation of why people should “ring your bell”, and what they should expect when they do. You have a unique channel that provides excellent content and asks very little in return. Maybe something like “ring the notification bell to Hike to your next Grand Adventure”. Always looking forward to the next new video as i make my way through all your content. Keep it coming Marc.

  2. I’m glad that I found your videos. I’m planning a trip to Utah to visit Arches NP and Canyonlands NP in a rental van in September. Your info on a Japanese Internment Camp is also interesting. As a Japanese American, I love to visit and stay there. Thank you for your great videos.

  3. Great episode. We love Moab !! Awesome place. My last trip 3 years ago stayed at Dead Horse Point SP, and the Needles Outpost. Been looking forward to your white rim road trip, believe you mentioned it about a month ago. So the my question is did you take your Tundra down Shafer canyon ? I also have a Tundra, so was wondering. Mine is a crewmax. Didn't look like there was much room for oncoming traffic, the pull offs no so big, a bit harrowing.

  4. Can’t really get my head around how big canyon lands is just unbelievable and more so unmissable, love the view points and the Schaffer road I would really enjoy that
    Great film well done Marc

  5. I just started watching your YouTube channel. I follow many, mainly full time RV’ers, but your channel is great. More of a tourism, so to speak, view of the areas in which you visit. Keep up the good work. I’m hooked. I’m from Pennsylvania and love the west. Been to many of the places you show on YouTube.

  6. My father hauled tankers of water to the uranium mines in the fifties over the shaffer trail. Imagine driving a tanker truck over that road! He said that many of the switchbacks required two or three maneuvers to negotiate.

  7. Just started checking your channel out! Grand stuff!! On a weird note, my wife and I simultaneously said, “those chairs!” on an earlier video. Lol. So, like, where’d you get those chairs? Edit: Just saw the link in your description! That’s thorough as all get out!!!

  8. Very informative. I didn’t know about this area and I tried to listen intently but the music was very distracting. I think natural sounds of some kind would be really nice. But I’m probably the only one that thinks that 🙂 Your videos just keep getting better and better 🙂 you’re really good at this Marc. The national parks system should put you on their payroll! 🙂

  9. That is one hell of a video. Very beautiful and professionally done as usual. The commentary is over the top. Thank you. Hope some day I can go camping with you and your family. Living the dream.

  10. Thanks for all the great and useful info! We are going to visit this area this summer with our trailer and planning on boondocking. Do you ever worry about your trailer while out exploring?

  11. Great video, but to truly enjoy this country you have to do it on foot or serious 4WD into the back country. White Rim trail is pretty milk toast stuff when compared to other 4WD trails in the area. Nonetheless, hard to pull an RV with an off road vehicle, unless you add a second trailer with the 4WD. Keep up the Grand Adventure and be safe!

  12. We made it to Zion, Escalante, Calf Creek, Bryce, Capitol Reef. We need to return and pick up a few more lookey sees. Thanks again Mark. You made it easy to want that return trip.

  13. Great video and love the geologic and topographic descriptions and information. I grew up in southern Nevada and spent a lot of time in the southern area of Utah, St. George to Cedar City, Zion, Bryce Canyon and the north rim of the Grand Canyon but never made it to Canyon lands and Moab. Just put it on my must do next fall. Well done and thank You!

  14. Looking forward to this one! I recognize Shafer Canyon Road in the video thumbnail. I really wanted to drive down there but didn't have enough gas to go the entire route. Next time I'll go with a full tank.

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