Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede | Branson Missouri | Behind The Scenes

Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede | Branson Missouri | Behind The Scenes

hi this is Terry with the Branson tourism center and today we're at the Magnificent Dolly Parton Dixie Stampede right here in Branson Missouri Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede is the perfect family destination in Branson for exciting entertainment and a fantastic four-course Beast it's known as the world's most visited dinner attraction for so many reasons including their stunningly beautiful horses and trick riders that will completely captivate you and here we are with the Director of Sales and Marketing for the Dixie Stampede John Richardson hello how are you doing today John wonderful thank you and thank you for coming out we're so excited to be here we want to know what the experience is for people when they come to the Dixie Stampede well to begin with we want the guests to step foot out of the car and be transported to another place in time so part of their experience happens right here on the horse walk where our beautiful stables are and where you'll meet the four-legged stars of our show yeah so we're magnificent what happens when we leave the promenade let's go see for ourselves awesome and our guests next stop is the ticket counter they're going to come in here and have their tickets printed for them and above our heads is the portrait of the original Dixie Stampede okay or legend has it uh-huh and it's huge yes well now let's go on into the carriage room and show you where the action takes place all right let's do it this way yes and this is the carriage room where the pre-show takes place and Albert Lucas puts on a great show of juggling and comedy and gets the crowd all warmed up and the crowds enjoying a cold Pepsi and some snacks before they move into the main arena or the Dixie Stampede spectacular the main arena I can't wait to see it all right let's go okay and welcome to the Dixie Stampede arena not a lot of people get to stand here now right where the action is and behind us is our High Definition dimensional video wall Wow which was an enhancement we put in this year there's 12.5 million LEDs involved in this projection here and it allows us to change the look and feel of every scene during the show and each year dolly asks us to raise the bar a little bit on the entertainment that we're providing for families and give them a reason to come back so this was our Han sment this year and you'll see more in the future yeah it's so realistic it's beautiful does it change actually changes right now we're watching a moon move across the sky across the lake and a little bit later there will be silhouettes of horses running through the woods at night and followed by the Great Plains during the journey West and it really it changes every scene of the show and gives a show a whole new look incredible have you had a good year we've had a great year 2015 was a record year and so dollies challenge to us to raise the bar this year allowed us to add a new feature and there'll be more to come in the future that's awesome John I just can't thank you enough for showing us around and letting us see everything here at the Dixie Stampede hey guys Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede is the most fun place to eat in Branson I guarantee you'll keep coming back to see what new incredible things they keep adding you can reserve your tickets right now by calling Branson tourism center at one eight hundred four seven eight o or visit our website at Branson tourism center calm you

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List 8 Tourist Attractions in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania | Travel to United States

List 8 Tourist Attractions in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania | Travel to United States
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Here, 8 Top Tourist Attractions in Wilkes-Barre, US State..
