Kasauli | Himachal Pradesh | Top Best Tourist Places to Visit Himachal Pradesh | DTS VLOGS

Kasauli | Himachal Pradesh | Top Best Tourist Places to Visit Himachal Pradesh | DTS VLOGS

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Kasauli | Himachal Pradesh | Top Best Tourist Places to Visit Himachal Pradesh, India | DTS VLOGS

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27 Replies to “Kasauli | Himachal Pradesh | Top Best Tourist Places to Visit Himachal Pradesh | DTS VLOGS”

  1. There is a lot more to Kasauli than this video has shown. Kasauli is best for people who like peace, tranquillity and beautiful surroundings without the hustle and bustle of modern life .Certainly not for people who are looking to be entertained by loud music or revelry &shopping.

  2. There are many amazing places to visit in upper mall road. like Gillbert trail (known by the names sunset point, suicide point etc), army holiday Home, Kasauli club, Door darshan(TV tower), CRI (Central research institute), commander's house(army), hill top view of chandigarh etc. Many famous personalities have their villas there (like late Khushwant singh(a famous author), Rahul bose (film actor), Vivan Sundaram(Indian's most prolific artists), etc). Most importantly, with every new step and turn you will enjoy the peace and beauty of the nature in the form of mist and flower beds. Also, you will not find traffic, crowd and lack of cleanliness anywhere in upper mall road kasauli.

    If we talk about lower mall kasauli then you can also visit some good places like Christ Church (in the very beginning) and Monkey point. Monkey point is one of the most attractive point for touists, due to its locality and history. You can go to monkey point from upper mall road as well if you are a trekker (opposite to Gillbert trail there is a connecting road (downwards) to lower mall you can follow that to reach lower mall(around 300 meters) and then take right side to reach monkey point otherwise you can also hire a cab from kasauli taxi stand for the same. Monkey point is in air force station, hence you will not be allowed to take mobile phones and cameras as clicking pictures is not allowed there.

    So, If you are visiting kasauli then do not forget to take a walk on upper mall road (till Gillbert Hill), it's the best and amazing area in kasauli which majority of tourists are unaware of and they spend a lot of money in hiring over priced cabs where cab drivers make fool of innocent visitors by making them visit very common locations and adding fake stories from their side.

    I am saying all this because I am from kasauli myself and don't like people going back without experiencing the best of this place. Kasauli is an ideal place for nature lovers.

    Fresh air, pleasent climate, peaceful surroundings, safe environment and cleanliness (due to our great Indian army) makes it one of the best hill stations in himachal pradesh.

    In summers it's a calm hill station and in winters you can enjoy snowfall as well. You can visit this staion at any day in a year.

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