Japan's Yamato vs USS Iowa – Which Would Win? Battleship Comparison

Japan's Yamato vs USS Iowa - Which Would Win? Battleship Comparison

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Today we are comparing warships Yamato and USS Iowa. Which one would win in a battle?

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41 Replies to “Japan's Yamato vs USS Iowa – Which Would Win? Battleship Comparison”

  1. "The Yamato, built in the Yamato provinces in japan"
    The Yamato was built in the Kure dockyard in hiroshima… It was NAMED after the ancient Japanese Yamato Province…

  2. The only battleships to slug it out in WWII was the Bismarck and Hood?

    Maybe you should look into the USS Washington and the Kirshima. Or the Surigao Strait. Or look to the Mediterranean.

    Geez boys, do some research.

  3. A few mistakes about the Yamato here…

    If you're going to compare 2 ships and run threw a laundry list of stats it'd be smart to put them side by side.

    Also its obvious which ship would have won… I mean the Iowa is a measly tier 9 she doesn't stand a chance >.>

  4. Ah you sir are wrong about Denmark strait as only battleship fight. You Obviously forgot about the IJN Kirishima vs. USS Washington when Admiral Lee kicked Admiral Kondos behind to the bottom of Iron Bottom Sound

  5. I don't like how all of the numbers are displayed individually for each ship without being compared on the same screen at once. Makes me have to go back and forth to think about it; would be easier for everyone to have one big breakdown.

  6. yamto armor is about 400, Iowa is 300, yamto is also getting better (because Iowa's hull is too long), I think it is perfect for her to use Montana. Fair (and use 460 mm) artillery

    I believe that it is because of the influence of patriotism that the United States cannot lose and can only exaggerate the strength of Iowa (although I like Iowa most)

  7. The Iowa would’ve blown the Yamato out of the water and it’s not even close. The Iowa had plenty of ammo, and advanced fire control radar. Neither of which the Japanese had. The Iowa could fire for effect, while the Yamato had to make every shot count.

  8. In a straightforward gunnery duel on a clear day with roughly equal numbers of escorts, Yamato would have a significant advantage in armor protection, and the advantage in firepower, maneuverability, and crew training. Iowa would have a 4-5 knot advantage in maximum speed. While Iowa had  a superior fire control system (because of the superior resolution of her radar ranging), crew training in the use of that gunnery radar was very lacking. The primary reason for this was that the Iowas were designed (and used) as escorts for fast carrier striking forces; thus very little time was spent in main battery gunnery practice- not only in Iowa, but in all the U.S. fast battleships. The overall result would be a clear advantage for Yamato.

  9. I think Yamato will win… Yamato’s crew was trained specially and way better than the US navy crew. And especially because the Yamato crew will fight ‘till the end until it actually sinks. Yamato’s armor was thicker and had a bigger gun. And had way better AA capability. If Iowa faces the same situation as Yamato, it will sink faster. And not to add that the IJAF had some seriously strong aircrafts and Iowa can be sunk by 2 Ohka kamikaze aircrafts. 1 Ohka can take out a carrier.

  10. I am from Iowa and I just wanna get rid of the stereotype type that we are hillbillies… We aren't hillbillies. And I'm really happy to see that the USS Iowa was the lead battleship in WW2. Awesome. This video has been out for nearly 2 years so to anyone who sees this, you know the secret behind Iowa. It's a conspiracy

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