Nature Walk Through The White Memorial Conservation Center in Connecticut

Nature Walk Through The White Memorial Conservation Center in Connecticut

hello its Hannah and Richard from wild and growing we are on a field trip at work to the White Memorial Conservation Center in Litchfield Connecticut it's really cool because there's a lot of birds it's ranked top five birding places in Connecticut yeah by the Audubon Society and a lot of wetlands a lot of vernal pools this time of year and we're really excited to check it out so we just got down pour it on but we are still out hiking good thing we brought our rain gear we made it to the boardwalk it's a mile and a half long board walk around this Marsh there are a ton of birds there's some red wing to black birds that we just saw there's some swans and this pond area behind us I also saw an offspring so Richard and Julian our friends are learning out taking a lot of pictures I'm just trying to film all the beautiful sounds of nature and the sights so y'all can get to see it might be able to put in some of their pictures later too yeah it's quite beautiful even though it right downy woodpecker the smallest species of woodpecker the largest birds that we've seen today are these three swans out here they're mute swans you've probably seen a lot of because they hang out on populated areas you know parks and fountains and stuff like that but one of my favorite kind of like fun facts about swans is because they're so massive they're actually not able to land on their feet you always live near water and they're so large that they're not able to slow themselves down enough to the point where they'd be able to land on the ground without crashing so they you know one of the reasons they prefer water is because they can slowly skid to a smooth stop when they land on water and that's me I appear I'm focused game is enough very good today well it's starting to rain again we were gonna do another loop but we're wet and the rains coming back so we'll have to come back and better weather but the white white Memorial Conservation Area was amazing definitely recommend it yeah thanks for watching another flank Turkey another flames are just more fine turkeys oh he went down I didn't expect that where'd she go you

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Join us for our nature walk through the White Memorial Conservation Center in Litchfield, CT. It is ranked in the top 5 birding places in Connecticut by the Audubon Society. We got to visit this lovely place as part of a work field trip. Although it rained the entire time, we would definitely come back. If you like bird watching, please come visit this place!

We explored wetlands where we found some cool frogs, the boardwalk where we saw so many birds, and even got lost a little off trail.

We saw red winged blackbirds, downy woodpeckers, swans, green frogs, bull frogs, osprey, and more!







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