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We love TX and for good reason. RV parks with full hook-ups everywhere you look, large wide open space and diesel at every station. But more importantly, everyone seems to be so polite and friendly. This is a state we’re impressed with every time we visit. In this episode, we made our way to Mineola, TX through Amarillo. For those of you that live or know about Amarillo…yes, we missed so much! We didn’t know about the word famous RV museum or the 72 ounce steak at Big Tex until we left. However, we were being pushed by family to arrive as soon as possible for a family reunion dinner. So we’re not sure we could have given Amarillo the time it deserves. We need to save some places to visit on the next pass.

Cadillac Ranch Footage: Somehow I deleted my Cadillac Ranch drone footage. Err. But I found some great footage on YouTube from Once Upon a Town. Big thanks to them for getting back to me so quickly and letting us use their footage for the intro! Check out their vids here

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46 Replies to “ON THE ROAD TO TEXAS (RV TRAVEL EP 93)”

  1. I'm a subscriber of your channel and I live in Amarillo. Stanley Marsh 3, (Cadillac ranch guy) was seriously one weird dude. We call weird stuff here "some Stanley Marsh sh**." lol He died in 2014, but in 2013 he was indicted by a Texas grand jury in Potter County for the alleged sexual assault of two teenagers between 2010 and 2011. He was charged with four counts of sexual assault of a child, eight counts of sexual performance by a child, and two counts of indecency with a child. The thing about living in Amarillo is everyone knows us for the Cadillac ranch, and the big steak joint. LOL!

  2. If you're headed back thru the TX panhandle, detour thru Canadian, TX. Great sites by the county fairgrounds for $20/ night. Quiet, lots of trees and grass. W&E only but easy access dump station. We've been the times and never more than the campers there. Capacity is like 20. Make sure the rodeo's not on though as it'll fill then.

    Eat at Cattlemen's Exchange. Not too pricey and really good.

  3. I love Flying J the best… because they cater to RV's at most locations. We normally use a truck wash on long trips with the 5th Wheel or check at the campground office for an RV Wash service… LOL I am playing "catch up" with your videos… Thanks for sharing them and Save Travels!

  4. Family Reunions oh my I love family reunions we make so much good food, Our last Reunion for me and my parents and sisters was a 17 hour drive which was not fun, Especo when your in a Convoy and your Parents are Obsessed with Antique stores, Glad i had my own vechile and a truck camper cause man i could keep going when they stopped and waited and be 5 hours ahead and catch a nap 😀

  5. I am so glad you guys love Texas. I fell in love with Texas on my first business trip down here in 1981. Then I moved my family down here in Dec. 1982. Texas has been home ever since then and I love it more now than ever. You need to come back to Texas and spend a whole season and even then you wouldn't scratch the surface. My all time favorite place is The Big Bend National Park, you guys would love it. Later, Paul

  6. No video allowed!!! NO…. You need a spy camera! I used to be irritated when I pay to get in and don't have the memories I want. Since I have bought eyeglasses with a camera in them, I get the video I want and they never know. My set only cost $60 and does what "I need". However, it isn't YouTube quality, but I am sure you could find a set that is, so you never have to worry about "No Video Allowed" again.

  7. I was just watching your Colorado Springs episode and saw Carson wanting to go to the AirForce Academy. My nephew when he was in sophomore high school about 4 or 5 years ago really wanted to go there. His Dad(my brother) is in the US Army was all for it so they checked into it and found out that one student from every state can be sponsored by their representative and that the US Airforce sends 15 airmen every year. He signed up for the US Airforce 2 years ago and within his first year he has been recommended and was on a waiting list. Last year while he was in Okinawa, Japan he found out he will be starting this month, July, in the AirForce Academy. Good luck, Carson, if you really want it you will get in there.

  8. Don’t know if you’ve ever heard of them but you should look into Andersen Camper levelers. While I personally don’t RV, they look REALLY efficient for those that do. Personally, I have no idea how people buy the yellow blocks when that system looks like it makes leveling SOOOO much easier, but hey I’m on the outside lookin in…

  9. Y’all are in my home state! Our weather can be a little unpredictable at times. If you don’t like the weather in Texas, wait 5 minutes and it will change. Love watching everyone and all your travels! 😌

  10. Love all this! Sometimes when I'm watching an old video, I don't have the information below, like comments and "mentioned in this video" available. Does anyone know how to access the information below on each video; or what I'm doing wrong? Thanks a lot!

  11. Love watching your videos and following your travels! I had the same trouble in my driveway with the slippery levelers. I cut up a yoga mat and put a piece under each one- they never slip now.

  12. Watching that made me appreciate the one button I have to press to level our class A. We came from a class C with no levelers so, I know what a beating it is. The Vineyards are only 7 miles from our house, you'd laugh if you knew how many 7 mile from home vacations we've taken. Nice Park!

  13. Going through all your videos trying to find an RV tour! 🙂 love you guys! My guy and I just got our 29 foot forest river toy hauler. We're going to be full time starting next month. So exciting!

  14. We just rolled in from TX last night. It was…..okay. We did Houston (Space Center) and then San Antonio-area. San Antonio was so packed with people it was hard to enjoy. Traveling in TX was okay: we have an older diesel, so those new-fangled, large nozzles don't work, but we still found fuel easily (love Love's). Drivers are polite (not the same in every state). Mixed luck with the KOAs we stayed at (Houston was good, San Antonio was only decent….not a great part of town). Ended up having to overnight in DFW at Cowtown RV park, which ended up being a pleasant surprise. Had a medical issue to deal with the required a trip to the ER…….that stunk, but not TX's fault. The most unfortunate incident: our window in the upper bedroom (5th wheel) somehow came open (it's an emergency exit window) and got ripped off the camper when a semi's stack caught it and finding a replacement is evidently the equivalent of searching for the holy grail. Also not TX's fault, but the overall experience left us with a bitter aftertaste.

    The new rig is looking good!

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