Top 10 Things To Do In New York

Top 10 Things To Do In New York

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New York City is one of the most well known cities in the world and hence it is also an extremely popular tourist destination; but what are the must do activities in this city. These are the top 10 things to do in New York City.


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hey how's it goin oh you most amazing top Tanner's are you guys planning on traveling well are you guys planning on traveling to New York if you guys are you have found the right place I'm Landon and I'm about to talk about a top 10 list about things to do in New York don't forget to let me know in a future video what top tens you guys want to see next and what place should I do a top 10 about which country which city let me know so all aboard choo-choo because some of you guys might be able to travel by train in New York we'll start off this list in at number 10 the first place the travel is Grand Central Station this is a commuter railroad terminal at 42nd Street and Park Avenue in midtown Manhattan a comfortable 48 acres and has 44 platform which is the most ever than any other railroad stations in the world here you can see the most famous terminal in the nation up close and personal unser Ville tours including a self-guided audio tour and a daily guided tour you can also eat and stop by the I Love New York foods up next in at number nine we have Coney Island this is a residential neighborhood beach and also has leisure and entertainment destinations on the Atlantic Ocean in Brooklyn New York Coney Island is well-known as the site of amusement park and a seaside resort the current amusement park has various rides in games such as skee-ball and ball toss and of course for you adventure seekers out there is another some of you out there there are several rides including the cyclone which is a roller coaster ride those built in 1927 or the Wonder Wheel which is the ferris wheel built back in 1918 but no worries they probably the maintenance and upkeep since you know it was built memory brings us to the Rockefeller Center it is located in the center of the midtown Manhattan spanning the area between Fifth Avenue and 6th Avenue it was declared a national historic landmark in 1987 here you can in Meyer beautiful views of New York City all year long and it is a home to numerous events including the lighting of the famous record Fela Center Christmas tree tourists have opportunities to go backstage and behind-the-scenes of some of the most popular shows on television in this one location and this is also the place I'm always gonna remember if you guys my best buddy Liam who's my best man in my wedding coming up 2017 well you just proposed to his girlfriend now fiance right in front of that tree amazing ok so now we make our way over to the Brooklyn Bridge in at number 7 this is a must-see this bridge was completed in 1880 three and it was one of the oldest bridges of United States it connects the boroughs of Manhattan to Brooklyn over the East River access to the bridge of 24 hours a day and it is the most beautiful at a time of day however if you visit the bridge at sunset you can take in the views of both Brooklyn Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty while there is still light out so because our buses and coach are banned from the bridge you can either walk or ride a bike to tour the bridge which is awesome all you history buffs out there this one's for you if you're planning on visiting New York you have to go to the American Museum of Natural History and this brings us into number six this is something that I did recently and ah see it was the biggest place ever and it was so amazing there is so much to do so much to learn and so much walking around which is fun this museum is located in the Upper West Side of Manhattan and it is one of the largest museums in the world the museum has collections of over 32 million specimens of plants humans animals fossils minerals rocks meteorites and human cultural artifacts there are so many exhibitions so be sure that you plan this as like a full-day visit because you don't want to miss out on anything let's explore our way into number five and we're talking about Central Park is your next destination Central Park is an urban park in middle Upper Manhattan within New York City Central Park is the most visited urban park in the United States as well as the most filmed locations in the world a lot of your favorite movies you actually see that the background is Central Park it's just so big there's so much to do inside of the park from getting into a horse-drawn carriage visiting a zoo riding the carousel there's even a skating rink there and there's a castle as well and also don't forget to grab one of those salted pretzels peas they're so good up next to number four one destination you surely don't want to miss is the National September 11 Memorial and Museum okay this one guys gets a little bit serious the memorial site and museum commemorate the September 11 2001 attacks which killed 2977 victims and the World Trade Center bombing of 1993 which killed six the memorial is located at the World Trade Center site which the former location of the Twin Towers were the memorials have pools that are nearly an acre in size and featured the largest man-made waterfall in North America the pool sits within the footprint where the twin towers once stood the names of every person who died 2001 and also the 1993 attacks is inscribed on two bronze panels along the memorial pool the museum displays artifacts that are also associated with in the events of the 9/11 there's also towards available that I explain everything that went on that day a lot of these tours are walking tours and the tour guides have to been a part of the 9/11 attacks whether that be they were in it or they're around during that day or they had someone directly like family or friend who's a part of it okay so this next tourist location is very popular and of course I'm talking about Times Square and this comes into number three this is a major intersection at neighborhood of midtown Manhattan that is covered with billboards and advertisements time squares off referred to as a crossroads of the world or the center of the universe this is a very popular tourist attraction that draws in nearly 50 million visitors a year Times Square is a home to top destinations such as Naked Cowboy ABC's Times Square studios and Planet Hollywood and it also a lot of restaurants and souvenir shops all around Times Square all right so we're climbing our way up into number two we have the Empire State Building which is pretty tall the Empire State Building is 102 story skyscraper that is located in midtown Manhattan it stands a total of 1,250 feet and it was once the world's tallest building in the world here you have to walk through exhibits to learn more of the history of the building there's dine in restaurants and courts when you're up there just take in the amazing views you can walk all around the Empire State Building getting every city view you want alright so the number one thing that you guys must do when you go into New York can you guys guess that there's one thing that uh I haven't talked about yet well coming into number one we're talking about the Statue of Liberty I thought this one would be obviously put at number one but let me give you guys a little bit of background information what it is this agile Liberty was designed by French sculpture and it was a gift to the United States and this is from the people of France this statue is an icon of freedom and the United States and it is the welcoming sight to immigrants arriving from abroad admission to the Statue of Liberty monument is free with the purchase of a ferry ticket if you can it is highly recommended that you take the 393 stairs from the base to the crown your hard work will be rewarded with stunning of New York City however only 240 people are permitted to ascend the staircase a day so you must make reservations or you're gonna be disappointed when you get there there is a lot of like backlog and you're gonna have to like way pre-booked this if you want to do it but absolutely a thing you have to do in New York well there you guys have it this is the top ten things you got to do in New York let me know if I've missed anything in the comments section below also what top ten video should I make next that's it for this video thanks so much for watching and I'll see you guys in the next one so let me know what you guys think of this video which place do you guys want me to do next which is the next top ten place is the city do you want another country maybe I'll do like Australia or Japan Tokyo maybe we'll do a top ten thing on Canada have I done that one yet I don't think so let me know all you guys have thoughts or comments in the comment section below because I do go through all of them I read as many as I can and if you guys want continue watching videos just beside me there's two of them you can give one of those a click that's it for me guys I'll see you in the next one bye