There’s Mohegan Sun Pocono, Seven Tubs Recreation Area, Kirby Park, Kingston Armory, The Lands At Hillside Farms, River Common, Nesbitt Park, Teedyuscung and more…


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Colonial history found in New Hampshire – Metal detecting

Colonial history found in New Hampshire - Metal detecting

hey everybody thanks for tuning in if you're new to the channel please consider subscribing the video you're about to watch really captures the essence of what this channel is all about it contains what we consider the main ingredients of what we enjoy that's hiking exploring history and relic hunting this video actually took several months to make four trips but the results are awesome so stay tuned and enjoy in this video we're going hiking and explore and deep into the woods of New Hampshire searching for lost colonial home sites these farms have been abandoned since the early 1800s and the landscape is brutal Mother Nature has reclaimed what's rightfully hers but somewhere buried deep out there is lost history so let's go find it alright here we go this is what we're doing today remember last week when I took you guys all out scouting and we went looking for home sites well while being out there it made me think of some similar features to the property that are on this location which is a big piece of property that we have permission to metal detects hence why I have the machine today and here's what we're gonna do we're gonna go look for fragmented chunks of property broken walls pastors that just run into nothing hopefully find a home site now here's what I'm kind of talking about on this side over here we have a pasture wall and it goes down to about there and corners off but then there is a massive break in the property and somewhere out there which I haven't been in years if I remember correctly there's some walls that are just not complete and the thing about incomplete walls is it could be from loggers a lot of times they pulled a lot of that stuff out and used it for construction materials or they just completely wiped it out into oblivion then there's the possibility the farmer or occupants of that property never quite finished those walls where I'm going is definitely a peculiar spot but it's surrounded by roads and other what were home sites again this could be one of the classic cases of this area has been choked off by development and just a changing land after they log a lot of this just turns to and because there's no trees to deal with all the water so all right let's hit the woods this is exactly what I'm talking about that's logging from the early 1900's you can actually still see old tree debris laying on the ground and this is what happens it all turns to nasty swamp which on a day like today is gonna make it sticky it poured this morning it's 85 degrees and all the water is just raising up out of the ground now that the Sun is out but what are you gonna do it's better than February so I'm gonna follow this Ridgeline and hopefully we run into a chunk of wall I had come in from the other side years ago before I was doing this all the time and I always thought it was bizarre that the wall over there just ended now knowing more I've really got to go out and investigate okay well I've gone about a quarter of a mile off the road out of the swampy area again choking off this section of woods this isn't bad out here now here's something interesting you see this hole that is the sixth one I've counted and those ain't from trees going over because you'd have a mound makes me wonder if they were pulling stones out of here a lot of stonework very interesting I know keep heading that way nice see that we have wall cutting through the landscape and also that's what I'm talking about if it was a hole from a tree falling over you all seen them and the thing about this and you can use this in your own practice in your own home town is that if you drive around this massive piece of land it all looks like swampland once you get through that barrier there's all the possibility of it being decent let's get on that wall and follow it well I started on the east side I'm gonna take it I'm going west that's what I'm doing no it is bad out here look at all the water water wet logs wet rocks I'm going that way and there's like zero visibility Wow I am having one hell of a time getting getting through this you can see the wall is in here but either side I go to I am just dealing with not being able to see the ground which is loaded with water pockets and who knows what else but I need to keep following this wall into the Sun holy crap this has definitely been logged sometime in my lifetime but look at those trees out there there's a stretch that hasn't been so I'm hoping that the wall that's in there will go down corner off and then head that way all right I think I'm coming up to cross wall that I was looking for sorry if it's shaky I'm dealing with walking in all this stuff nice and the good sign is not only does cross at ease that means it's not just one isolated square there's multiple things going on out here I stay out here for a few minutes and stay dry soaking wet from the knees down holy mackerel this is why I didn't come all the way through years ago it's just terrible I know I should be doing this like December or March but when an idea strikes yeah gotta go alright I'm gonna chill for a minute then think of what my next as read the signs all right well I just went through a pretty nasty section but over there is another a tea in the wall which makes six squares out here definitely intriguing to say the least so like I noted the other day about the land filtering me down I don't