1. lol I've watched a lot of your other videos and don't remember seeing your footage shake so much. I'm so sorry if our roads messed up your car. Thanks for coming to the boot

  2. I remember coming home from school and some guy with his pants down was throwing rocks at another guy who had a whip, and now we call it Whippin’ Lane….Shreveport’s weird y’all

  3. Thank you so much! Our house is long and gone next to the ditch on 69th. The video is much appreciated!💖💖💖💖💖

    Time Stamp: 0:29
    Left Side, grassy lot after the white house. Before the ditch. 👊

  4. Don’t let the look fool u out of town people why you think he rode around were he did this is the gangsters parted of Shreveport cedar grove niggas just in jail ccc niggas ain’t out I fucks with Queensborough to we go dumb

  5. I have never been to Louisiana ever, but I have been to hood, and this is not it. People mowing their lawns, weedwacking, almost all the homes occupied, kids actually playing in the street, and actually moving out of the way for cars to pass respectfully, families walking around, people not only have garbage cans, but actually use them, and obviously take pride in their homes…this is not a hood, seems like a working class place to me…again, I do not know Louisiana, but this drive through screams more wholesome than lacking to me

  6. gotta go through the neighborhoods off of Hearne Ave, the Cedar Grove area, Allendale area, and if you wanna see a white hood go to Jersey Gold in Keithville (suburb of Shreveport) and go through some neighborhoods off of Linwood Ave in southern Shreveport going towards Stonewall.

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