10 Best Travel Destinations in Minnesota USA

10 Best Travel Destinations in Minnesota USA

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Minnesota is a midwestern U.S. state bordering Canada and Lake Superior, the largest of the Great Lakes. The state contains more than 10,000 other lakes, including Lake Itasca, the Mississippi River’s primary source. The “Twin Cities” of Minneapolis and state capital Saint Paul are dense with cultural landmarks like the Science Museum of Minnesota and the Walker Art Center, a modern art museum.

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The Best Places to Visit in Mississippi,USA

The Best Places to Visit in Mississippi,USA

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The Best Places to Visit in Mississippi,USA
Mississippi is an exciting state full of natural beauty, historic landmarks, and cultural attractions. This state is known as both the Magnolia State and the Hospitality State, giving a hint of the warm reception you’ll get when visiting Mississippi. When it comes to travel destinations, most states seem to get a lot more attention than Mississippi, but when you visit, not only will you enjoy an incredibly warm welcome, but you’ll have the chance to sample delicious southern home-cooked meals, fantastic blues tunes, the powdery shores of the Gulf Coast and a whole lot more. These 10 places are some of the very best this “Hospitality State,” as its often called, has to offer.
#1.Natchez Trace Parkway
#2.Vicksburg National Military Park
#3.Petrified Forest
#3.Mississippi Museum of Natural Science
#4.Mississippi Gulf Coast
#5.Deer Island
#6.Elvis Presley Birthplace, Tupelo
#7.Tishomingo State Park, Russellville
#8.Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge, Brooksville
#9.Ocean Springs
#10.Mississippi State Capitol