walking that wall seeing cross walls off and the ground has been bad I think this is the square I'm looking for because it's somewhat decent there's no obvious rocks still sticking out now here's where I'm getting hopeful that's a pile of rocks okay I know more than o8 e feet in from the main wall and I just came across this little itty bitty wall which is no more than a foot tall that right there is generally good indication of a home site that's the stuff that they would clear in their immediate living space and you know kind of use it as decoration was either that or drag it all the way out to the wall so that's the way we need to look I am gonna be blown away if indeed there is an actual cellar hole out here because we've been coming around this area forever I'm not far from home and again it goes to prove you gotta go where you normally wouldn't look if not I'm still gonna map all the walls because somebody was farming out here for one purpose or another all right I think we got something that's what that little law was look at this oh my god incredible I absolutely have plazi warm chills because again we didn't know about this it's no wonder nobody's been out here for one reason or another you even hiking on a scale of one to ten plus suck I'd give that a nine all right you know we have to do now turn it on oh we have iron I mean it's painfully obvious by the stack rocks but well I can tell you one thing's for certain I set the Historical Society had no idea this was here judging on the look of the build I'm gonna say it's 1700s I don't know this is amazing gotta go little iron tack buckle we have our first relic Polly had brick I got shards it's a big chunk of iron either way the shards totally made worth this digging alright just two feet over and always the proper way to start a relic hunting expedition around here is with a big spoon look at that beauty hyoeun hmm well that makes me happy 68 huh well I'm assuming that this was the cornerstone judging by the footprint of where the house sat one thing's for certain this place is gonna need a major cleaning oh here we go what time Oh Tom back to see we're tickling into the 1700s nice something somebody wore how happy that makes me well in all that mess I just rescued another button and I got another signal I'm going back for it I can't even find my machine because it's so thick nasty in here now let's see what this one is rather loud classic Beanpot chunka dutch oven still a relic just that means it's gonna be all over the joint the ones I hate to say it but I'm gonna do what I can in this quick dig but this site may have to wait until autumn look at this this is ridiculous and the camera is currently sitting on the lip you're basically on the side of the house I'm right out front here oh nice oh very nice actually I don't believe this is a button looking at that shank Egeria it looks more like a drawer pull knob to me very good either that it's just a very terrible shank job I hate to say it I hear thunder it's getting dark in the last place I'm gonna want to get stuck into downpours out here because these lowlands I gotta fill right up so I'm gonna hold out as long as I possibly can it took me 45 minutes to get in here this classic washer excitement a day is now complete well whatever cell is coming through for weather it's definitely off to the north and it may miss us either way I can't move I got to sit here because it's just too far to get caught out in that least I'm on to some big trees so as I'm standing around waiting for the storm to pass there's the obvious side wall of the hole there's the lip so inside here that's the chimney stack what's pretty interesting is that stone there that stone there makes me wonder if this was the actual fireplace area like that was the stone against the back wall kind of makes sense pretty neat Wow about two minutes ago the wind picked up and here comes the rain well I'm gonna be sitting out here if the camera goes away I had to put in the bag to stay dry so great unbelievable how many storms we've been caught in this summer already round up all night relics so I always carry plastic bags with me in the event that I'm lucky enough to find big relics bottles whatever or if I got to stick you guys in there to stay dry even we got to go this was good couple buttons spoon bean pot and another confirmed location I am I'm wet standing in a Cell taking it all in well fish is gonna make for an interesting hike back all them lowlands are gonna be flooded so I'm gonna pack up the camera say goodbye to you all hope you enjoyed this quick dig we will be back here whether it's sooner in the fall I don't know but until then stay dry and enjoy it not Thursday well I thought I'd just break in at the end of the video here I'm going to take a complete line from Willie Nelson song after considering the whole situation and I stand with my back to the wall I'm not going back out there until the autumn that hike and the ground was just awful I mean I don't say that too many times to the point where I won't go back but yeah we'll wait until probably Thanksgiving time we'll let them relic sit for a while we'll get back out there all right this is the end back in August I went searching for a lost home site here in New Hampshire Wow the hike was brutal but so well worth it when I found the location oh my god the only problem was I got caught in the downpour Wow but almost three months later I'm back for a recap let's see what we can find well hey everybody thanks for tuning in you guys remember the episode a few months back on August 4th I went exploring and searching for one of our lost cellar whole home sites here in New Hampshire and that