50 Replies to “Family Guy: Bridgeport Connecticut”

  1. I am from new Haven Connecticut and Bridgeport is the worst city in Connecticut look it up mate, Bridgeport is Connecticut's Detroit because there are sports teams they have a hockey team and a baseball team WWE events show up all the time Monster jam events, and horrible crime, so don't visit unless you are there to watch a sports game at the ball park or the Webster bank arena.

  2. This is sadly accurate, except for the accent!

    I went to school there and we had a ghetto, smoky, candy cane looking factory near our beach with abandoned buildings 🏚 😂😂 🏭 .

  3. To all the 312 people who liked it. Fuck you🖕🖕. Plus I'm from Connecticut and that is just not fucking cool. I live only 15 minutes away from Bridgeport and that's so not cool what Family Guy did.

  4. “Dear family guy jerks, I want you to make some changes to the show. Stop the meg abuse, get rid of Connie, her stuck-up friends and Herbert, make Lois a caring mother like she was in the first season, make stewie straight, stop jokes that make fun of my favorite celebrities and pop culture, and make that Joyce lady nice, not mean like Diane was. So eat my ** you ********!
    P.S., what’s up with tom Tucker’s upside down-headed son? Was it a birth defect or something? Did he ever got his head right side up? Please answer that question.”
    That’s my letter if I made an animated cameo on the show.
    (No offense to people who watch this show)

  5. Not a Bridgeport accent BTW. Bridgeport Ct is closer to New York, If you'd drive through there it looks similar to a rough part of Queens or Roosevelt LI, . And about the Gas Pumps, The gas pumps look they aren't working but there tons that work. I don't know why a lot of gas station pumps are in bad shape in Bridgeport but a lot of them that look broken actually work. You'll also notice that a lot of gas stations are at Auto Salvage yards and Chop Shops, those pumps also do work.

  6. Ok I actually kinda like how ghetto Bridgeport is, like I wouldn't want to live there because of shootings, stabbings, fights and all that, but otherwise I think it has character. Just me …… ok

  7. i loved in bridgeport 4 years they werr the worst fucking days in my life i moved to michigan my life changed 360 degrees i wonder what people doing in a shit hole making 9$ an hour and paying 1100$ for rent????????

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