Haywood Mall Vlog · Exploring Greenvile South Carolina · Traveling Shopping in SC #haywoodmall

Haywood Mall Vlog · Exploring Greenvile South Carolina · Traveling Shopping in SC #haywoodmall

what is going on YouTube it's your favorite youtuber me and my kicks and this is my vlog of the Hayward mall located in Greenville South Carolina man stay tuned as always I want to thank you guys for watching this video today I really do appreciate it smash that like button if you like this video also comment down below if you've ever been to South Carolina Greenville South Carolina you ever been to this mall and also comment down below what's the best show you seen in this mall and we can chop it up in the comment section also if you aren't subscribed to the channel what are you doing man hit that subscribe button take nothing but a couple of seconds and you'll be notified or when I drop future videos the reason why I was in South Carolina was because I went to this conference located at Clemson University called the men of color summit and it was definitely a great conference had a lot of keynote speakers you know just really dropping jewels and I really am glad that I was able to attend this conference and I thought it was actually going to be at Clemson University but it wasn't it was like located in suburb outside of with Clemson is called Greenville South Carolina but even though the conference is not located near Clemson University I still was able to go ahead and check out everything and man they got one of the best campuses I've ever been to man like the stadium is just completely plush like the campus is like very nice and rich with history overall it was definitely a great time at Clemson and also at the men of color summit but anyways let's get into the vlog now this is the coldest part right here watch this just walk for it boom doors open sesame' for your boy me and my kicks at the Vance store and at the front of the door they got these different types of man's like got the little stripe right here and the vans logo up top I haven't seen these before and he's not bad though and I got these all-black highs and you know just the regular vans look line up I don't know who the artist this is but like he got a couple of vans he got some highs and he got some lows these has my bet and if you just see he got that a little like check reward I miss oh and on the black ones they got like a black checker for me so it's pretty decent these vans pretty decent right here I got like a corduroy like middle that's yellow got the regular suede told they also got it in the high as well just a pretty different vans old-school on the back say off the wall and they like kind of translates from what kind of transitions from a white and red white and black my school detail right there overall just not bad at all it made a David Bowie collection here's the has from it in my opinion I'm not really offended a blue collection this one decent I don't think they got any more they probably sold out but overall I'm not really a big fan of the blue a collection they really pushing out these seven twenties it's a white and pink version of it got like a light grey like violet version of it at this black with a little like iridescent upper and like the teal version and I got the bomb pop joint this is interesting pair that um nmds got like a gun back black checker black square right here and there deters put the gum bottle nice little decent contrasting color and then they got this pink one I like this um little square in the back it got the little tropical joint with the he's not bad at all and you got a nice like Valentine's Day joint red white with the paint straight up they got the game of thrones hear me roar joints up in here I haven't seen any of the man says that he shoes he saw that real quick and handy is okay I like the ones would like to drag in like multicolored toe in the front better I like tan pink and white colourway on any shoe but some reason it's throwing off on these Air Force wanted jesters like these are just regular for as long as these be so cold I usually don't do this but I need to go ahead and start vlogging what I'd be wearing to these models so I got this go get it money on clothing t-shirt they eat money shoes let me up imma put his a channel up here somewhere so definitely subscribe to him but it's like in black and black and royal blue then I got the Sharpie phone phone that you know the magic know some regular black pants but overall I think that's pretty decent also if you have been go ahead and check out money run clothing I'll put up their link above also I have that stuff in the description money wrong clothing it makes pretty nice clothing and they got it in like all colors like you can get a pink shirt or white shirt you can get the same design on any color shirt you want definitely check them out money Ron clothing this recent vote pecten I could release is pretty weird like they got a paper max with a little bit of vote in it dr. 720 they also got this 270 then they got this nike air max plus I don't know like the whole theme of this vote pad but some shoe will smack like these but Jesus may be smack and these just kind of leaked so they did a half right these MX ones just dropped on they got like white pink with a little bit of the lime green in it overall I'm not really a big fan of this colorway like they really need to like stop making so many colors to this but in an yeah I'm just not really feeling these at all they also made a match of Nike Air Max Plus same color with those uh max once these not bad I like these better than the ones but I still wouldn't buy these for retail retail 160 definitely one bodies that retailed oh they got the crimson tent moron sitting here it's probably like a size 12 there's like a big pretty big size like a return and they got these fours to sit on fours 160 that's not a bad sale price they got the Landau's for 150 they got a lot of sales going on these uh George shoes got these recent uh white and navy blue skin snakeskin leavens I'm not really a fan of these I like the white and pink ones way better got the Katie twelves in hand and hand I really like these shoes but I need a good colorway they're only good color that I seen is the ey BL joints limited 12 for dition all this nice nice little iteration in the back and where to say right here quiet axial Flywire it's the ladies be pretty comfortable just to walk around into I go to mpls LeBron six chains these not bad at all if I get these on nice hair I get these as you can see on the mid so it's like a paint splatter I like this color scheme on that uh I definitely get these on sale got these LeBron 16 lows like a army camel thing he's just trashing my fan I wouldn't get these at all these are some good prices on these teams that they got right here 99 bucks for the regular joints these pretty decent and in glad these are