was the day that when I got out here yeah I was pulling things out of the ground but it down poured on me never been so wet while out digging well it's almost three months later I've hiked back out here a lot better now that the vegetation is dying off the ferns are pretty much all gone they're just standing here dead but what a change of conditions that day it was in the 90s today it's in the 40s so we're almost at half the temperature but the Sun is out and I'm eager to see what we can find for relics so let's get this thing going at least now the ferns I can just easily get out of the way so anything's possible out here as far as we can tell this is a home site that was abandoned during the early 1800s more than likely built in the mid to late 1700s and never been mapped before that's iron a couple holes in it looks like some type of support bracket maybe it went on a shovel or a garden tool so there we go there's our first relic out of the ground all right so here we go here's the first solid mid-tone signal and let's hope it's a button and not a shotgun shell excellent button with shank little sleeve button and it looks like Tom Bakk seems to be cleaned up so cool the little piece of chard and a sleeve button upper 60 signal so as most of you know I'm doing it for the Historical Society all these items are precious bagged tagged with location a site like this we don't know who lived here but to me that's one of the most fascinating kinds of locations I love doing this and you know the research takes a long time to basically reverse engineer to figure out who was here I may never get to it but someday somebody will so the work that's done here today is important and will mean something Wow I'm not completely positive but what I think this is oh gee I don't know I thought it was the some lever this would go through the door open up the latch on the other side but I'm not I'm not completely positive either way from something definitely a relic boy it sure does look like it it screwed all right bouncing between the mid 50s and mid 60s for sidenote I'm working right off the lip that's where the camera is so you first look at it it's definitely pewter I'm thinking spoon parts and check this out it's actually plated it's old I mean it was six inches deep right right at the edge of the lip so I'm going with spoon [Applause] very cool fine look at this it's the top part of what we call bean pot Dutch oven but here is the spot where the handle would go in up over that's pretty awesome usually it's just a chunk or if we're lucky we find a leg but there you go cool is that it's part of what kept these people alive so I'm actually I'm actually right in here the cornerstone where last time I found that really nice Tom Bakk balton sounded better when I was standing up either way cool a knife I dinnerware a knife awesome see even those crap signals a worth digging because they are bollocks another knife interesting huh three feet from the other one awesome I got a bad feeling that's under this root antler so what is it that is under a stone right on the lip of a cellar hole chain link maybe it fell off some oxen while digging building who knows but well there's the answer pretty low but solid well that sounds a bit better huh oh right there Oh dandy button Wow now you guys saw that was only ringing up until we crack that ground oh but it must been just sitting on edge yes beautiful 4268 that's an odd one that's right under this which is like 30 feet long I'm not moving it oh it's a brick oh it is a button you know I saw something in there cloth oh wow I think it is oh wow look at this that is cloth look at you can see the imprint on this one is over the button how chilling is that Wow yeah you can actually see where the button went through the cloth that is just remarkable and you think about how old that is well this happens a lot I stood up I checked the hole then I did what I call resetting the hole I filled it back in and we might have another button in there but I don't know why that is sometimes it was just like when Jen dug that 7 button spill it was like she put everything back in and that's when she heard more targets yep another one and it's wrapped in cloth just like the other one yeah another one with cloth interesting different size just like had happened to Jen then again I guess if you've got button down you got pockets sleeves whatever else they were buttoning up I know back then the attire had lots of them well that's two more for the moment I'm gonna show you those and then I'm actually gonna break the ground open see if we can find anything else so here's the first one see that button sticking out and what's interesting is the patina is is different it's actually how dark that is so it's all covered in cloths and then here's the second one which is a bit bigger so three in total so just out of curiosity will scrape all this stuff back I see that all I did was remove maybe an inch two inches tops of that crap that's all it takes to get your coil without a reach right there we go button number four it's a little bit of cloth a smaller variety you well let me tell you what a series of days trying to get out and detect I went out to the potash field one day we have new occupants and then the next day it rained and then the next day it rained exactly the next day it rained today's freezing but it's not raining so we're gonna hit the woods so stay tuned well hey everybody thanks for tuning in here is what we are doing today I'm going back to the cellar hole that way did you guys all remember this to the site I got caught in the rain I just went back recently and did a recap which was very good today I'm going back