Live Where You Love: Blacksburg, Virginia

Live Where You Love: Blacksburg, Virginia

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Widely considered to be the hub of the New River Valley, Blacksburg is approximately 20 square miles and is packed with a combination of beauty, charm, and culture. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) serves as the area’s largest employer, and continues to be the cultural centerpiece of Blacksburg. With over 30,000 full-time students, the population of Blacksburg almost doubles during the school year. But along with the students, Virginia Tech brings top notch athletics and one of the nation’s leading research institutions to Blacksburg. However the charm of Blacksburg doesn’t lie solely with the university. The Town is filled with countless cultural, artistic and creative opportunities. In recent years, the arts and culture scene has flourished with venues like the Lyric Theatre, the Armory Art Gallery, and the $89 million dollar Center for the Arts (scheduled to open in 2013). Outdoor lovers are also at home in Blacksburg. Whether hiking on the Huckleberry Trail, the exploring the nearby Blue Ridge and Allegheny Mountains, or fishing in the New River, there are endless outdoor activities throughout the year. Blacksburg residents enjoy the convenience of shopping and dining in the revitalized Downtown. Downtown Blacksburg offers a fantastic destination for townspeople, students, and visitors alike. While development continues in Blacksburg, the Town continues to keep it’s small-town charm. Blacksburg real estate options offers a large variety of housing options. There are many neighborhoods and subdivisions – some with community amenities and some even within walking distance to Downtown and Virginia Tech. If you are looking for a little more privacy, then there are options a little bit outside of Blacksburg Town limits that will allow you to have some land, but still be near Downtown Blacksburg.

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  1. Worst place to live. Literally nothing to do. Everytime in promotions for Blacksburg they say, "There is always something to do" I cringe because it is a total lie.

  2. BBurg Sux – sorry you feel that way, I really am. Is any place perfect? Certainly not. Wish you the best though, wherever you go … and thanks for the kind words on the video!

  3. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the advice, no worries, I am on my way out of here. Just trying to help folks avoid the mistake I made by moving to bburg or at least understand the limitations.


  4. We took a leap and moved here 3 years ago from Hampton Roads. I can honestly say, moving here was one of the best decision we have ever made. There are great reasons why Blacksburg was named the #1 place to raise kids; it's awesome! Our son LOVES living here. The kids don't sit inside playing video games here…they're out running around, building forts, collecting bugs…just being kids….all day long. I wish I grew up here!

  5. Holy Jesus DON'T BE FOOLED!! by this video.

    Blacksburg is a professional and social desert for anyone over the age of 30. Just like a bad move trailer, you just saw the best in this video, the reality is not as good.

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