Let's Visit Georgetown in Washington DC

Let's Visit Georgetown in Washington DC

hey it's Alex Sanger welcome to Georgetown today we're gonna visit Georgetown and see a few of my favorite sights let's take a look so Georgetown is one of the best places just to come out and have walks I love coming down to Georgetown just taking my time walking around going to the different shops eating at the different restaurants it's just a it's just a nice day to have when you're in DC kind of cuts out the pace from going and visiting all the monuments and the museums and everything else so behind me is Filomena's this is one of the nicest restaurants here in Georgetown it's a quiet little place it's tucked away it's an Italian restaurant it's a little bit on the expensive side and it's it's phenomenal food you like Italian and you're looking for a great place in Georgetown that's a little upscale this is a great place to come so here we are down at the CNO Canal at lock for the CNO canal is actually the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal goes from Chesapeake Bay all the way up to Ohio this back in the day was the highway of the day this is how they got all their goods shipped between those different locations and as you can see the lock behind me is actually the transportation device they used to raise and lower the ships that carry all the goods today we're down in Georgetown and this CNO canal part is actually a wonderful place just to walk enjoy a quiet stroll at lunchtime and hang out with the family so here's a fun fact the foundry building right behind me is where I met my wife when we both worked at the Institute of Medicine way back when now let's go get some cupcakes it's cupcake time one of the most exciting things to do here is take a boat ride actually that's not true it's not particularly exciting it's a very slow boat Riverside dining options include Fiola Mayor Nix Riverside grill and Sequoia and yes they all have blue awnings so probably the only place where you can get gas down here in Georgetown is this Exxon right across key bridge and it's actually right by where the Exorcist steps are and we're gonna walk over there in just a minute after I get this going here what's your name Lord of Gordon and I'm Alex Gordon's gonna take the extra steps watch how this is done this is how healthy young people do this wow I'm impressed garden that's six number six these are the steps in Georgetown made famous by the movie The Exorcist the horror movie it's a classic so if you ever come to Georgetown and you want to be like that crazy guy that just ran up these steps it's a great place to work out honestly they creep me out so I want to go as seriously I'm gonna go let's get out of here thanks so much for taking some time with me today here in Georgetown hope you learned some few things and if you have any questions give me a shout 301 201 232 or if you know anyone thinking about moving to the DC metro area Washington DC Maryland or Virginia I'm never too busy for your referrals remember for all my kW agents across the nation I offer a 30 percent referral fee you

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Come take a stroll through Georgetown in Washington DC and visit some of my favorite spots, including sights like the Exorcist steps, restaurants, cupcakes, the C&O Canal and more…

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13 Replies to “Let's Visit Georgetown in Washington DC”

  1. Why mention musollini fascist Italian restaurant in USA Georgetown? Mention Ben chili bowl, zaanchi, Paul’s, Gracie Street cafe,…. just no Italian goomba nazi supporting trash!!!!

  2. Sorry to be a jerk, but viewers with an iota of taste should view this as an anti-guide. All praise for Filomena is misplaced: its interior is tacky and dark and its food is disgusting and not-at-all fresh (they give you buckets of it, though). There are three or so Italian restaurants within a couple of blocks of much higher quality, including Il Canale. Georgetown Cupcake is a tourist trap, famous only because it has (had? … I'm not really following it) a reality TV show. Blue Bottle Coffee, Leopold's Kafe, Patisserie Poupon, other pastry-shops and third-wave coffee shops in the neighborhood, heck even Paul or Le Pain Quotidien all have better pastries, more beautiful and relaxing decoration, and are not inundated with hordes of tasteless tourists visiting over-priced shops only because they saw them on TV. As a side note, the "Mare" in "Fiola Mare" is Italian for "sea" and pronounced "mah-reh"; it's not the English word for a female horse as the presenter pronounced it.

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