Gervasi Vineyard, a Tuscan retreat in Canton, Ohio

Gervasi Vineyard, a Tuscan retreat in Canton, Ohio

hey guys Mike with Mike's road trip here in Canton Ohio which is located in the northeastern part of the state now can't his most popular attraction might be the NFL's Hall of Fame however I've discovered a destination that's a little bit more reflective of the refined side of Canton I'm here at the Gervasi vineyard which offers a luxurious and uncompromising lodging experience there are six villas here on the property and each comprised four private suites with a variety of configurations to choose from now you'll soon learn that Jersey's a pretty special place so come along with me let me show you around in the middle of each villa is this lovely lobby in which guests can share and enjoy during their visit there are also some refreshments to enjoy this is the room I stayed in a king luxury suite which makes you feel like you've stepped right into a tuscan oasis this is a two-level king suite that offers a bit more room and there's also a double queen configuration each have luxurious bathrooms fireplaces and original artwork that adorn the walls the grande villa is an elegant venue that offers space for conferences weddings and events Gervasi is built on the site of an old sawmill so in an effort to embrace that heritage they integrated this waterwheel and renovated the old barn into an upscale authentic Italian bistro of course no winery experience would be complete without a flight and a tour as the Sun rises on a beautiful day and you drag yourself out of bed you'll have a wine box full of freshly baked breakfast goodness waiting for you there are a number of on-site activities to take in or you can just relax on the Piazza and have a heart fired pizza while enjoying the view if shopping is your thing head over to the marketplace where you'll find an array of locally made and specially selected goods and there's no question but Gervasi would be a spectacular place to say I do if you're looking for a tuscan getaway but you don't want to go all the way to Italy then you have to come to Canton Ohio and visit the Gervasi Vineyard I have no doubt you'll enjoy it as much as I have so until next time I'll see on the road you

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Gervasi Vineyard is the very embodiment of Tuscan, Italy. There are six villas on site, each with four luxurious suites. The service, restaurant and amenities are top-notch. For pics and more info, visit:

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