Persimmons Waterfront Restaurant | North Carolina Weekend | UNC-TV

Persimmons Waterfront Restaurant | North Carolina Weekend | UNC-TV
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– [Bob] Persimmons is
located directly on the Neuse River
with a dock access for customers arriving by boat, but the menu isn't
built primarily around seafood, as
some might expect. – We focus on ingredients. We focus on what
we can find local, what our farmers have,
what our ranchers have, what our fishmongers have. It's purely ingredient
driven food. We try and treat
it with respect, have some fun with it. I don't necessarily
want everything to be familiar,
just because I like to enjoy what we do and
we like to have fun. – [Bob] The offerings are fun and a little bit quirky. For example, the
fried green tomato and pimento cheese
beggar's purses are some of the most imaginative sharing appetizers
I've ever encountered. Phyllo dough encases the
pimento cheese filling served alongside local arugula, crispy country ham, and roasted tomato
shallot vinaigrette. Mmmm, mmm, mmm, mmm. Crispy and lusciously
rich at the same time. Sea and land, North Carolina tuna
and beef tartare. This tuna has sort
of a chili, peppery, South African Peri Peri Sauce kind of a treatment. We have a local quail egg on top of the
Harris-Robinette Ranch grass fed beef,
got some rye toast, got some micro greens, got a little savory flan here. This is, I just don't
even know where to start. I'm gonna start with the tuna. Oh, mmm! Oh my goodness, that's good. Now how lucky am I
to be able to get a quail egg with
this beautiful beef? Mmm, naturally that has
a whole different feel on the palate,
beef is just silky, flavorful but very
very delicate, wow! Now this, as I say, is a flan. It's almost like the
filling for a quiche, kind of savory but
a little tiny bit on the sweet side. Mmm! That's such a good pillow
for that spicy tuna too. That just balances out. Mm. North Carolina Mountain Trout
from Rainbow Trout Farms is served with
almonds, french beans, a wonderful and unique
sugar beet risoto, and a lemon brown
butter reduction. And talk about a gorgeous and well pedigreed
club sandwich! Persimmons orders a
couple of whole pigs every month from
Nooherooka Farms, and the ham and the bacon for this sandwich
are made from those, while the turkey is
roasted in house. This is a hefty handful
and it's fantastic! And more or less just
for bragging rights and a little extra swagger, they like to make their
own house pub chips. Unbelievably large,
luscious Diver scallops and shrimp served
with fettuccine. And you'll see the
fettuccine noodles and the shrimp get
kind of a green color from a lemon and herb
infused olive oil. Lots of fun food choices, great location, and
on a pretty day, enjoying the river
breeze on the deck. Persimmons is a great bet. For North Carolina
Weekend, I'm Bob Garner. – Persimmons
Waterfront Restaurant is at 100 Pollock
Street and they're open for lunch, dinner
and Sunday brunch. For more information, give them
a call at 252-514-0033 or go online to

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Bob Garner samples the innovative seafood at Persimmons Waterfront Restaurant.

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