calling my name man I really want to get these but I'm not paying hundred for note when the shoes and something about to be around the corner this is no type of nmd they got going on with like the back that's like black and then I got the four color like the red I got it in the three different color ways it's not bad I wouldn't give them personally but I still like to cut away overall I need these shoes to go on sale man the new boundaries 9 9 7 HS I know the only 90 bucks but I need it for like 50 bro I get these instead a definitely a great shoe yet the 36 is in a San Francisco Giants colorways since they are the San Francisco warriors not really a big fan of this colorway I'm not really a big fan of the Sixers at all but this is a nice little chill colorway to popping up in Foot Locker and they look like they got some phones in the front cases you know it's kind of bad when I got these week shoes in the front cases I thought there was going to have a little bit of heat but they got these Nike here make 720s I like this color way better than the all-black points over already still kind of trash in my opinion but I take these over to all black pumps and then they got these like basketball 720 joints they okay I don't know why they gave you pink laces that's weird and got these farms I showed you earlier I don't know what color way this is around me like a pumpkin but hey you know if you collect phones you should definitely add this to the collection it checks all the boxes also I like that all like like bottle pretty decent it's a new color Air Force one they recently dropped got like that white with the orange hits on there it's not bad he's not bad at all I don't really collect Air Force Ones like I usually do but this is o3o fo r-the definitely copies no problem got the Crimson's here too I guess and men says these didn't really sell that good but the babe size is dough so it out like craze it's not a bad in them D colorway all black like a rare bottle it's not bad at all definitely something give a little kid or something to walk around there and he's like blocks is like a lighter black it kind of like offsets pretty decent this is cute colorway and uh making em a vapor whatever makes pluses for the girls or orange gradient all the way into pink that's pretty decent definitely a nice little summer shoe for the girls they got the UFO calories in the last case these just came out not a bad colorway but I'm not like too crazy over this color personally this is pretty weird uh colorway and these Nike fly posits like a nice little iridescent pretty decent apparently they put some Air Max 95 part of their boat pack first time seeing these he's okay I will put these over the vapor mage though also they like together a new version of the Nike Air paper max 2018-19 in the vote these trash very trash or the Nike have nice 98 and where I see editions and he's not bad he's really our representation of New York City I went out of a real fan of this colorway personally but he's sitting everywhere so if you wanted to pay you can definitely get him maybe get these on sale these are adidas newest baby the Dita's night jogger just like they did those ugly clunky shoes that didn't really sell out I think these gonna sell he's got boots in it and they look kind of sleek and they're gonna throw him in a whole bunch of colorways if people going like and they also do 3m on it as well so I think these gonna sell more than I've got the name of those shoes but I put it on the side of me so you can see what I'm talking about I think that he's gonna say a little bit decent Latinos 130 get these on sale for like 171 day 60 bucks I could see myself rocking these it's my first time seeing a triple black vapor max is sitting in the shelves I want to say these the it's like the third iteration of the vapor max or a 4.0 3.0 I've been sitting there for 190 I got the one-point nose I did a review on that I'll put it up above but I love my 1.0 all black joints answer that him in like the all white Oh platinum joint is well pretty decent I like the one point knows way better than this iteration but still pretty decent oh so dismal got a foot action foot like a champs and the finish line they check all the boxes as far as like shoe places to go to a my opinion see what this place talking about this place pretty small but look like they got the Crimson ones the Platinum wants some Jordan one me is just overall ain't really nothing here that I haven't seen at these other models so I got the mocha threes got the chunk of threes got the Laney fives those nice too overall just pretty methylation out nothing too crazy alright guys that is the end of the vlog once again shout out to money run clothing for the shirt I'll put down the link to the website below check them out whenever you get a chance they got great shirt designs and you can get it put on dang there any color shirt that you want but overall just a great company prices not crazy just go ahead check them out whenever you get a chance also shout-out to emoney shoes man definitely a great shoot tube with great youtubers he put me on the website and he also gifted me that shirt so once again shout out to you I really appreciate it but anyways hit that thumbs up if you like this video comment down below what's the best shoe you seen in this video if you've ever been to Greenville South Carolina South Carolina in general or to the Haywood mall comment that down below and we could chop it up in the comment section also if you aren't subscribed to the channel what you doing man hit that subscribe button takes nothing but a couple seconds and you'll be notified when I drop future videos overall like my opinion or tomorrow it was pretty decent like that was one of the smallest footings I've ever been to but like the footlocker was decent had decent merch champs was okay but just overall the mall was pretty decent don't expect any crazy heat in that type of area but if you want like the regular general releases and things like that more likely that still gonna have it to you man and lastly peace

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  1. nike really went all out on the 720. unfortunately, people dont seem to be going all in on buying them…that air max plus you showed in a similar color to the air max 1 is definitely the best of those two. im gonna have to keep an eye on those because im sure a sale will come around sooner or later…i broke in a pair of nite joggers the other day. very nice. a lot more sturdy than the i-5923/iniki runner, they just dont look as good in my opinion. regardless, cant go wrong with either. any size 9s in the crimson tint?
    unless i order online, my shoes come from charleston, south carolina. gotta call in an assist from mom, but shes cool with it since she lives and works near a mall. never been to greenville though

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