for a three cap in stealth dig a world that means you know third time trip at this site well when do a little different today well y'all know I've made a lot of videos past e400 published videos recently and you know it's not like they're just regular videos they're all edited and it's it's quite a bit of work but the point I'm getting at is we're going to get at as I watch the footage in particular of what I've been doing on not Thursdays I like how it's relaxed I like I like how it has room to breathe and in particular when I'm out doing something like this I like the ambiance of the woods yet it's aren't so tight and there's just more space in between not only do I like sharing the trip with all of you I like watching it myself that's a that's a huge thing if you can sit through your own video then you know you're making something interesting but I also like saving all these memories and you know someday when I go back to watch them I'm gonna want to see more footage than just straight up and it edit edit to make things run smooth but today we're relaxing a bit and we're gonna let the footage breathe so here we go we have 1 mile and a quarter hike out to the site so we best get moving so there's a couple sections up here I really need to navigate around because it's always been wet and with this nor'easter that just hit us it's gonna be soaked and essentially with a nor'easter in New England it comes up slap you around one way and then loops back around and get you going the other way it's like getting hit by a truck and having it turn around and come back at ya so there's a lot of moisture out here and I definitely want to avoid that low section that I've had to go through before but there's no cut trail out here I'm using compass drain to get me back and forth yeah grounds just soggy here's our wall off in the distance that's the edge of the old farm and for those of you if you're just catching this episode this is a 1700s site abandoned sometime early 1800s and it's been choked off by development and more drastically by swamp there's a very narrow line that I have found to get out to this site and this is this is one of our big permissions through the years we keep finding more and more sites I'm further down than I wanted to be I'm at the right farm the right wall I just I wanted to avoid this area this it doesn't look bad down here but I know it's really huddled up up there and it's just under 40 degrees so if I step in that it's not gonna be very comfortable for the next hour to see all these pines this is all fresh this was logged maybe about eight years ago I was in here didn't find the cellar hole back then it we've been good either before they logged it or just after cross wall number two popped onto a game trail here and it's heading in the right direction it is usual alright so we've landed and again today we're gonna let it breathe I'm gonna make you guys as much a part of this dig as possible so let me know what you think of the footage turn it on starting right off the lip as usual [Applause] should be a button mid to upper 40s be nice to find something today to add to the town collection huh but if not that's alright we're getting outside we're making some video is and it is and it was pewter the glob of Peter numbers are all over this joint there's not much money moving here at least on this side of the site folded rolled sheet metal that's why it was all over the place you know there's there's no bad targets at a site like this everything is old there may be the occasional shotgun shell some hunters but doesn't that that's it so what I just dug yeah it's rolled sheet metal but it's extremely old it's part of the history of this place a lot of people just don't get that it's got to be shiny pretty complete those are trophy hunters where relic hunters all right let's swing some more so I'm moving around the east side of the cellar hole and you can see what I'm working in it's just it's really tight and cramped and I just go in here and try to paint in all the spaces with my coil that's my brush fill it all in around every single little branch root Rock whatever as you got to imagine I'm roughly 10 feet from the side of where the house was this is right up next to the house now and this side has actually been really quiet compared to the other three sides the ground is just sounding and feeling different today you get accustomed to a certain responsiveness from the mineralization and the typical iron bed that you're working at a cellar hole I've said it before and past videos about the ground saturation is not always a good thing especially in mineralized soil what happens is that reflects the RF the radio frequency coming off your coil in the ham radio world that's what we call a ground plane and there are people who put antennas on water you know like in a marshy type land because it reflects that energy up to the sky it's the same principle here metal detecting so if the ground is only soaking wet an inch or two down that's it that RF is getting into there if it's fully saturated that's when you get the good conductivity that's why early spring we always have a tough time when that top layer is frozen it's shielding all the signals I just share that with with you guys from time to time because different people pop in and out of what we call the continuum here egg flat chunk of iron so you guys are getting it all today regardless of what we find that's not what it's about it's just connecting me with you and all of us with the environment it's just this time of the year in New England is it's special it's different when you get between Halloween and Christmas the woods are like no other time of