Scary Places In Ardmore, Oklahoma

Scary Places In Ardmore, Oklahoma
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Wow so we are on our way to the place they call Magnetic Hill gravity Hill right outside of this hill a bunch of kids we're down by the train tracks tree will you stop your car going down the hill put it in neutral okay we are here at the growl tea hill to give this thing a try I want to basically document this that I have put in the car at neutral and doing so I am going to so now is time to give this thing a try recording there helps but there is don't lie behind me we're in neutral here we go and we're moving fast actually okay freaky yeah we were moving fast buddy are we moving fast well we are getting up to 15 miles now going backwards up a freakin Hill what a idea for Halloween really me and my daughter doing this she's like my co-pilot on these road trips that we take around town to see what we can get into slowing down a little bit pain stops Wow okay we are stop man that was arrived for sure so here at the hill at the beginning I didn't notice this until going backwards and then I saw this at the beginning stage where there's a line and then beyond this point is where we tried this there's a pretty crazy situation experiencing this most definitely Wow the question is would you come here would you go here or would you be scared until next time peace to you all and please like and subscribe below if you like this content as we continue on our voyage toward finding more things to do and more things to have fun with

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Have you ran across stops on a road trip that made you go hmm? Come across those stops on the road that freak you out? or heard of a urban legend you just had to check out? This is that time. Halloween special.
This channel is dedicated to fun things to do in a ordinary small town and what you have to do to find new entertainment. New gear to help you have fun, vlog and explaining it or the story behind why it could benefit you in understandable ways of the everyday person.


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