Kansas State Wildcats Basketball: TBT Talk – Martavious Irving, D.J. Johnson and Thomas Gipson

Kansas State Wildcats Basketball: TBT Talk - Martavious Irving, D.J. Johnson and Thomas Gipson
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how excited are you guys the people miss the energy this year I'm excited to just be able to be close to home and actually have everyone together for a little bit of time before we had now so I feel like we can we can really get something done this week and head now to what you talked confident getting some wings mr. Vince got bigger every year how excited to use it to have this opportunity now to get together with almost all old teammates that blaze has tournament oh it's always fun and like you said it's getting bigger every year you know the ESPN network is all over at every game this year I mean my first year only the second round unexpected but yeah every year is this is it's pretty good and it's well organized one of the best events I've been a part of and their sponsorship with corn was big so it's always fun and then have like you said Wichita I mean that's quite an opportunity good play I've seen you know via social media a lot of people say that I gotta be attending all right so a couple people because I'm in Wichita a lot who's saying you know they can't wait for so hopefully we get a good turnout I think they stretch it out to pick a lot I don't see a problem on my poster don't think it's fire why'd you look at me like that I'm sitting in when you go through to put together this scheme like what it's the process of contacting a guy you know like read your report how do you build a team for this well I mean I think we everybody obviously is in different parts in alive so you know I'm here tazed they're DJ's there but we are you know communicate with each other so you know I think we kind of got to started early we wanted to get started early because last year we kind of felt like a bit of a disappointment you know um but we reached out to each other early tried to get the rosters going and you know we really wanted to focus on it we noticed what we wants to focus on the more like around March obviously you know cuz the hype and everything and that's when it was getting closer so we just reached out to guys and you know if you want to do it be a part of it cool if not it's okay no my family so yeah we got five players I mean yeah we just don't know the story yeah I don't and for us most of us are in our professional career a lot of that doesn't matter no situations where you you run into teams and everybody starts but you know you push you eat those asarco's there's a lot of money that's not a lot so it's all about weighing with us yeah it's a lot of money in a line but it still is I'm trying to ask is how much does it feel like playing a big full basketball game meaning how much does how many sets of team throw anyhow up and down is it how different does it feel didn't call a basketball game it's different just because you know I mean it's professionals you know so obviously it's not gonna be like the NBA or anything like that but when you you know when you run across a guy that you played with overseas you know and you know he's had a certain job that maybe you want you know something like that yeah it's a competitive nature it's always gonna be competitive against anybody so um this I mean when you when you're professional you don't really think about it like that you just want to go out and play and at the same time enjoy and have fun too much here but what is the roster that you know like most up-to-date guys everyone that you see that we've announced on Twitter myself Tay get Marcus Foster Marcus I've seen him play with us last year Javon Thomas who we recently added I came right I'm missing somebody Justin oh yeah so still as foster – yeah still still looking to maybe do one or two additions we have a solid nine I think that's that would be comfortable with that but we're comfortable going in with what we got got some rotations and it's not like last year where we only have six guys and really you know we got nobody to subtalar doesn't get a break so we feel like we had it you know saying like we technically I mean we both we you know it's true for like we won that game um just said that Elan ending you know saying that's just something that you know we have to know do you know but it happened you know so even with you know six guys last year like we still did our thing so even if you know it is six seven guys this year you know it might not be nine ten but I still think we'll be fine and well feed off the energy no in the arena anyways I'm sure a lot of lot of k-state fans gonna be there and probably you know I think you know so good to be in what you talk to because I think just Kansas basketball period you know Kansas State Wichita State and us you know I think Wichita State people are gonna watch us you know I'm saying so it's gonna be nice and I'm sure they will move us and in a way and it's all you know saying the Marcus Foster story feels cool we had a great career creating the course and then it felt like you know I got eliminated by k-state and Bruce were cool and everything what was the process of bringing him in and how nice didn't have him on this