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you have morning we are on the road again and this is actually our first road trip since we got here today is Thursday and as part of July which is an infamous day here in America it's an official holiday so Stan has the day off today and he also took tomorrow off so that we have a long weekend to travel and we're actually going to Vermont this weekend if you don't know where for mothers of screen so we're today we're driving to to Burlington which is a seven hour drive and it is quite close to the Canadian border quite quite a drive and more importantly of managerís this is where man enjoys the ice cream is produced and manufactured so we're planning to Factory and doing fractions for as well this weekend we're really excited but first we got to get there tripping it look how beautiful this is we've been driving like us for quite a few hours just in between the trees and a few mountains these mountains are actually the start of the Adirondacks in the northward of New York State just a gorgeous area so we've been driving for about six hours now we have one more hour to go but it really doesn't feel like we've been in the car for so long and it's so beautiful and so relaxed to drive the roads are endless the skies are blue there are trees everywhere on sides of the road some mountains it's really so beautiful I can't complain honestly so we have to take a ferry to cross the lake to get from New York State to Vermont on the other side of the lake and this is really fun it's beautiful we're in for a moment yeah we just checked into our hotel and now we're just gonna freshen up and then go into the city centre see if we can find some food and walk around a little bit we just got here and the first thing you see of course Ben and Jerry's okay we're in Burlington and it looks super cute all these shops the first thing we saw was the been in your shop but um yeah really nice shops work and explore a little bit oh we just got our food looks delicious stan has a veggie burger with fries and I got the beyond burger vegan and gluten-free with some fries as well I'm sweet potato fries amber just sitting outside outside very cozy so we just had dinner and then we walked through verdicts and a little bit it's a very nice and cute City very small though there is basically one Main Street and then a few streets on the side that are very cute and have nice little shops it's very European has European vibe with trees a lot of trees with lights in them I can imagine that's really maze if you're here when it's dark and also a lot of small terraces where you can eat and have a drink yes very nice very nice atmosphere so we're really enjoying it with this great wetter and now we walk to the beach I'm gonna show you the view it's really amazing let me show you this so this is the view it's still very hot the Sun is still very bright and you can see the mountains and a few ships sailing so this is a very nice area if you want to do watersports kayaking or just go sailing really nice we're now gonna walk down a little bit look how pretty this is can you imagine this with the sunset love it so unfortunately we missed all the 4th of July celebrations because they actually had it and Burlington yesterday so if you like 3rd so we're thinking of going to fireworks tonight in a different city but we'll have to see yeah if we're not too tired or anything then we might do that but first we're gonna walk around here a little bit more got a cold and now we're sitting on a dock enjoying the water and the Sun and the mountains and it's really amazing we're back in the car and it's getting dark and we're now gonna go to a different city that it's very close bite I got to watch the fireworks so we just got back from the fireworks it was quite an experience it was a big sports field and when we got there it had already started but there were a lot of people that had taken their own chairs or blankets and they were sitting on that watching the fireworks and there were also people in their front yards on their chairs just watching the fireworks was really funny and the fireworks were really pretty a lot bigger and actually quite loud a lot louder than what is allowed in the Meadowlands so um yeah it was really fun to see and a great way to end the night the only downside was all the mosquitos and all the other bugs that I don't even know what they are that were around so um I think we got bit a couple of times but it was still great so um we had an amazing day tomorrow we're going to depend on Jerry's factory so I'm really excited for that but first we're gonna get some sleep because we're really tired so um I'll see you guys tomorrow my

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We had a long weekend off and decided to go on a roadtrip to Vermont. This is part 1 of our roadtrip in which we drove from Pennsylvania to Vermont, explored Burlington, enjoyed the sunset at Lake Champlain and ended the day with watching the 4th of July fireworks.

Keep your eyes out for part 2 in which we’re visiting the Ben & Jerry’s factory!

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My name is Janine and I am just an ordinary blonde girl from the Netherlands. I recently moved to the USA with my husband and will be sharing everything about my life and travels here on my youtube channel as well as giving you tips on living abroad.

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