HOW TO PICK UP WOMEN in Maui, Hawaii

HOW TO PICK UP WOMEN in Maui, Hawaii

hey guys here we go again another day on Maui another adventure right now this is the road that they live down and it is kind of crazy the beach and hope for some better weather over there I'm going towards Kate handy Beach I haven't been over there side of the island yet so just going to give you a little taste of Maui here we go how fitting for some family in a couple miles that way give it it's great really cool like I feel like I just you know kind of taste of it I've been there almost a week they come back tomorrow yes is that like somebody's house or yeah they just the surfboard they're just not stuff like you know throughout the years a certain yeah I wasn't sure if maybe it was a surf shop or something no it's a house yeah but Jim no Leah Malia yeah Gabriel my mom has a store in Makkah well okay it's called trills of the white harlot she's some kind of clothing that you wear take Thompson yeah I actually got this I think in Thailand yeah yeah I've been a time I like five times which Islands we traded on a whole PP nice I was there last like October yes yes they're closing that down just temporarily for like six months to do something do some reptile to do like more restorations or something like that or it's getting like over tourists into alright so that was Malia born and raised on Maui year and this is Baldwin Beach this is where she was going and she said it's a nice beach I was gonna stop and show the beach but it is raining so fortunately where I'm going the Kihei beach is the sunnier side of the island so hopefully there's a Sun in that direction check this out up ahead I'm gonna guess it's a sugar cane mill not sure if it's still in operation from what I recall then Maui is actually the only island that still does sugar cane production so it's possible it could still be in operation but definitely looks in pretty bad shape and I think it's safe to say that it is no longer in working order looking pretty rusted out that would be a mission sometime and sneak in there at night he'll poke around and maybe get arrested and thrown in jail which is why I'm not going to do it Hawaiian commercial and Sugar Company and so at least I can get a little closer look at it this is the administrative offices obviously and then the factory that's why you don't want to sneak in there they're looking for you the past of Hawaii no longer dependent on sugar cane check out at the rainbow strong one nice look Sonny up ahead and look at how much higher it is here totally different terrain than the like jungle on the North Shore while a machina half-mile looks pretty swanky around here hopefully it's a nice beach found a parking spot a little ways away from the beach but figured I should grab it well I found one because this whole area here is just like Sheraton Marriott's all kinds of big fancy hotels you can see the water out there though so there must be a way to get to it the Fairmont Kea Lani and so it looks like I'm at Polo Beach you know how to get to the beach from here all right good news nice little beach [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] and so that's the sugar museum across from me here driving back looking for some dinner he lights don't work very good on this cheap so I got to honor this tracker so I gotta get back before dark coming into Piatt here looking for some grub see got a chicken avocado crepe here cool spot

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A fun day on the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii.
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HOW TO PICK UP WOMEN in Maui, Hawaii

45 Replies to “HOW TO PICK UP WOMEN in Maui, Hawaii”

  1. Ive travelled enough at hostels to know woman really dig guys who travel…and guys not broke…and tall guys..this guy must get so many woman in his travels but he never makes the channel about that but my guess is every day hes getting woman after him

  2. Gabriel you are usually pretty serious, but this one was the funniest I've seen! Did the girl know that you were filming her? You said.."yeah, I've been to Thailand" big deal! The body surf shots were epic! lol! I had to laugh at your funny expressions!

  3. I always had this" touristy" clichรฉ in mind of Hawaii being almost eternally sunny… And it has been quite cloudy almost everyday since you were here. Is it specific of Maui or the time of year ? Your camera likes water as much as you it seems, and does a very good job showing it, well done ! Love the duct tape on the car, lol !

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