Polynesian Cultural Center: Oahu, Hawaii's Top Attraction

Polynesian Cultural Center: Oahu, Hawaii's Top Attraction
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Oh and you too all right put it on [Applause] entrance of the Polynesian cultures ready only way to line a lot of stores here right there delicious crepes what some of that and pearl factory tattoos one we are going in house like you want to write that all right okay you take a picture of you you want to sit in the back going in the Polynesian Cultural Center Marion flowers but coconut little lady luck your Island yet huh they're born here in this island you know the island buff a different Island Samoa I'll tell row ah eg Hawaii Tahiti Tonga which island are you New Zealand's from territory go mm-hmm here's the map you are here going to the ukulele experience right there while a much easier for four dollars inside the next waterfall Oh in Hawaii I knew it Hawaiian journey here theater Hawaiian journey island villages burned Islands you say hello fly in here and some oh uh hello far yeah oh look man I want to mix um taro how's it feel like right here kill job whoa did you make that Mila leave those lacerations then you make the fire those coconuts over there fire fire from the coconut tastes like but this life good get that looks good though now offer Elian mama right there Fiji Tonga why we're in some whoa whoa look mom I saw some tricks here about you my a little guy what the heck that's pretty good my landlady rare one eye on the princess whoo why'd you do that Wow oh I see that fish thank you you guys that now [Applause] we're here in New Zealand Tamela okay I'm gonna teach you right oh that would never get that one get that one you had to go to the right side good job ready oh good job chase vessel for me huh what's yours my cool tattoo buddy oh that's awesome good job yeah no more put in there hanging out the banyan tree and a or Pierrot uh I said I mean that's it all right yeah well you didn't you missed how many islands now – well Island you're going to next VG f rj ah here we go for my PG baby hi move your hats making coconut you hear that roll in there in a jar for a week for separation all right leave him fiji go into the Hawaiian Islands hey wait wait aren't we in Hawaiian Islands ready that's weird but look so weren't Hawaii and reading down to how are you doing my house sleep in there candlenut like too thick so grab two patients eating out so I guess all right come on get out hey it's the mint eating house right me and my little man here gonna eat all right it's a man's eating house here I'm gonna go pick it up Issy read the back try those over there it's nice I like jerks that one-line thing so with this little corner and kind of flattened rigid mail is right there yeah you got your tattoo you got your pick hook necklace and you have your leaf fish and sunglasses huh rocking in Islands shaaka I uh let's go to Tahiti then he D now he sleeping oh right Manny won't try oh yeah [Applause] [Applause] the chief our boy where's away for a time there [Applause] [Applause] the lantern one turn the entrance and get eternal their death bring doggie coming by helping the lighting everything star Irie warrior woman ky look the story of his if you ever notice here here's the story of the Shaka so good get to read this so many people around it now we know the reason why cool Shaka that was a Polynesian culture center or another family adventurer had a lot of time the family time is Shaka you later lady Shaka sleeping

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We visited #PolynesianCulturalCenter in #Oahu #HawaiiTopAttraction early Spring 2019.
The Polynesian Cultural Center is a Polynesian-themed theme park and living museum located in Laie, on the northern shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

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