Reno Sparks a Great Place to Live.flv

Reno Sparks a Great Place to Live.flv

hello I'm Carl Adams the unofficial ambassador of reno-sparks and I'm here to show you a secret most people know that we no long famed as the biggest little city is a great place to visit with casinos in town and winter sports in the nearby mountains the secret is that Reno is also a terrific place to live Reno and neighboring City Sparks have grown together into a metropolitan area of 400,000 they now offer a delightful combination of activities amenities and services with relaxed casual ambience located in northwestern Nevada near the California border Reno Sparks nestled in a scenic high Valley flanked by Sierra Nevada mountains to the west in Virginia range to the east an exciting lineup of summer events and festivals delights tourists and residents alike including the Lena River festival you know rodeo park town caught August Nights Car Show we know balloon races you know air show the rib cook-off and Street vibrations four distinct seasons create exhilarating changes including flowering trees and spring pleasant evenings in summer turning leaves and fall and light snow in winter with the Sierras on one side and the desert on the other reno-sparks offers unlimited opportunities for camping fishing hunting and outdoor adventures there are ten large lakes and reservoirs within an hour's drive including world-famous Lake Tahoe and little-known but equally striking Pyramid Lake there are hundreds of miles of bicycling hiking and four-wheel driving routes the Truckee River which bisects reno-sparks is a great place for kayaking tubing or just hanging out there are 17 golf courses and 40 parks with plenty of opportunities for dogs and children to play the vibrant entertainment scene features talented local musicians and famous entertainers perform at the casinos cultural amenities include a Fine Arts Museum Pops Orchestra local theatre companies and tuning Broadway shows life is enriched by a variety of churches clubs and organizations reno-sparks has a great selection of fine dining and family restaurants pubs and national food scenes there are seven major shopping centers in Nashville each others and many local shopping centers the cost of goods and services is about average and Nevada has no personal income tax reno-sparks has 63 public elementary schools 14 middle schools and 13 comprehensive high schools the beautiful 124 year old University of Nevada at Reno offers more than 200 different undergraduate and advanced degrees it's lovely campus mixes historic buildings on an elm lined and grassy quadrangle with new facilities like the Mathewson igt knowledge center and Joe Crowley Student Union Truckee Meadows Community College offers two-year degrees in a variety of useful skills the national recession hit Reno Sparks hard and jobs are still scarce but housing is very affordable making Reno Sparks a great place to retire or relocate a business the area grew rapidly starting around 2000 as thousands of new homes were built then banks stopped lending fire stopped buying and new construction slowed to a trickle now there are thousands of attractively priced houses for sale in all sizes and styles ranging from charming older neighborhoods to modern developments making reno-sparks particularly attractive to retirees and people hired into the area you can live in a condominium by the river on a hill with a view on a golf course you're late or in a rural area with room for a horse reno-sparks is a great place for businesses to relocate or expand the regulatory climate is business friendly and Nevada has no corporate income tax with its modern airport intersection of two major highways the main line of the Union Pacific Railroad and proximity to California Reno Sparks is a natural location for light industry and distribution facilities space is available and there are plenty of people ready to work Reno Sparks offers an unbeatable combination climate recreation activities amenities services affordable housing and low taxes if you're looking for a great place to live come to Reno Sparks the best-kept little secret in the world you

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An entertaining review of climate, events, recreation, amenities, services, housing, and business opportunities in the Reno/Sparks metropolitan area.

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  1. Lol this was almost 10 years ago. Now Reno is NOT a good place to live. Rent is 1000 monthly for a studio. 450k about the cheapest you will get a real property/house. Thanks Tesla, NOT. The whole city is full of homeless people over flowing from San Francisco. You can't go to the river in town without them or to a park. There's lots of jobs but no affordable housing at all. People are rude and angry for the most part. It's an overflow of California now. Most native Nevadans that can afford it have left Reno or moved south. Even Carson City sucks now. I grew up here and lived most of my life I was born in Reno in 92. I am not speaking from a 3rd person perspective at all. I've been here too long worked for so many companies and watched it turn from beautiful to a wasteland for Californians. Even a good bit of the desert and trails are closed off from all the illegal dumping from non Nevadans. All over Reno, Carson, ex..

  2. I was seriously considering retiring to Reno. I currently live in Nevada. Laughlin to be exact. I have saved for retirement. I recently was checking on the prices of homes for sale in Reno. There would be no way at this point that I could afford a decent home in a decent area of Reno. 400,000 plus. Not happening.

  3. There a lot of arguments in the comments about crime and whatnot. I grew up and currently live in Carson but I travel to Reno quite often. From my personnel experience the crime rate in certain areas is pretty jumpy. What I mean is you could be walking down one very nice cozy street, turn the corner and be at a complete hellhole, turn again and it's back to being nice and cozy. in my opinion the safest place to live would be Sparks.

  4. Don'tl ive in Reno ad whatever you do don't go to raileys markets on west 7th street they are racist market that want to cator to student employees over those whom work there with families the supervisors play favoritism and they take advantage of not having a union

  5. somebody tell me why the white cool out there but the latinos be trying to be racist towards blacks my aunt 54 you know what I told her I said report that shit as a hate crime get they ass investigated maybe you should be thankful you in our country legal or illegal but how you gone be racist when you visiting and half undocumented man cut that shit out

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