Marlborough, MA – Live, Work, Play 2018

Marlborough, MA - Live, Work, Play 2018
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"I think you come to Marlborough because it's a community that's undeniably on the upswing right now." "It's got a really vibrant downtown area with a number of different restaurants." "We love the city feel, but also the small-knit community of Marlborough." "It's kind of a great thing here that everyone does know your story, and you know everyone's story, and everyone's really like a family here. " "Marlborough has a great range of different schools within the community. We have our own public school system, and we've been named as one of the top in the state for our STEM program. We have the Assabet Valley vocational school, the AMSA charter school: one of the top schools in the state." "We really like the diversification of the individuals that came to school. We thought that would be really helpful for our daughter." "In terms of services, I feel like there's a lot of options, and with every interaction we've had with the city they've been very responsive." "Marlborough has its own hospital, actually, the location I was born in, many, many years ago." "Solomon Pond Mall is a hop, skip, and a jump away, which is awesome for shopping. They have anything I need." "Whatever we need, we can get living here, and if we need to go somewhere else, it's easy to get to." "We are at the crossroads of several highways – the Mass Pike, 495, 290 – very accessible in Central Massachusetts." "The location in Marlborough makes the commute consistent. It's a reverse commute so very rarely do people get stuck in these 90 minute traffic jams." "My daily commute is seven minutes long, but there's so much to do in between." "In Marlborough we have hundreds of acres of passive and active recreation facilities." "We have splash pads for the kids and wading pools. We have our own public beach free to our residents. We have walking trails and bike paths throughout the community." "Marlborough is a great place to live and we have lots of families, youth leagues, adult leagues, school leagues." "Marlborough's the host of the largest indoor hockey facility in the world, New England Sports Center, bringing in over 45,000 room nights a year to our local hotels, and over 150,000 meals to our local restaurants." "From a work standpoint, the City Council and the Mayor are very supportive of business and they get things done quickly." "We have a lot of jobs here. We have over 25,000 people coming into the city everyday to go to work, and we have one of the highest average wages in Metro West." "The amount of jobs that have been created in the city in the past several years has just been unbelievable. There's been 7,000 new jobs since 2012." "Marlborough's a great place to work because we have lots of job opportunities in several world-class companies throughout the city. There's also lots of places to go when you get out of work." "The Apex Center is New England's largest family entertainment complex. It consists of about 170,000 square feet, really offering something for everyone in the family." "The diversity here, the amenities, the entertainment systems… They have a great farmer's market in the city. They have job fairs just for city residents, as well as for the employers in town." "So many things for a family to do there, but when we wanna let loose and ditch the kids, we can be found at any of the local restaurants, because they're delicious, and it's nice to have something like that right in town." "When you see what's going in around here, and the focus on that, and the opportunity, people are turning that corner and going, 'You know what? There's so many options here.'" "You take the affordability, you take the services that are available to you, restaurants, things of that nature, it's an extraordinarily compelling community to live in."

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Conveniently located at the crossroads of three major highways, and a mere 40-minute drive from Boston, the City of Marlborough offers some of the region’s most affordable housing, largest employers, top-rated schools, and finest amenities, making it the ideal place to live, work and play. Learn more at

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