the year it's it's hard to explain but for those of you who live in New England or maybe it's like this in your part of the world it's just something about it salamander buddy I see an overpowering iron signal and iron target but something interesting I have no idea what this is but it's pretty cool it's got shapes and things that's one side as the other side and it's good it's got hinge points to it I don't know what that one on that's what I love about relic hunting to always find stuff because you're hunting for relics huh I have no idea if anybody has seen one of those before let me know in the comments good numbers but it actually sounds like it's on the surface no idea what's going on here but they might be dealing with multiple targets to get you in closer that's a big nail that's another nail oh boy that's going up to 80 now I'm wondering if it's a good target in there that those nails were just making it all weird right from the beginning all right now I got to back you up excuse me sorry I only moved you because I want to swing my coil and don't wanna get too close to the camera that's an 82 83 oh nice I got some shards okay within thorns see this is the crap that I usually add note that you guys don't see me or we dealing with so rock oh I think we got a coin no kidding so those nails were right on top of it throwing that signal all over all right this is exciting yeah I talk about relics and brangham relic hunter Queens aren't relics but the thing about coins is they give you dates sometimes and with this site all this could be very important capla it's British I can tell by that back already King George again the exciting thing about this site is we don't know who lived here or one we just have a estimation on the window I think we're gonna get a date off this that'll be fascinating so King George the second oh man I wish I could see oh I'm gonna use that app in my phone standby see I wasn't sure how today was gonna go and I didn't care I'm just I love when it happens like that the signals just you know you can't lock on to anything particular but it's doing it for a reason to remove some nails and sweet sweet sweet all right so let's go in and use the magnifier holy crap I think that's a 1730 and that would line up with our early theories of this being an early colonists not 1730 probably within 220 years after that it is it's 1730 that's the oldest King George the second coin I've dug was my oldest coin 1719 it's the oldest King George the second though awesome very very awesome so this is where I was working on the westerly side of the house right on the lip right there was the coin right here is the corner literally on the corner of the house and that was not more than three inches deep so I'm gonna swing around here some more and give it a few more minutes huh let's see there's that weird signal again so this is 1 foot by 1 foot square area between the nails the coin and whatever this is that's sheet metal Wow Wow look at this it's no wonder out of that hole two iron nails one copper coin and one brass tag look at this a little upholstery tack so iron brass copper all in the same little hole and this targets very small so yes all right well that's it that was a great little quick dig where you know I didn't set my expectations high I just wanted to come back out here and any find would be great but yet I have a 1730 King George coin to add to the town museum how's that for awesome well I hope you all enjoyed this video I definitely did and you new to the channel please consider subscribing select baby slick I gotta put you guys down second don't move stay there alright so here we go a new video and today what we're doing is we are connecting the dots for those of you who follow and you're all about the continuity of the channel if you watched yesterday's episode when I dug that 17:30 King George coin well that was on this permission of land that we have I'm actually on an old cart path which I'm gonna detect one of these days soon and on the other side is another permission we have so we have free rein of this area which is great but anyways this site which I discovered and have been putting the pieces together I believe is an early settlers site I was thinking about the cellar holes that I've been working in this area which myself and some of the others and you know what the two oldest coins I've ever dug and a lot of the artifacts oldest now stuff has come out of this part of town I'm convinced people were in this area a couple decades before history has written it but the site that I had recently just discovered and you saw me digging at yesterday is about I don't know I'm gonna guess a mile and a half into the woods that way it was years ago I was over here hiking and exploring and you know I've actually shown it in some of my earlier videos there's a lot of stuff out that way which at that time I didn't understand but it turned out to be the tail end of that farm so I'm returning to this area which I haven't been in a long time to connect this cart path to that farm I'm gonna have to navigate around this wetland and find the broken walls over there that I had found years ago so this ought to be interesting I'm really curious to see what's at the other end of that farm because we haven't we haven't stretched out too much just worked around the immediate footprint of where the house at so let's hike away and see what we can see I have a feeling it's gonna be kind of rough as I had mentioned yesterday we had a nor'easter and it just rained for like four days straight so there's a ton of water out here and if memory serves me a lot of that section over there was flooded anyways come to the end of