Free Campsites – Hugo Lake Oklahoma

Free Campsites - Hugo Lake Oklahoma

good morning guys I am at Hugo Lake in Oklahoma and it just finished raining and a drop just fell on my camera anyway just staying in one night or we did stay one night and we're on our way to New Mexico and we had nice nice rain this morning it was just wonderful look at this Lake this is a Corps of Engineers campground and they have two prices this is 30 amp and it's $18 a night and then they have another part that is 50 amp and it's like on the lake if it doesn't really have any trees so this is $18 a night and over there it was $22 a night and I did find this campsite on free campsite stock net and they did mention on the website that in the offseason that it is free camping but I'm gonna disagree and show you why here in a minute it's about 78 degrees right now I think not too bad a little humid beautiful there's two campers one right there and one over there and there's the travel trailer and I got me a kayak I don't think I've mentioned that yet on the channel I stayed at two lakes now and I haven't put it in the water we got here kinda late yesterday and after getting set up I just didn't feel like trying to figure out where to put my kayak in because I can't get to the water from here beautiful place I will stay here again no doubt okay this is why I would say that camping in the off season is not free however they people have scratched out the the price but this doesn't say just in the off season or during the busy season so you're to get a envelope out of here picture check and then deposit it here so anytime you see a self registration that doesn't mean that it's free so I just want to put that out there and I will post this on the free campsites net so people don't come here and think that you don't have to pay because clearly you do and I knew that here they have the price that you can read 18 and 22 I just want to post that and I'm gonna update or make a post on free camp sites dotnet so people are aware that this is not a camp site that is free just in the off season it looks to me like it's not free at all but it's a beautiful place I have a water and electric and then they have a dump station and I'm gonna go hook up the travel trailer and maybe one down the road headed towards New Mexico and I didn't mention but I wanted to but they do have the it looks like a brand new vault toilet the sites are maintained really well so very happy staying here it was a great great place let me just say that this is not the safest thing to do I used to have a socket that just spit on my drill but it went with my last travel trailer so I will be getting that but for now the beauty these days and hooking it but travel trailer is that you have a backup camera so this is so much easier than used to be in the day now I do like to turn off my lines here so I can just see the ball these are a new type of sway bars that I'm not familiar with but after watching YouTube here's just extend it all the way it until this reaches up there which okay it is all hooked up and checked chains or connected lights are connected as you can tell lights are on and all I need to do on the outside is unhook the water look at this the only thing is the water over there I had to use two water hoses to hook it up anyway that's why pretty much need to water hoses do and to electrical cords because you never know where they put these utilities in these parks look over here to the right there's a huge bull on the side of the few that's me

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Free Campsites – Hugo Lake Oklahoma. Using the website I found the Hugo Lake campground in Oklahoma.

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19 Replies to “Free Campsites – Hugo Lake Oklahoma”

  1. we camped a couple nights at rattan landing and it was free w/ electric and water. it’s on the kiamichi river but the sign says hugo resevior. we were told we could stay 28 days and then had to leave for 2 days i think. i put some photo’s on campendium. it has 13 pull throughs and back in sites. i couldn’t find it on google maps, though.

  2. Just to clarify, many of these C.O.E. campsites ARE free in the OFF-SEASON. The off-season is from something like December 1st until March 30 (something like that). They shut off the electricity and water and don't charge for camping. If you were there and it was 78 degrees it probably wasn't the off-season.

  3. Thanks for updating the website! Very helpful! I am super excited about your kayak! So glad you girls are having safe travels. Looks like you are adjusting to being in the larger rig! See you soon!

  4. 1st lol..Let me know what kayak you have. Wanting to get one..leaning towards fishin kayak.Posted my first video ever on my channel. It hard to do. Got to learn to I had a Keystone just like yours. It just got to big for this old lady and some parks. Love the outdoor kitchen .

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