RV ALASKA Highway: Teslin to Whitehorse Yukon & Surprise Visit

RV ALASKA Highway: Teslin to Whitehorse Yukon & Surprise Visit

good morning story chasers this is not where I stayed last night I stayed at that airstrip which was quite lovely very very quiet I just saw a bobcat to you or something that looked like the Bobcat who was trying to scout out a rabbit for some food at least it wasn't really so beautiful over here I wanted to explore this little area by the river but look at these moose and caribou beautiful they're not real they're just this is Teslin and it's right on the river it's so pretty came across this river yesterday a lot of these bridges they have warning signs on them saying to go very slow 50 kilometers per hour which is 30 miles per hour the reason is because it's metal and it's a little bit rough so you can kind of feel your RV or your van wobbling a little bit as you go across it well we're headed out to Whitehorse now to meet up with some other friends that are from the escapers group mark and Shea and maybe have some dinner with them tonight it'll be good to see people that I know from escapers I miss all my my extended family from there I'm not much of a shopper but I am on the lookout for a special piece of artwork that I can hang on my wall on the van I've been looking for over a year and I'll know when I see it so I frequent these shops along the way to Alaska looking for that special something I also have some beautiful rest areas over here I can see the backdrop is amazing and I actually dumped my tank over here at the not migrating by down to my cassette toilet questions what they have over so it's really convenient I have these a lot of places around here and just off to the side of the road sometimes overlooking a lake sometimes just you don't fountains and trees in the background it is beautiful now I gotta go clean my windshield I ran out of range of wiper fluid because I was using it so much to get all the bugs off so I could no my front window so now it's having to go clean before you get to Whitehorse in Whitehorse I'll get some when I started my travels a couple of years ago I'm constantly reminded of the people who came before me the people who paved the way so that all of us can enjoy these beautiful areas of the country somebody had to build this road so that I could travel on it to get to this remote part of the United States I am truly grateful well it's a laundry day I used to despise doing laundry but that was in a sticks and bricks house where it could take hours now at public laundromats it takes only one hour to do multiple loads of laundry and all at once so I can multitask by working in the van this is a private like I was going through with Watson Lake and Fort Nelson but no it's a thriving town this place that I'm staying that tonight called the real Canadian Superstore not sure what that's about just yet but I'm gonna go over there tomorrow and check it out but I met I put some escape her friends Marc and Shay just met them when I went to Mexico this last year we had dinner at a place called Earls is the name of it and it was so good it is by the way 1934 at night you can't get over this yet I feel like I'm tired but I'm not tired they got about 2 like 1 o'clock in the morning because it was so light outside still try to go inside and make it to where its darkest to be in there except just a little bit warmer out so I need to keep the shades open for air circulation so the windows need to be open that's kind of a catch-22 I am a little bit tired from all of the driving that I've been doing a little bit too much driving lately only because I was trying to get to certain spots and you know I always feel like I'm on this quest to get to the destination and so then I think a little bit too fast and I don't always enjoy what's in between part of it is because the internet wasn't good I have stuff I need to do on the Internet unfortunately so more fortunately its its catch-22 but I'm definitely gonna visit a lot of these places on the way back and just prepare a little better now that I know where those spots are at I feel like there's this quest to get to Alaska and that I don't always stop and enjoy the stuff in between not only because of the internet but just because sometimes I can be very destination focused rather than really enjoying what's in between and that's something that I'm working on I've been working on it since I started this Nomad life but I was just talking with mark and Shay about it tonight and how I can be that way sometimes and how difficult it is to slow down surprisingly when you come out of a nine-to-five job and sometimes for my sticks and bricks home and living in the city and how hard it can be to slow down and just enjoy it's incredible isn't it that it's hard for us to do that but it is and I think it's because we always feel like we have to be doing something I know I do I always feel like I have to be doing something and there's times when I do have slow times or I really want to just you know chill out and relax and stuff and there's times where you just feel like I have to be productive and I know that comes from probably my work days and you know part of it is coming from a corporate environment and working a lot and then just I don't know I have a pretty high work ethic so I've worked all my life and this is just what I do so I'm still working on slowing down I've had you know what 30-plus years of being in a life where I work work work and hustle hustle hustle and trying to slow down surprisingly is time to go meditate speaking of that to the incident I'm sitting here thank you myself there's supposed to be in Skagway I'm in Whitehorse what how do they know I'm at the coffee shop because I'm at Starbucks sitting here siphoning off free Wi-Fi yeah and so this is Eric and Rachel you might have seen them and one of my first videos I did with them an interview and there were camping in Skagway down in Alaska and they came to Whitehorse just for the day and saw me yeah guys I'm on cloud nine I cannot believe that Eric and Rachel Weiser just randomly showed up here in Whitehorse I mean not random for them but random that we ran into each other I was at Starbucks and I have missed them I had planned on coming down to see them my way back out of Alaska because they're in Skagway Alaska and not part of kind of the main part of Alaska I was just sitting at Starbucks using the Wi-Fi in my van they showed up and sent me this text why I didn't know that they were there they sent a text and said hey where are you and I told him there was in Whitehorse then they said are you taking a nap in your van I'm like what and then I said coffee a question or a question my question mark and I'm like okay we are you here it was so random I love these people I'll link a video right here to the interview that I did for them the audio sucks I know guys everybody tells me the audio sucks it was my very first interview I ever did and I didn't have the proper equipment for audio so it does sound a little bit bad but you can get through it watch their interview they're an amazing couple they work camp all around the United States they've been to Bar Harbor Maine to the keys to White Mountains and New Hampshire I think New Hampshire and then now Alaska and they're just an incredible couple I really really love them they're the very first nomads I met along the way we were getting our solar installed AM solar in Eugene Oregon and how reanima thought that they were here and we ran into each other at Starbucks but that's what this life is about so many times you meet people on the road and you run into them and random places around the United States and just beautiful these relationships are important and ones that I think you know as I started getting out on the road I really learned to cherish these relationships even more and I feel like they're an extension of my family I mean I know they would be there in a heartbeat for me just like I would be there for them and so and that's not just Eric and Rachel it's so many other people that I have met on the road and yeah it's a beautiful life so anyway I just had to share that with you

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I drove the Alaska Highway from Teslin to Whitehorse in the Yukon Territory in my Hymer Aktiv camper van. To my surprise, my oldest nomadic friends, Eric and Rachel Wiser, randomly showed up in Whitehorse at the coffee shop I was at in Whitehorse! As a digital nomad, I needed WiFi and my hotspots aren’t working well in the Yukon Territory so off to Starbucks to work until it’s time to continue on the Alcan Highway to Alaska.

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  1. Just a little more info about bridge crossings. Think it's regulated not because of ride comfort, but it's to reduce the harmonics created by vehicle at higher speeds, which can actually cause stress and failure to the bridge. Boring I know.

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