roster man I think we talked about it a last year after we lost though about getting some younger guys in and give brought up Marcus's name and you know they're but they're both from Texas so we all still keep in touch with each other we were all in California for n-c-double-a 2017 me Marcus and Jessica we all played together in Korea so we've talked about it a lot about bringing him in and Justin as well so it's been on my mind for a while just good to get them back and have another opportunity for all of us to play together I think is it's awesome we I know for myself graduating six years ago I've come back every summer and it's just the resources here extremely like great for guys like us because a lot of times overseas we might not have to access every day to like a cold tub or treatment and then on top of that planning kiss high-level guys cuz these guys are really good he's sharpening his iron sharpens iron so we just very thankful for you know coaches staff to be able to let us do that every year every summer just trying to keep up I mean just imagine trying to keep over in 1920 rolled kids you know spring you know and we know 26-28 you know time keep up with them so it's like he said iron sharpens iron it's it helps out both ways you say that use the phrase earlier about people being at different parts of their lives they're gonna see the three freshmen and then different part of their lives like what do you think and you see those guys in the shoes you're in a it's a long journey for ya it's a long journey but it does also as long as the journey is it goes by fast and I tell people all the time it really does not feel like I graduated six years ago well but hey it is and you know I try to talk to them just like make the most of your four years because it's not about fast especially if you wonder you haven't fun that type of thing it goes by fast but it's an incredible journey 2013 yet I was in Indonesia played at South Korea for half of the season and Mexico for resto season not played in Turkey and and I went back to Finland you send the world but it's a given this earth so give him the career and that's why I've always for all the guys who played at k-state for the past 15 15 years we've reached out to it's an opportunity to play in front of your family on TV where you know for me I was a whole half a day ahead so a lot of times my games to an afternoon was 12:00 at night you know and my mother has to get up to watch those games if she can so I mean it's fun cuz you still playing the game but it's all it's hard being away from family and they're not being able to see you you know there's miss things yeah I'd like to travel them like what I write when I'm over there and I get to travel and see sir because I also played in the Philippines and Shanghai this year it was a lot of there was a lot of great things we got to see I got to see especially like visiting Bali and stuff like that it was it's incredible but you know like Thomas Edison if it occurs look at him you have anywhere Shana's elite forever new best shoulders how much probably general do you take in this program you know if you big full titles the last seven years is it great to be a goner oh go to these countries play these other players and say you're from Kent statement success they've had since you guys have left yeah I just I just had brain and green and feminine he was there for a week or so so I was chopping it up with him about the whole driver and everything but um I think it's especially you know the run that they had this past year I couldn't be any more proud of the guys no saying I mean we come here year after year after year like Tay said and we watched them grow you know I'm saying like he said iron sharpens iron so we when we see that you know we're extremely happy when were overseas man like I'll be on Twitter going crazy on people just known just cuz I rock with k-state I mean for me personally I I was talking to coach Larry today and I always tell him none of that surprises me because of the work they put in you know I didn't get to play with Wes but Wes was we host it Wes on his on his visit so and every summer when he came back we were always seeing what's working on his game you know but you know I'm graduating with Rodney uh Paul you always see the type of work though after he had so a lot of success that they have it at the next level it doesn't really surprise me oh wait Shane I was gonna say if you all could just share a link on Twitter we were still trying to get some votes I think we're 450 vote shot of getting Javon on the team adding them to the rock so we need a thousand we're at a 550 right now so you guys could share link or share link right here is gonna be a TV t purple and black you know make sure you go out there and vote share that link up what 2019 hashtag TV t 2k 19 Oh purple purple black 20 19

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Kansas State basketball alumni Martavious Irving, D.J. Johnson and Thomas Gipson continue to work in the off-season with the Wildcat basketball program, and the three also used an opportunity Wednesday to speak on The Basketball Tournament (TBT) they’ll be participating in with other former Wildcats in Wichita.

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