the cart path and now it's time to transfer between watts this I believe walking over is an old bridge you can see where it's all built up on the sides looks white and slippery to me you know what I'm going up that way a little bit I don't feel like swimming it's it's only in the 30s right now and wants to get wet in those temps this is what I remember and here is a telltale sign that is a colonial bridge massive flat stones leading us over to the other side yeah no doubt like I said it's been six or seven years since I've been over here so this is going to be fun and interesting to relook at the land with what I've learned bring you all along so let's give yeah so you cross that river and it just dumps you over into this I was really hoping to cross that old bridge and you know see a continuation of a cart path but definitely not so now that I'm on this side I'm trying to make my way back over towards that pond because I'm pretty sure I need to go due north of that connect up with that other farm I can hear the brook I know there's a brook that comes down out of here fills that pond but there's a very cool section of wall to [Applause] [Applause] saying it all makes more sense to me now see and that's the thing as I've stated before with constantly going back to different areas and coming in from different angles when I was here years ago I went up there that wall banks hard to the north now knowing what I know this is the tail end of the site we worked yesterday I think it's pretty far back – I'm just gonna go due north from where I'm standing we're pretty cool I haven't done this yet no I've always just like this [Applause] north we go and up the hill so as I walk these properties and make notes for my maps things like non improved land the fact that it definitely is next door to the other guys property we know who lived there for many generations it's links like that that help you figure out who lived in the you know the dead space which that's what this is this is a big chunk of land it just fascinates me that they would have taken the time to put that wall up there and the section I said that cuts to the north it just terminates into nothing in swamp hope you guys are enjoying getting out into the wilderness with me exploring is just awesome especially when you're on some of the oldest colonize ground in the United States of America I'm 40 minutes in hiking at some point there's got to be something that lets me know that I'm getting closer to whether home was it can't be swamp all the way up to its door but then again it can we've been to places like that but this is it it's just been rocks and trees and mud and things recently I've started actually using my Apple watch well wile out doing this and it's not so much for safety sake although if I needed I have it it's curiosity just notified me I've done a mile yeah forty minutes is a long time but I'm filming and looking around it's the information that it gives me that will make me better at this because I made the estimate of a mile and a half I think it's gonna be more like a mile and quarter that's the distance it was exactly from the other side but that's not a bad judgment call and that's just data that I can use for when I do other things well judging by the fresh-cut Pines and this trench I think I'm coming up directly behind the cellar hole which means I nailed it I still haven't seen any signs of the farm nothing oh here we go not a couple hundred feet and we have a corner that is where I came through the first time so the majority of the farm is that way that's a mile of land that is separate from this there's no doubt about that interesting and that day it was square at the square square this is where they all terminate back here okay so that'd be an hour well the site we worked yesterday the cellar hole that waited and then one mile of that over to the other property we have permission to do so that's interesting and when I put it in my notes a lot of times I use the original charter grant Maps it's basically just a big grid of the town and you know I know where I am sometimes there's a name on it from back in the 1700s sometimes it's not either way on my version I add notes like this the site didn't exist on that map until I found it but this side is interesting yeah it's it's terrible out there but obviously it's squared off from the other one well that was a good exercise just about a mile and a quarter so this thing is dead center of this choked off chunk of land which is two and a half miles across well as usual I'm gonna turn around but I'm not gonna go back the way I came in because that's just stairs no purpose other than getting out of here I want to go to the east side of the west side I'm gonna take a little to the west I had tickled to the west a bit I started gravitating back this way to the east this is this is the wall that goes to nothing corners off down by where we came in it will be dark in 30 minutes no doubt it's just this is just a cool time of the year and time is the day to be out here as I said yes there's something about the woods of November I actually called a video that years ago it's not my favorite time of the year believe it or not I actually like to be out in the woods in the middle of the summer that's why you see somebody not Thursday's me out there by myself when it's 95 degrees I love it but there's something about this window of time that's just special Halloween to Christmas if it doesn't so I still gonna navigate around this I came around that side I don't know if I dare try to get out that way that was a good walk in and if I get all the way down the end and I can't cross ich I thought about it for 15 seconds