Is there ANYTHING to do in Albuquerque, New Mexico for families??

Is there ANYTHING to do in Albuquerque, New Mexico for families??

are we at the top yet where's the top at oh yeah we're getting closer for kids Albuquerque so when we came into the western town we stopped at petroglyph national monument and it was really cool it was you know beyond our expectations of just a few petroglyphs there was a lot like hundreds of what and there's another trail it's really short one it was like feisty little loop yeah make it round and the kids love that make it way around she's so close you'd better watch out huh so into this really fun part that's kind of a newer park and nice part of town and it was decent and lots of slides a big area mark it was called a park up up and it was designed for the inclusion in life that way people who aren't able to access normal parks they had special pathways and special swings even had teeter totters that wheelchairs to go on yeah and I read about it on a blog so I'm gonna check it out and it looks really fun there were tons of people there though was really crowded the parking lot was full you're climbing high up there are you gonna get there things like you got that all figured out music one of only two places in the country that has a musical road why not go and there's like a little road off of the 48 on old route 66 and it's just the other side of bridge and it's only going in one direction so when we're looking forward it's only going to the east to the east you can only access it on the eastbound side not like that mm-hmm but there is a cooler pull off where you can do a u-turn do it over and over again and it was me I mean it's been there a couple of years few years but to the tune of America did you hear that time guys yeah just driving on the road subscribe to our channel to see what we're up to right

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Come along on our first day of two with our family in Albuquerque, New Mexico! We found a few places for everyone to have fun, especially the kids.

As many times as we’ve pasted through Albuquerque, we haven’t taken much time to stop and explore the area. This weekend provided a great opportunity to stop and stay a while!

We all enjoyed short, but steep hike at Petroglyph National Monument, then off to A Park Above where the kids had a blast. We also drove on a musical road! There are only 2 in the country, so we wanted to make sure and stop by while we were in town. With this musical road, there were rumble strips to drive on that were closer to the middle of the lane than normal rumble strips. I think you have to drive 40 mph to hear America the Beautiful song. So awesome!

Hope this helps you find things to do with kids and your family while you’re in Albuquerque!

Bye Now, Have fun!
Meandering Bliss Family

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