Prince William Sound Alaska By Boat

Prince William Sound Alaska By Boat
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Alaska is such a beautiful place. The glaciers, the lakes and the animals are awesome. It’s pristine, it’s rugged and very different than California. We had the opportunity to visit Prince William Sound while we were in Anchorage and it turned out to be an incredible day. We boarded a small aluminum boat and headed out to see the wonders. The first thing we saw was an otter eating what looked like salmon, then we saw eagles and so much more. We stopped by one glacier and got out and walked on another. The reflections in the water were nothing short of amazing. And getting to and from the sound, we went through an incredible tunnel. We’ve been through longer tunnels. But this tunnel was 1 lane only. So, traffic could only go in one direction at a time. And if that wasn’t odd, we also shared the tunnel with a railroad track. So when a train came, no traffic could use the tunnel at all. Wow, you sure don’t see that in Los Angles. Anyway, the physical beauty of the land is wonderful.

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