the best places to visit in Mississippi USA Mississippi is an exciting state full of natural beauty historic landmarks and cultural attractions this state is known as both the Magnolia state and the hospitality state giving a hint of the warm reception you'll get when visiting Mississippi when it comes to travel destinations most states seem to get a lot more attention than Mississippi but when you visit not only will you enjoy an incredibly warm welcome but you'll have the chance to sample delicious southern home-cooked meals fantastic blues Tunes the powdery shores of the Gulf Coast and a whole lot more these 10 places are some of the very best this hospitality state as it's often called has to offer you can take a ride through time at the Natchez Trace Parkway the iconic 444 mile national Parkway winds through the original Natchez Trace trail which was first walked by prehistoric migrating animals the two-lane road rolls through some of the most scenic parts of the southeastern US Natchez Trace is home to many historic sites including the Meriwether Lewis Museum and mount locust today the Parkway is one of the top attractions in Mississippi where you can explore challenging trails go biking horseback riding and even camping for an overnight stay to Vicksburg National Military Park once you get to the Vicksburg National Military Park the first thing that you need to do is to drop by the visitor center to plan out your entire day's visit watch a 20 minutes orientation to learn more about the parks history then check out a fascinating outdoor exhibit that includes a cannon display the fortification exhibit as well as historic monuments after your visit you will have a greater appreciation for American history and for all the brave souls who fought during the Civil War the Petrified Forest Mississippi is home to the only Petrified Forest in the eastern United States located near the town of flora it's nearly 35 millions of years old and private owned they're open to the public for visits the trees that are believed to have been maple and fir trees that were washed here by an ancient river channel eventually becoming petrified with a passage of time at the end of the walking trail that traverses through the site is a museum which exhibits an extensive collection of fossils rocks and minerals as well as whale bones turtle shells and even dinosaur footprints Mississippi Museum of Natural Science located in Jackson this 73,000 square foot complex introduces you to a world of exciting exhibits nature trails and an open-air amphitheater here you will enjoy a series of life-sized displays like the monsters of the deep exhibit as well as a 1700 square foot gigantic greenhouse aptly called the swamp children will enjoy their interactive aquarium where they can handle live marine creatures and learn more about how to conserve the environment looking to soak up the Sun look no further than the Mississippi Gulf Coast it's home to 62 miles of picture-perfect shores and sandy beaches while kicking back on the beach is the preferred method there are many ways to experience the area you can cure your wanderlust with an island excursion to West ship island it's renowned for being a go-to spot to enjoy the Gulf Coast warm waters or you can try your hand at paddleboarding kayaking or canoeing the Mississippi Gulf Coast is also known for having top-level restaurant and shopping experiences if peace and tranquility are what you're after plan on visiting dear Island it was purchased just a little over a decade ago by the state government and is the closest barrier island to the Mississippi shores are just a quarter mile from the hustle and bustle of Biloxi as you take a stroll along the beach it's hard to fathom that the city is merely a short jaunt away as there are a few signs of the modern world here among the fewer harsh reminders of the natural disasters that have occurred here like the battered ship each by a hurricane here Ospreys soar overhead and dive down to catch the mullet swimming in the Gulf while dolphins can be seen playing and feeding in the waters the 400-acre island is home to ten different types of endangered species and since is so close to the mainland all you need is a canoe kayak paddle board or a small boat to get there Elvis Presley birthplace Tupelo if you have always been fascinated by the life of the musical genius Elvis Presley then this is one place that you should not miss the tour will take you through the walk of life which is a concrete circle surrounding the house where the king was born you will then visit the Elvis Presley Museum where you can observe some of the personal collections of Elvis's longtime friend Janelle makuu and your tour at the Gift Shop where you can bring home with you some unique souvenirs from the tour the site also includes the church where Elvis learned to love gospel music that gift shop were the unique souvenirs and a statue of the legend himself at the age of 13 the a his family packed up and left for Memphis Tishomingo State Park located in the foothills of the Appalachians Tishomingo State Park offers scenic beauty along with a rich Native American history it was believed to have been inhabited by paleo-indians with archaeological surveys indicating that they lived here as early as 7000 BC it's also home to giant rock formations with moss filled crevices found nowhere else in the state as well as colorful wildflowers and imposing ferns that brighten the landscape in addition to walking in the footsteps of Native Americans and soaking up the beautiful scenery visitors can enjoy outstanding bird-watching fishing hiking picnicking and camping their attempt sites as well as cabins and other facilities include a swimming pool canoe rental disc golf and playing fields Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge Brooksville you the Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge is a 48 thousand acre Nature Reserve home to a wide array of the state's native wildlife along with magnificent natural beauty it's one of the best spots in Mississippi for bird-watching as a feeding area for migratory species though the opportunity exists all year-round every year usually in October bald eagles find refuge here catching fish on bluff lake and nesting in the trees the refuge also offers a chance to see alligators in the natural habitat and enjoy nearly fishing as well as hiking on a number of trails and boardwalks Doyle um has something for everyone offering breathtaking scenery a host of animals spotting opportunities and rude for quiet contemplation Ocean Springs the town of Ocean Springs is located about two miles east of Biloxi it has become a haven for artists and craftspeople with numerous art shops and studios the town also maintains a number of historic churches from the late 1800s although it was greatly affected by Hurricane Katrina Ocean Springs has made considerable progress in reestablishing itself the third state capitol building to be built in Jackson Mississippi this signature landmark was completed in 1903 and cost over 1 million dollars to build after undergoing a renovation between 1979 and 1983 the Capitol building still retains its original architectural design and fields as was the intention throughout the restoration project listed on the National Register of historical places and located at 400 high streets Jackson the Mississippi State Capitol building is well worth the visit thanks to its beautiful bows arts Fair it is hard to decide what is more impressive the exterior facade with its 180 foot dome or the brightly lit interior with its replica Liberty Bell and multitudes of scenes from US history with free of charge daily tours on a daily basis and group reservations available upon request the Mississippi State Capitol is not to be missed thanks for watching my video please like comment and subscribe