Fifer Orchard in Wyoming, Delaware

Fifer Orchard in Wyoming, Delaware

you they call me and a $5 movie blueberry it's that don't turn my office hey guys so we just got done at Pfeiffer orchards here in Dover is it in there cost you a dollar a blueberry to pickle its in where Wyoming Delaware and dollar a bluebird no it was actually how much was it Natalie you got the blueberries five dollars for court and you picked your own blueberries or you could get a bucket for like 15 $14 less you could get ones that they already picked yeah but we wanted to pickle we've never picked I've never picked blueberries tension anything I say I said it was cheaper to buy the ones they picked and you agree oh sorry I don't but you all know that um but anyways so we picked blueberries and we got lots of yummy fruit we got some peaches and some cantaloupe and a watermelon and some pickles that are amazing and bacon and chocolate milk their milk is a dollar but you have to pay the glass rental how much was it close to running out a day typically it was almost $4 1/2 gallon really see it was still a good price like a dollar 75 for milk but um and this is fresh milk but we got chocolate milk so apparently they have chocolate cows who do I'm excited but anyways um we got done with that and D got to try blueberry for the first time so that was fun and now we're just going to see what else we can find to do down in Delaware but um you know when you're not at home and you're not on the homestead it's really cool to be able to go out and find places like that that you can actually get your fresh vegetables and or even people that aren't able to have Gardens they can go to places like that and get good fruits and vegetables so we thought it was pretty cool guys I hope you enjoyed our adventure today we have many more to come so hi Natalie Ashton and I'm sustaining the baby soon yeah well Carlos is staying at home with his son so that he can take a nap because he's kind of tired he got lolli and pops up this morning at 3:45 in the morning but anyways guys so we'll see you guys on the next one and y'all have a great day bye

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We got to pick blue berries!

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