Louisiana Renaissance Festival 2018 | Dragons, Skulls, Belly Dancing, and Dole Whips

Louisiana Renaissance Festival 2018 | Dragons, Skulls, Belly Dancing, and Dole Whips

hey what's up everybody NOLA deej here and and we're here at the Louisiana Renaissance Festival 2018 let's go check this out [Applause] [Applause] welcome to the village of Albright this is the Louisiana Renaissance Festival in Hammond Louisiana check out this dragon right on the side of the castle here this is pretty cool little scary looking as you walk in you're inundated with shops and different food vendors and of course people coming up to greet you in costume there's the infamous wizard that we see every year that we come here telling us hello this whole property is huge and these buildings remain standing all throughout the year they just get remodeled or repainted every year lots and lots of jewelry selection here bracelets and earrings and rings and crowns and if you like candles they have a wide variety of different types of candles different smells different shapes different sizes and incense to burn as well this looks like a TARDIS some mushroom shaped candles I assume those are mushrooms let's say mushrooms check this out the skull inside the crystal ball candle holder here pretty neat and a dragon that's pretty cool different types of necklaces they have hanging here dragons elephants frogs hearts horses turtles wolves skulls and this scary-looking stone face here's a shop with some burned-in edged wood this is awesome what kinds of different edgings here this is the captain plaque beards shop I like this one the most well it wouldn't be a rent fest without shopping at an arms dealer if you need some swords this dragon's head is really cool kind of scary this is interesting very cool this is really cool this skull with the horns a little dragon coming out of its egg I like this one I should get this one it reminds me of somebody I don't know who this guy is cool it almost looks like ash from Evil Dead ripping the skull and spine out of some body [Applause] well if you get hungry at Ren fest there's no shortage of food the biggest draw out here is the turkey leg that is huge I think I'm gonna do it to just eat a turkey leg squares square see what's gonna happen let's go and it's gonna the other way yeah fast just like we used to do lose weight on the fast I didn't know about this part keep the family for you witches and/or house cleaners handmade brooms out here for sale Scott here hand makes glass and here are some of the creations that he has made very talented fellow and he teaches you how to make glass these are beautiful Wow wow you make green glasses you just simply add iron oxide to your batch well that's one of the ways of making green glass another way to make green glass is chrome chromium oxide turns at a very dark rich dream manganese manganese oxide turns it purple let's see gosh there's so many different cadmium and said in selenium 's they'll turn the glass orange or yellow or red so as I roll that glass on that metal table it cools it off but it mainly just cools the outside skin I can tell you the inside is still very hot so what I did there is I put a little pop of air against the end of the pipe I didn't blow into the pipe because I couldn't okay it's plugged off on one end so what I did is added a little bitter air pressure and then I stuck my thumb on the end and now I'm waiting I'm waiting until the air inside that pipe starts to get hot of course what is their new one in heats up then it expands and as it begins to expand it wants to go somewhere so it's literally pushing itself into the molten glass and it's creating a bubble inside of there and so yeah time came I did my lsaps I applied the law school but I also in the meantime that applied the Graduate Studies in glass this culture and I was accepted actually to vote and so I chose to go on to law school and everybody hates me I tend to go on and and do blacks blowing in so I have a master's degree in the class list oh wow yeah it's kind of interesting because there are many people who have a relationship with violence and that relationship is very different with each person from person to person and through that relationship they grow to understand things about violence that many people who don't understand it go through you go up back and forth until you can swing it over your head and then you smash it down there you go yeah okay I will show you the fork here real quick ready Oh Matt for me okay I'm left-handed get on that side so do this you swing it I was fun to watch [Applause] [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] now that is a serious toll whip complete with pineapple I think Disney needs to up their game now these are incense holders they hold a incense cone inside of them or you burn the incense have all kinds of different smells patchouli cedar wood vanilla bean cinnamon by the global scent company here check them out the global scent company you can check them out on Facebook well that was fun you had a good time yeah keeping that one in hey thanks for watching if you liked the video reach down below click the little thumbs up button if you liked this video you want to see more click the subscribe button right next to it it's a little bell icon you click that you'll get notified anytime upload a new video or go live thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed it a little Lin Yap from all these who tats Louisiana Renaissance Festival 2018 go pass a good time

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The Louisiana Renaissance Festival seems to get bigger and better every years. Ren Fest features all kinds of things from dragons, skulls, belly dancing, turkey legs, and even Dole Whips that might be better than the Disney version.

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20 Replies to “Louisiana Renaissance Festival 2018 | Dragons, Skulls, Belly Dancing, and Dole Whips”

  1. We just moved to mobile from Ohio. We always attended the Ohio renaissance festival up there, and I was wondering if this festival gets a big turn out? Thanks for the video!

  2. Wow it looks like you all had a great time! So many cool things to see and do. I loved the belly dancing and the glass making. Those incense burners are wicked cool…I love incense lol great vlog Noladeej!!

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