Madison Indiana Visitor's Video

Madison Indiana Visitor's Video

it's the setting nestled under dramatic limestone cliffs on the banks of the mighty Ohio River it's the historic architecture the picturesque downtown the great neighborhoods the excellent schools it's the business opportunities and all the opportunities for fun and adventure it's the river itself of course and the Rolling Hills and the location that's an easy drive to several of America's major cities but there's something more Madison Indiana is all of that but mere description can't capture the essence of Madison or its easy charm or the progressive outlook of this quintessential small Midwestern city I like to say that Madison is a town that's large enough that it isn't small and it's small enough that there's an arc you sort of feel like everybody is accessible here if you are going to raise a family this is the place to be Madison's always been a pretty special place it was founded in 1809 as a major Ohio River port linking Indiana Ohio and Kentucky an important trade center the equal of virtually any other river town of its day major industries included milling boat building and pork and iron work in fact much of the famous decorative iron work found in New Orleans was produced right here in Madison today Madison is a bustling town of thirteen thousand people the seat of Jefferson County Indiana and a living museum of architectural style the wide tree-lined avenues showcase hundreds of outstanding examples of well-preserved homes many of them are available for public tours such as the Lanier mansion overlooking the Ohio River this 1844 Greek Revival is a National Historic Landmark and is considered the crown jewel of Madison's historic district in all nearly 2,000 properties are listed on the National Register of Historic Places and downtown Madison has been designated a National Historic Landmark District speaking of downtown it's as vibrant and is interesting today as it's ever been with a broad array of shops and restaurants and a line of antique stores and make it a must visit destination for antique lovers of all ages and if you're one of the thousands of annual visitors to Madison you're sure to find a great variety of interesting things to do you love shopping you've got it from a variety of specialty shops to the most modern merchandise more the outdoor type plan a visit to cliff T Falls State Park for hiking camping biking or simply experiencing the gorgeous sight of Clearwater plummeting 70 feet to the rocks below the city of Madison maintains 12 parks totaling more than 220 acres including the excellent challenging 18-hole sunrise golf course of course you'd expect a town on the river to be brimming with watersports and Madison is no exception swimming skiing floating down the river or just enjoying the view take your pick Madison is a river town in every sense of the word it's also the site of one of the boating world's most famous and prestigious events the annual Madison regatta miss Madison the only community owned hydroplane in the world proves that civic pride never stands still here the regatta is just one part of a week-long Independence Day celebration capped off an annual parade other significant annual events include the Madison Chautauqua a juried Fine Art Show held each September the Chautauqua features art food and fun for the whole family Madison river fest brings out the crowd to enjoy great music and great food every August and the Madison in bloom garden tour gives visitors the opportunity to walk through private Gardens in a downtown historic district and the holidays are special here to downtown is decorated to celebrate the season and you can enjoy the nights before Christmas candlelight tour of homes which showcases some of the most beautiful homes in town mandus with most things here Madison perhaps it all comes back to home maybe that's the essence of Madison not all the things to do or places to visit but the good feelings you get when you're here I've lived in Philadelphia Washington Chicago suburbs and I must say I'm I like it here best Madison has so many opportunities that even that are more spiritual and more heartfelt then your larger cities in your larger places and that does is something about the quality of your life it offered a tremendously friendly family environment that was high on our priority list and Madison has come through very well for us we love Madison and our family has a great time here Madison Indiana whether you plan to stay a weekend or a lifetime we think you'll be very happy to

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Located on the Ohio River Scenic Byway in Southern Indiana, Madison is truly a quaint “river town” even offering a marina for those visitors traveling by boat. As Charles Kuralt wrote after a visit to Madison, “For me the princess of the rivers is unquestionably Madison. It is the most beautiful river town in America.”

Find antiques, one of a kind bed & breakfasts, historical tours and plenty of activities and events only found in Madison.

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