tops okay I'm gonna go that way I have to know I have to know what's over there if I get stuck and we have to go around well it'll definitely be dark but I'll have known what's over that way all right here we go I just want to make a shout-out to well nobody specifically but there's plenty of people who comment on the videos when I do these exploring and hiking ones that love it they thank me because they can no longer get out whether it's a disability and injury age whatever and they miss it and I know that you enjoy watching this this is what I love to do I love exploring and that's why I make these videos period but as of late I really appreciate those comments and that gives me the motivation to make exploring videos like this like I said before this is what I've been doing for years and I'm just at the point now where I want to document it it's a big part of the continuum because there are those instances when I come out here or we meet keebz Gorge whoever Jenn and we find home sites on these big permissions that we have that's a big part than you guys never got to see in the earlier videos all that fun work and exploration so alright I need to shut up keep moving I'm hungry and I want to get out of here before it's dark I'm hoping that where all these downed fries are I can find one to cross over on wow look at that look at the size of that root system Wow all right here we go classic moves up skipping a Joe right hey Joe there's seen any shiny in there that's why I bring mr. pokey not too bad the signs baby the signs there's our cart pass well I've only got ten minutes ever walk out and then I'm good I'm safe I hope you've all enjoyed this I thoroughly did and take it from the angle of the video that you watched yesterday this is this is a part of that story this is all the property south of that a mile and a quarter to the next farm so that gives you a part of the bigger picture of what we deal with around here you know how rugged the land is the situations and possibilities of where people could settle obviously it wasn't going to happen in there it's just something to reflect upon think about and I hope you guys enjoyed it because I did when you put the continuity together of all the videos I'm gonna try to do that I'm gonna try to link things better as we go along and let you see it through my eyes alright thanks for watching until next time enjoy your not Thursday you

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Colonial history found in NH researching, hiking & metal detecting.
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With researching local NH history and spending many hours on the ground hiking and exploring i uncovered and found some amazing history.

Filmed with Canon EOS 80d Camera video footage


Going for a long hike and exploring the woods of New Hampshire looking for lost and abandoned homesites from the 1700’s. A lot of these lands have returned to forest and or wetlands but at one point in time were old farms from the colonial days of America.
Once a cellar hole is located i use my Garrett ATGOLD metal detector to find relics from the past . This is all work to map our local history and preserve the relics that are dug up out of the ground.
Once again i get caught out in bad weather except this time it is down pouring rain like never before.

I waited 3 months to go back to a colonial cellar hole that i found here in New Hampshire back in August of 2018. I had got caught in a summer downpour shortly after finding the home site and because the hike in was so bad i figured i would wait until fall…..which is now !
I start swinging my Garrett ATGOLD and start digging up relics from the past and its clear this is going to be a lot of stuff found here.
During the dig i find some amazing old buttons that still have cloth wrapped around them which is unreal when you think that they have been in the ground most likely 200 years. When detecting a site like this its good to approach it in mind that everything you dig up from the past is an important part of history making all the finds beautiful.
Knifes, buttons, iron tools and more in this video

When I went out to film this video I decided to change it up with the presentation. Letting the video footage breath and not doing a ton of edits to make you the viewer feel more embedded . We are going metal detector treasure hunting…..well kind of .
I hiked out to the cellar hole that waited for my third visit to the 1700s lost colonial farm to do some metal detecting relic hunting. It was a very slow and quiet hunt to start out with until I got a very mixed signal in the lip of the cellar hole with the Garrett ATGOLD detector. The lip around the cellar hole is essentially the slight lift on the ground where the house once was and always loaded with iron. After pulling out a few old square nails I pulled out a big copper coin. Wow ! look at that its a 1730 King George II coin . Another awesome find to put in the town museum.

I went for a hike just before sundown here in New Hampshire to go exploring the abandoned farm lands from the colonial 1700s days. I follow a lot of the old rock walls built and left by the early settlers of New England in search for where houses may have once stood and find the cellar holes left behind. On this day i am connecting the dots between two old farms and trek through some pretty rough terrain of swamp , trees, rocks and hills.
While mapping these locations The hope is to find these old foundations so we can do some metal detecting relic hunting to find artifacts from the past to preserve our local history . The big question is always ” Who lived here? ”

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