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  1. Hell, this is the hood? LOL They just need to repair and clean up their neighborhoods (cut the grass, get rid of the trash, etc). I live in a South Carolina small city of 7,000 and some of the shit these people live is tore up from the ocean floor up. I don't know about the crime rate in KC, but the hood is not bad compared to some real hoods (Baltimore, Camden, Philly, DC, Detroit).

  2. Kc hoods need to grow up, for real for real. Haven't seen much improvement in 20 years except one of my old hoods, the 50s near troost, and that's only cuz umkc and college students have crossed the troost line and moved into forest ave and tracy and im not sure they even know how dangerous it was before they got there. By the time i left in 2014, white folks were buying houses there. Prolly cuz its cheap and u know white ppl be flipping homes or hooking it up for the dirt. College kids be loud as fuck i had to check a couple mfers a few times. U can barely drive down tracy now cuz so many cars from all the students. When i was growing up, black ppl didnt own that many cars like that. Thinkin bout Troost, i want some damn go chicken go right now. Mad jacks, get some fresh basa. I stayed on 39th for a quick sec in 2014, got my car stolen. Im still mad af about that. That was a ratchet ass hood. Only cuz i was new to that area. Niggas knew my whip throughout the 50s & 60s, wouldn't touch my shit. Respect. But some ratchet ass tre block youngins got my shit. Haters cant stand to see a brotha shining. Young mfers

  3. That shit looks horrible 🤦🏽‍♀️ Looks run down,quiet, deserted, the quietness would drive me mad. Born and raised in NYC 🤞🏽 I could never get used to living in a place like this…. No offense 🤷🏽‍♀️

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