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good morning ladies good morning how does it feel to be in Hot Springs Arkansas but how have you felt the experience has been so far though just the drive up here and feeling the atmosphere yes it is different this morning we're gonna head into Hot Springs the history of Hot Springs is pretty cool this is where the Native American Indians used to come from afar to lie in the pools that were bubbling up from the earth because they're all hot and they climbed that there was a lot of healing energy slush power in them too now it's turned into this cool kind of iconic spot that's called the bathhouse row or something like that where like all of these bath houses have formed in the National Park there and they draw water from underground and then they make little pools out of it you can go in and spend eighty dollars and get sit in the bath and get a massage and so this his birthday in four days so she's gonna have a bit of a look and see if it might be something she wants to do for a birthday wouldn't that be cool to lay in a hot spring organically fresh mineral water from the ground like the American Indians did here's this chap up here looking at every little pond pretty huh oh it is like fiery hot believe there's like if they say to that 140 degrees Celsius so hot that is just coming straight from the ground believe it it's mental can't believe that so these are the bathhouses that kind of line the National Park here and it's so quirky I can't believe after filling that water you think in your head it's not going to be that hot and that is ferocious and it's just bubbling up out of the earth no wonder the Indians would have thought that it was like healing water it's so different this place is like tending to like a museum slash information center oh that feels like heaven they made a crazy amount of effort to utilize this hot water like they would but they is that that's definitely a form of torture then I like they had to like funnel all of the water like into this place the life using a Cassini the showers for baths this thing it's a steam I'm pretty sure they're torturing them it's a torture chamber it's just very quirky I'll give you that Wow is it is it really ya know it's just a made-up story dear Dollface ruins it's funny utilize though there's a hot spring material so good of course we're noise let go what's your thoughts the wrigley probably thinking this is wow this is crazy get me out of here we got a bit of a situation in this diner the guy behind us he ordered his meal with him I made it for him already but then he decided he didn't wanna she can't even say well you've avoided it or we made it so you gotta pay for it I'm not paying for it what are you gonna do a bit she's not so now we got ourselves a bit of a situation I don't have all we have to get it all right so this is a water fountain that they've made that has the water from the hot springs coming up that you can drink you can go inside and get little cups but she's wild the extra vitamins of life now she's got about a hundred extra vitamins and minerals in her from the hot bubbling brooks of the hwacha mountains what's the drink oh you did it anyway I know I know what I'm doing I know what I'm doing don't tell me what to do I know that would be alright here goes Maddie filling up his mineral rich water oh it's the million degrees we're not in cold Springs Arkansas all of their water bottles with boiling hot water drinking a hot water cup in the middle of the desert we're not in the desert well lyses just gone for a birthday present happy birthday Lizzy I hope it sucks you and enriches you and enlarges you in personality I've got the little munchkin what are we gonna do gonna go for a wonder or something or what do you want to do maybe I'll put you in the pram put some sunscreen on your body for you Grammy and let's just explore you want to just explore a little bit well you oh my gosh I think I found some people playing Pikachu it's finally happened they've taken over they were just running before you guys paying Pikachu disbanded behind all time young necessarily love weaving candies my sense is we want a variety

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